Sunday, 8 July 2012

Kiitoksia Turku;-)

I'm sooo tired cause it was such a late gig so already in bed but want to say kiitos/tack to you all in Ruisrock tonight! You were great!! Sleep well!! ( I will;-) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Thank you for great gig it was nice to see nightwish in live and i liked had to see you again someday.... But so big thanks all members of nightwish

  2. A huge thank you to you Anette and the whole band. Last night was perfect!
    I went to bed with big smile on my face, and woke up with even a bigger one :)

  3. Thank you!! ♥ It was soooo awesome, once again. My feet are dying, I lost my voice, but it was all worth it! Hope to see you soon as possible!

    And it didn't rain, at all ;)

  4. It was an awesome gig!! Really enjoyed it from the third row from the stage. Thank you so much.

    Tack säger en Åbobo!

  5. Good afternoon, dear Anette!
    Oh...yeah 2 a.m....too late gig! But i wish i had been there ;=)
    Are you at home yet?
    I have one question for you: how is the movie Imaginaerum getting on? Do you know any latest news about making it? It has gone so much time since there was last update about film, so i'm very curious ;=)
    I'd be extremely happy if you answer my question.
    Enjoy your day!
    Yours, Margarita

  6. Hi, Anette! How are you?
    I hope, you slept well:-)
    I want to send you one question: what age did you feel in love for the first time?:-) It is so exciting:-)
    Have a nice day!

  7. Hi Anette,
    im from turku and i was watching you guys here in ruisrock last night..YOU WERE AMAZING! AWESOME!!! This was my first time for seeing nw live, and it was as great as i was waiting for:) cant wait to see you on next time, maybe in RockCock;) hehee.. everyone was praised your voice, just so great happening!

    i had tickets for 3 days, but it was that late gig last night that im fallen!:D Fallen but happy!:~)

    Have a great summer!

  8. Hejssan Anette. So glad that the Ruisrock gig went well. I was a bit worried because weather forecast predicted thunder storms to Turku. Have you ever been on stage while thundering? Just wondering that, since you've told about your fear of thunder. Have to also praise your outfit at Getaway - you were looking amazing!

  9. Ruisrock gig was amazing! And I was in the front row! Perfect <3

  10. I saw some clips from the show and you were all really great. ^_^ You should wear your hair like that more often too, it's a good look for you.

  11. Hey Anette!!

    I can't wait to see you in September! I'm glad you seem to be enjoying the tour so much! :)

    Here's a question. I know you're a Within Temptation fan. Are you planning to go to their big Elements show in Belgium?? Apparently it's supposed to be incredible. I plan to fly from the USA for it! If you can go, you should! :D If Nightwish ever does something that big, maybe I'll try to fly out for that too ;).

    <3 Lauren

  12. The biggest thanks to you and the rest of the band. Hearing and seeing you guys perfrom on saturday was one of my biggest dreams come true. I cried so much, out of pure joy and happiness! I felt so, so alive. Thank you, yet again. <3

  13. You don't have to post this if you don't want to ;=)

    Hey anette! I just watched videos of the shows you've played recently and then switched to vids from wacken 2008. The thing making me really angry was all the hate and abuse comments about you. About your voice, your style, your performance, whatever. i think many of these people didn't even watch the videos, they just bitch around.. and as I've already said, this incenses me a lot because there's nothing to blaspheme about ;=) they don't even know you but know soooooo many negantive things about you. they act if you were like "hey tuomas! shut up, i am the new singer of nightwish now, kick out tarja!" and it was your "fault" that the band changed. they don't even give you a chance.

    and in my opinion, these people arent worth caring about. maybe you have many abuse comments on your blog which you don't publish, but please don't care of them.

    you are a wonderful person in any way and you don't need any change to fit nightwish perfectly. i am not a crazy fan or something and i don't write this just to "slime" but it is my very own opinion. i hope you aren't sad too often because of these idiots.

    keep on rocking, anette ;=) hugs!

    "there are two infinite things in this world: the universe and the silliness of human beings. But about the universe, i am not sure." - einstein ;=)

  14. Tackar <3 Jättebra gigg på lördag!!! Igår vaknade jag trött men lycklig ;)

  15. So aa,I stopped by to pick up other same like phone too.Can be that like this slide model doesn´t work so long.Was that now on friday when I tried to found fitting theme and backround picture to that and couple found,both them - ones are on use.That I don´t know to say surely how many hours went but many.So I just try that this other phone works too and so on.

    I don´t know that at where I got thought that even not Tuomas wouldn´t be so much anymore back to band things.Well,might be nice to try to spent time some other way too....Although what I looked north american tour than that looks little rushy but if that is little needed then too.

    I came home to sleep to little time and I stopped by still on races yesterday but I was just a moment time.

    What...else then still - I may go to seashore today to little time and what I do later today,probably looking tv and maybe some music and something else.

    To the next time

  16. Tack tack tack! The gig was AWESOME and atmosphere was full of energy and love - in the stage and in the audience. :) I had the best birthday ever!
    I was also so happy to see you in the Turku on Sunday morning. You're so sweet. Keep on rocking!
    Kram from the heart-hands! <3

  17. can't wait to see you all at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia! Counting down the days... till then I'll just keep singing NW while home alone... :)

  18. Hello Anette !!
    I'm happy that the show went well :)
    You guys made it again ;) And a show in Finland must be awesome,great country <3
    Finally I passed my exams and 9th grade,now I have to send some papers to school tomorrow to be in 10th grade and I am sooo happy,tomorrow I'm done with it and I will be back to school in September ^^ After a couple of problems everything went well and I can't wait for my birthday hehe !
    Rest a lot now !!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  19. Happy Birthday Seth!!!

    lots of love

  20. Happy Birthday to your son Seth!!! Best wishes to him ;=)
    How are you, Nettie?
    Lots of love, kisses, hugs and sun to you and your family today;=)

  21. I send a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dear son. I hope his day was wonderful!