Monday, 2 July 2012

New tool

Johan went and got us this new exercising tool to do chins on;-) Chin up bar!

And of course I have tried it during my morning exercise;-) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Sorry to tell you, but this is dangerous....I know people that got injured with this one. It got "unstuck". :/

  2. Gerogia: Hi! No worries, its not a very high fall if I fall;=) Take care!

    1. But...but...the other time you tripped over a little toy and got so hurt! I got a little worried....:( :/ Anyway, you are a big girl....Hope everything goes well. Sorry if I were all "Kassandra" to you. :)))))

  3. I agree with Georgia: problem is, when you pull yourself up your feet tend to move forward, and if the thing moves while you're pulling upwards (while feet are as forward as possible) there's a fair chance of falling ass-first, which is not pleasant even if you're just a meter in the air :) Unfortunately I have tried that myself :-P So fix it firmly and pay attention, we want you in one single piece! :))) Take care and have a great day!! :)

  4. I tried this one some days ago and to be honest for me its so so hard to do, i more enjoyed push-ups on the floor! Tell me please if you like or not like this new tool:)

  5. Hi, Anette:-) I have the same thing, it's realy good:-) How are you feel after trying it? I had pain in my arms for the first time, I hope you won't:-) Good luck to you, dear!


  6. execellent! ;=) But i'm sure that it'd be too hard for me. Tell us how you felt after doing it. Do you like it or not, hard or easy.
    Thank you for the pictures very much! Lots lots of kisses and hugs ;=)