Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wake up

I woke myself up with a short but very intense crosstraining programme this morning.
Lots of burpees, push ups, stomach twist with 7 kg medicine ball, jump rope, dips and so on. Perfect wake up!

To get me in the mood I listened to Two steps from Hell and these guys - Finntroll:


  1. Good morning dear Nettie ;)

    How are you?

    Great song ❤ thanks

    Enjoye your day ! :-)


  2. Good morning!

    Nice to see that you like my favourite Finntroll song. :) This is my favourite album too. The singer is my neighbour and it's disconcerting to see him so often because I listen to him so much...

  3. I love working out and cleaning my house to metal! I remember just before my youngest son's sixth birthday I picked up my copy of Once (he's 13 now). My husband got home from work and was shocked at how clean the house was. I told him I had hired 5 Finnish house keepers. LOL Funny thing was that he believed me and I had to explain it to him...

  4. Oh..Finntroll ;=) like this group and like this song. Thank you, Anette!;=) By the way, they are going to start recording new album in autumn. It'll be interesting to listen to it)
    Enjoy your day and relax after such hard exercises =)

  5. So...You listen to Finntroll.Nice :P

  6. hej anette! i hope you had a great day :) I've got a little question for you! it does't fit the topic of the post but i hope this doesn't mind :) i read somewhere that you studied german.. is this right? and how well are you doing in speaking? i am just interested and maybe a bit curious. sorry and please answer if you've got the time! Hugs, Eva

  7. Dear Anette,
    So glad to hear that many people appreciate good music!!
    Two Steps from Hell...You like them and also two songs from them played in the Euro Final!!!Yeiiiiiii!!
    Have a great night!!
    Musical hugs from Athens!!

  8. Hi Anette!
    This is the first time I go to your blog and it's really nice that you share so much things with your fans!
    So I just want to say that you were amazing in Luxembourg! Hope to see you there again!

    Have a nice day ;-)

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    Hi. Like you, I do listen to songs while doing my workout. It keeps me in the mood. I like your taste in music.

  10. nice song ;) kisses from colombia :*

  11. i love your voice&music i have become big fan of yours and nightwish. i would love to win raffle to get jewerly for wife and shirt for me. i would love to win:)

  12. Hello Anette !!
    Finntroll are a great band,really good songs !
    Have a nice day :D
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal