Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New nails and a sneak peek

Sandra at Posh shop fixed new nails on me today and this time I chose light blue ones;-)

And here's a sneak peek of my outfit for Getaway festival here in Sweden tomorrow!

Re-use from DPP tour combined with new stuff:-) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Hey dear Nettie, how are you? I hope all is ok :)
    The sneak peek looks lovely! I love the skirt :)
    Rock on on the festival


    Ena :*

  2. I love your nails:) Longer then before and maybe the skirt very long too, not sure, but will see:)

  3. I really liked those nails ^^

    The outfit will be splendid, I love your style!

  4. Dear Anette
    Once again your nails are fantastic!!!
    Also I am'looking forward to see your stage outfit..
    Have a great night!!
    Kisses from Athens!!

  5. Hello Anette,

    excited to see the whole outfit. I like that you re-use your clothes :)

    Nice colour on your nails. I can't decide which colour I want, so I don't have nail polish on it although I have many...

    Sleep well...

  6. Beautiful nails, Anette! I like this colour very much and i often do it on my nails, too;=) but now i have light pink ones, nice, too :=)
    Sleep well and have sweet dreams!
    With love

  7. Nice nails and that must be a very wide skirt. hihi funny photo:)

  8. Haha, I recall the skirt and boots :D

    Have fun tommorow and rock the Getaway!


  9. i like the skirt!=)must be a fantastic outfit!)

  10. Hi Anette:-) Beautiful nails, I like it! And I realy want to see your outfit tomorrow, becouse your outfits are always so interesting:-) I think, you have great taste.


  11. I love those nails and that skirt! :)

    So cute!

  12. your nails are beautiful anette I can't wait to see the whole outfit *_*

  13. Anette, as much as I remember I loved all the skirts you used on the DPP-tour! I'm very happy you're bringing them back to life! Can't wait for the whole outfit!
    Have a great time on the festival ;-)

  14. Good luck on the festival tonight! Rock the stage as always! ;=) where does this festival take place? What town? Is it far from your hometown?
    Have lots of fun!
    Best wishes,

  15. nails are beautiful, I love the color :D
    And can't wait to see a whole outfit. :)

  16. Loved the colors of the nails, I have a nail polisher similar to this one you are using, it's called Fantasia, by Colorama, it's from a colection based on Circus ;D
    And the outfit looks great, can't wait to see it completly :)

  17. Hello Anette !!
    Yay I love blue :D It's a beautiful color and it looks gorgeous !! Once again your nails are great ! Actually some days ago I had my nails blue and I loved it !
    Can't wait to see your outfit :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

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  19. You're awesome as always!
    I like all your clothes from DPP - tour. Glad that you will use them again. Please make a detailed photo of the whole vision. I always look forward to seeing how you look on stage.
    Good luck tomorrow :-))

  20. Hi.

    Again I'm here writing, I hope you don't get bored with me.

    Have a nice gig in Gävle! And thank god you're in Ruisrock on Saturday! Today we heard that my dear Children Of Bodom is cancelled and they are not playing on the same stage with you (I had waited that moment many years...). :( So welcome to the worst festival in Finland. I really hate that festival and you and COB are only things why I can go there. Your gigs are the only good things I have experienced there. Thank you for that. <3 I really hope that you will manage yourselves there and have a good show (I don't have a doubt about that). See you there!


    p.s. We would have had a surprise for You in Ruisrock, but I fear that we can't carry it out without COB's gig...

  21. Wow everyday I read your blog and the energy you put out there is so good you seem nice and laid back cool and clam they say what you put out you get back I guess that is why your life is blessed Lucky Lady

  22. Hello dear, finally my lovely internet allowed me to check your blog again, you have no idea how much i miss this haha
    I stay some days away and you came with all of this! Let me just say something before i comment about your nails, if there was a contest like.. THE BEST OUTFIT EVER, i'd vote for the one that you wore today, just saw some pictures and it's just amazing, i really really love and you look extremely hot! :)
    And how cute are your nails, Love this kind of blue and the flowers... so sweet.

    Have a nice day and rest well!
    Take care!