Friday, 6 July 2012

TACK Gävle!!!!

Åh, vad härligt det var att vara i Gävle, Sverige!! Så sällan jag får sjunga på "hemmaplan" så varje gång jag får säga "tack" på svenska istället för engelska är underbart;=)

Och ni var helt fantastiska!!! sååå roligt och jag hoppas ni också hade lika kul!!

And to you all not swedish readers:
Gävle and Getaway festival rocked and it was extra fun to sing in my dear home country - Sweden;=)

Here´s a link to a great site with nice photos from yesterday

Now I´m heading for Stockholm and a relaxing day before I head to Turku, finland, tomorrow;=)


  1. I love your hair style, I have the same today ^^ exect my hairs are brown. I really want to be there but I live in Paris and it's so far from Sweden...
    Have a good day with a lot of love :)

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures, you look really cute
    The skirt is adorable
    Have a nice day


    Ena :*

  3. Önskar att jag kunnat vara där ... Ni var säkert awesome som vanligt :-D

  4. Glad you had a good time playing in Sweden dear Anette :)

  5. You looked AH-MAZING Nettie! I totally also had a dream we had coffee at Starbucks by the way. It was random, but nice! We talked about shoes. How very random, hah! Have a great time in Finland!


  6. The skirt was short! Oh, your photo was tricky one:)

    You guys, melt my heart so much!
    Rest well and have a nice trip sweetie,
    Take care

  8. hej anette! :) i'm happy you liked the gig. have fun in stockholm and take care!! ;) hugs, eva

  9. Hi, the most beautiful girl! ;=)
    I'd like to say that your outfit was totally amazing! Thank you so much for posting the link with very very nice photos! They made me smile and happy ;=)
    Have a great relaxing day in Stockholm! Tell us then what did you do if you want)))
    Now i'm listening to Planet Hell with you! Just AMAZING!! Your voice perfectly suits to this song.
    Lots of love;=)

  10. I'm in love in your hair))) it's cool!!! 'm sorry, I was not able to attend this festival. but I feel that everything was great! with best regards, Eva

  11. Hi Anette!
    I love your outfit!!

  12. lol I was wating for a long black dress like goth loli style or something and was a short skirt xD I love it!! you look adorable ^^ great outfit princess have a nice trip enjoy finlad

  13. hej Anette,
    det måste ha varit så kul att sjunga i sverige igen.. jag tycker om din dialekt ganska mycket förresten. jag började mina studier i svenska typ 3 år sedan och jag kommer ihåg hur svårt det var att förstå dig i början. nu förstår jag allt, även skånska. eran dialekt är så fin! ännu roligare än finlandssvenska!

    ha det bra i stockholm! :)

  14. I can believe, it's very special. Have fun in Stockholm.
    Hugs from the Netherlands

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  16. Hello Anette !!
    I saw the pics,they look really awesome !
    Thanks for sharing :D
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal