Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Baked and ready;=)

So, we had a wonderful time at the pool today and Nemo loved it! He sat there in the tiny childrens pool, totally wet all over and just laughed and were so happy:=) No fear of water there, for sure!

Now we´re heading to bed soon and since my hair was looking quite horrible after a day in a bun up on the head and lots of sun protecting spray in it (need to be careful with the red colour;=) I just made a braid to keep it in place for the night and then tomorrow after my run I´ll rinse it through. Braids are great to have over night and when I had extensions in my hair I did a braid every single night (puih!) to keep it look good. Luckily my own hair without any extensions is much easier to do a braid in..;=)

Sleep well now!


  1. I'm glad you had fun! Your red hair look so nice. It was a good choice.
    Good night, dear ♥

  2. Anette,
    you braid it's so beautiful and the look is great! Let me ask you about it: but have you done it by yourself? I like it so much and i want it too! *____*

    Glad to know that you and Nemo had a a nice day at the pool. When i was baby like him i was scared of water but through the years the fear as gone away.

    Sleep well too!

    Big hugs

  3. haha... i suck at braiding my hair... there's no way i could put it in a nice neat French braid like that :) Though i do braid if for bed sometimes when it's just too hot to have it on my neck

  4. Good night, sweet dreams Anette! ^^

  5. Hi Anette!
    Your hair looks so nice...The color is beautiful! Great braid...I am not coordinated enough to do my own!! LOL!
    Good tip though to protect your hair...
    Take care!

  6. Nothing is more adorable then watching little children splash about in the baby pool.

  7. Looks good... I wonder how you do a braid with your own hair. I've never managed... always have to ask my mother or a friend to do it. :-/

  8. Good mornin' Anette:)
    Ahhh, that's much better I can see again to read. I had to go out a by a new pair of reading glasses cause I must have lost the pair I was using on the way to work, maybe my head next...never can tell in this city, ohh well.

    It sounds like you two did have a wonderful time in the sun, and at the pool, its so good to hear!
    YAAAAY!!! Nemo loves the water!!!!! YAAAAY!!!!:)

    From what I can see of... Amal did a great job for you, so please do protect it from the sun. It looks just gorgeous....

    take care,
    lots of love

  9. Goodnight sweet Anette from the Douglas Family...

  10. http://www.etsy.com/listing/68473746/a-musical-note-ring-6

    I thought of you when I saw this...

  11. Godnatt!,

    Hey Nettie, when you have colored blonde your, hair, what did you do to get that color?, cuz i'm dark blonde hair, and i wanna get it like your blog picture, i colored it blonde 3 days ago, but it looks a bit red...

    :) domenik

  12. Hello Anette !
    I'm glad to hear that you and Nemo enjoyed your day at the pool :D
    That braid looks beautiful,very well done :))
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  13. Your hair looks great Anette! next tour we all fall in love ;=) have a beautiful day, lots of sun, fun, happiness and nai nai, ga ga... Nemo is already a futur singer, that's what it means =) Greetings dear Anette :-)

  14. Red color on hair is a really very beautiful, but very hard in protect and care. When my hair was red I had big problem with faded hair althoug I use a lot of products intended for keep color. Btw very nice hairdo. ;)

  15. Heloo dear Anette
    you know , i always wanted to do it but i didn't know how espacially like yours it is difficult i quess

  16. I´ve watched some salon programs,although at the last one is some time now and actually they wasn´t any favourites to me either but well,they was in a way interesting to watch,for one a little while.

    So,what is the problem with the extensions on that case,does they leave away easily or does they feel so different?

  17. Wow! Beautifull braid, anette!
    If U want, I could to do it for you, later!

  18. Love the hair. I find red hair fades so fast. My hair is red too (or it's supposed to be lol). Right now, it's looking pink. But the colour looks good on you and I love the braid as well. I personally can't do braids. Then again, I never really tried.

  19. Hi!
    Glad you and Nemo are happy!
    Yoour hair is beautiful in the photo!
    Kisses and Hugs