Monday, 21 May 2012

I really like...

... Finlands song in Eurovision song contest! So cute Finnish-swedish she uses and the song is just beautiful! 12 points from me;=)

Hyvä Suomi!


  1. I also love this song even thought at first I wasn't so happy about it :) This song also brought some swedish back to my mind while I learnt to sing this by heart :) I had almost forgot the whole language but thankfully music keeps it alive until the day I start to take swedish lessons again :D

  2. I always give 12 points to Finland! They always have good songs! Belgium is totally not good!

  3. I cant stop listening this song!!!
    And i dont understand where is swedish words and where is finnish but the whole song so calming and i dont no why this words so ... funny to me, sorry Anette.
    P.S. Welcome Home darling, missed you.

    1. This song is entirely in swedish, but with finnish-swedish accent :) In Finland we have two official languages: finnish and swedish, and swedish-speaking finns speaks swedish with different kind of accent than people in swedish. :)

  4. I like it too! And even when I can't speak Swedish, I can tell the difference and her accent is cute.

  5. Wow, I don't know the languages, but that makes the music stand out because I can't fucus on the meaning of the lyrics. beautiful voice! And a beautiful melody!


  6. Her voice is absolutely beautiful ! So, I think I'm going to vote for Finland this year... :D

  7. Hello, dear Anette! Welcome home, we missed you :-) It sounds realy good, I like it:-)I'd like to hear you in Eurovision, hihi:-) I think, you'll be win! I admire your voice day after day! Have a very nice day! Hugs :* Daria

  8. ah, you too?! I love it, so breathtaking and beautiful! 12 points from me, too! :-D

  9. I'm very happy that she sings in her language in not English as previous years more and more people sing on Eurovision.

    But I'm not happy that every music from the contest in on the internet available for everyone before the Eurovision has even started. This I really miss. Therefore I never listen to songs before the contest.

    Best wishes to all,

  10. I really like the song although I can't understand anything :)

    12 points from Germany.. or.. at least from me :D

  11. I don't understand a word of what she is singing but you are right. The song is as beautiful as the girl is.
    And those northern languages sound so sweet. A bit strange for my german ear but so cute! :-)

    Much love,

    Steffi <3

  12. Welcome home !
    The song is cool, I have to listen the other country. But really it's so strange because in France, we don't really like Eurovision contest !
    I know which singer will song but I haven't heard her song on radio or in a TV show... And every year I'm surprised that in Sweden you watch this contest. But I love to watch it too (even if it's quite long for me...)

  13. Hey Anette!

    Thats a great song. Thank you for posting it :-)

    Greetings and hugs


  14. I ♥ it!!! :) In my opinion it could be a composition from Tuomas and Nightwish! I really, really love it!!!
    I'm so, so sad that she lost at the Semifinal! :'( She was my abolutely favorite!!! :'(

  15. She's not in the final :(

    But for me she's the winner, it's such a great song and now I can't stop listening to it.