Monday, 28 May 2012

Morning sweat

Just came back from a fast 5 k run in the warm weather. Tried to find shadow everywhere cause HOT!! Now some cross fit exercises before I hit the shower;-) Perfect morning! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. wow! Great!!! As for me, I like running very much,too, but in the evening, as in the morning I swim in the sea =) I think these're the best ways to be always in shape!
    By the way, You are looking very beautiful! =)
    Have a good day, dear Anette!

  2. Hi dear Annie! :) Have a nice day! :)

  3. Hi !!
    It's a great hat !
    Ideal with this sun and this heat !
    "Princess" it's a very good name :)
    Good day !

  4. Hello dear Nettie

    I wish you an happy day !



  5. That sounds great...I think I should also do that, but I'm so lazy ;-)

    Greetings and hugs


  6. It sounds like a great start to the day Anette. Hope you have a great day.
    Deleece x
    PS: I like your cap! It suits you!!!

  7. You look lovely on this photo.


  8. When you were running outside, I was laying in bed and having a wonderful dream, haha. Still I have a favor to ask. Today I made my second NW tribute today with pictures of you and the boys and it would be a big honor for me if you (and maybe the boys also) would watch it. I hope you have a lovely summer, Anette and enjoy!

  9. Owh, I have forgetten the link, hihi., here it is. I hope you like it. c:

  10. Looking good Anette! :)

    I just got the best surprise ever today,it's my 16th birthday and my dad got me tickets to Nightwish! :D I'm so excited!

  11. I am really need this your happy face on this picture cause this day, this monday drank all the juice out of me... that try, people sometimes can be so jerks,so unfair and cruel... hate it!!!!!! Raight now i feel exhausted and the boy that i love, the boy whom I wrote two months ago lyrics from ever dream ... now happy with another girl

  12. dear anette
    watching the live videos, i couldn't help but remember a very popular brazilian TV ad :

    it's called 'damn pony'.
    and, you know, pony, carruossels...
    so, i made a bet with a friend: if you answer this comment, i'll wear a pink My little pony t-shirt at the NW brazilian shows .
    if you sing, even a little line, of the song, i swear everybody here will love even more =)
    lots of love,

    1. hey anette! i just wanted to go out for a run - but just as i closed the door behind me it started to rain and thunder :( so no running right now. i wish you a nice day!

  13. Oh My Anette I love the hat... I need to get me one of those!! XD