Sunday, 27 May 2012

Loreen won!!!

Oh my!! Loreen won Eurovision Song Contest for us and I can just say that ever since I heard and saw her with this the first time in our Swedish competition I was blown away!

She is just amazing and Thomas Gson and Peter Boström who have written the song have done a super song;=)

CONGRATS to Loreen, Thomas and Peter - great job!!! Next year Eurovision in Sweden and I do hope for Malmö Arena or even better my home town: Helsingborg Arena!


  1. Just turn off the TV :) I must say taht Loreen was really good and she desrved to win :)
    I liked even Icelad's and Finland's songs. I think that it was bad that Finland was not classified for the finals
    Kisses and hugs from Italy :)

  2. even if it's not the music I listen to regularly I was blown away by this. Her voice, the sounds, the perfomance ...and as a bonus she was very cute too, but when it comes to beautiful women, sweden gets 12 points from me anyway ;)
    congrats sverige!

  3. the Swedes are the best haha :)

  4. Congratulations to Sweden and Loreen!!!
    I am really looking forward in next year, i wanna that you will sing on stage or even with the boys... oh i strongly believe! Sleep well:)

  5. She was so great!! My favourite! :D
    Sweden really deserved to win! :)
    Congratulations from Germany! ♥

  6. Jag håller med dig, får oxå gåshud av hennes framträdande. Nu kan jag inte sluta gråta. Allt är så j*vla magiskt att jag inte finner några ord.

    Men nu borde vi vara extra stolta över att vara svenskar <3


    I agree with you, I also get goosebumps by her performance. Now I can't stop crying. It feels like magic, I can't find any words right now.

    But now we should be extra proud of being Swedish <3

  7. Congratulations to Sweden! :)

  8. Hi Anette!
    Congratulations to Sweden for winning the Eurovision Song Contest!
    Great Song, great singer!!!

    Kisses from Portugal

  9. Hi Anette! Congrats :) It was expected.

    I heard next year ESC would be held in "Friends Arena", Stockholm. But it's not confirmed.

  10. WoW...!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Sweden! Good job! :-) The song is really really great! I like it! Did you see the performance of Russia? Haaa.. Do you like it?=)


    Great singer and great song! She totally deserved it! :D

  12. Loreen was one of my favourites! She really deserved to win! :)
    Great performance, great singer and great song. :)

    Congratulations from Serbia! ♥

  13. I'm glad that Sweden won, but does anyone happen to know the woman who gave points for Sweden? I thought she was very funny, but she also sounded very British...

  14. Congratulations!!! :)
    Beautiful song, it deserved the winning :)

  15. Concratulations to sweden! Great job Loreen! :-)

  16. I saw Eurovision last night, congrats to Sweden!! ^^ She was very good! ^_^
    Once again, congratulations from Italy!

  17. Yeah ! I love it !
    Sweden deserve it ! you have so many talents !
    ...not like France ! who never deserves to be automatically qualified !

    Congratulation ! I hope next year you will present the show ! or sing a little song ! would be so nice ! that possible ? =)

    Have a really good day dear best singer of sweden ! ;)

  18. It's a brilliant song, I'm glad Sweden won.
    I really hope I can get tickets next year.

  19. Hi Anette

    Congralutations for Sweden !



  20. Hi Anette! Congratulations! I want you to be the presenter of the show next year!!! Do you promise?

  21. Hej Anette!

    When I watched Melodiefestivalen here in Finland I immediately fell in love with this song. I love the choreography and the song itself is super good. Usually we finnish people want to win Sweden ;) but this year Loreen was a true winner!

  22. Den beste vant, heldigvis!! Grattis, Loreen og Sverige, det var vel fortjent!

  23. Congratulations on this win!! The song and the girl were just way better than the others! I will do my best to go and see at least it next year, and think they said ..Stockholm, we'll wait and see :)
    Have a good evening, Anette!

  24. hej anette! a loreen förtjänade värkligen att vinna hon har en fantastisk röst och dansar bra! lite som du du kanske borde ställa upp! ;)

  25. Congratulation Sweden! I was very surprise caus I don't relly this song ^^

  26. Congratulations! Sweden deserved to win this competition. You have some really good vocalists up there in Sweden. Of course you are the best of them all, Nettie! :-)

    Greetings from Germany,

    Steffi <3

  27. Hi Anette! :)
    Euphoria was definitely the best song on Eurovision this year! I saw the first semi final a little bit and Rusia delighted me. They were so cute. Then I saw the second semi final and the only good song was Loreen's song for sure. It is great and I listen it almost every day. The song is addictive... it stay in my head all day :D
    Only bad thing was that Croatia didn't pass again. :(
    Ok, have a nice evenig a sleep well! ;)
    Love from Croatia