Sunday, 6 May 2012

Last gig

Hi all! In my backstage here in Stuttgart. Last gig in this European tour and I hope this last night will be fun! Tomorrow we all fly home to rest before the summer festivals start and I'm heading for Greece on Sunday for a week of relaxation;-) Here's my new tattoo and outfit in Hamburg. It's healing so well:-)

Soon I'll see u all here in Stuttgart, so enjoy the evening and thanks to everyone who has seen us in this European tour!;-) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Thank you for coming in France, hope you will come back really soon ;)

    Enjoy your last gig.

  2. Hope you will enjoy the Last Ride Of The Tour :D
    You were really amazing in The Netherlands, so thanks again for the wonderful show!!
    Hope to see you all soon again in The Netherlands!!
    Get some good rest!


  3. I saw you yesterday in Nürnberg - the show was really amazing! i love you guys & i like your tattoo :-))

  4. Stunning beauty. :)
    I was a bit unconvinced by that tattoo but seeing it with the rest of the body I must say it's really really cool.
    And don't slack: come back to Italy now! At least for shopping...
    (Just joking q.q)

  5. Have a nice evening and fun with a last gig!

    Big big hugs

  6. Hi Anette,
    Thanks for the european, and have a nice week of relaxation !

  7. As i said before i realy like this outfit. Thank you for this photo. Enjoy the last gig today and have a safe trip tomorrow

  8. Hello,dear Anette!
    You look incredibly beautiful in this outfit and i wish you to have a lot of fun in Stuttgart, or wherever you are now!
    Today in Nightwish mail i read that you have a plan to finish some studies at a university. Never heard info like that before, what education will you get then? Or do you just attend some courses? What are they specializing in then? Please, tell a few words about it.

    With lots of love and hugs,

  9. And I would be very very happy if you read my post of your concert yesterday and maybe comment it. Of course you have hardly any time and cannot answer every one of your fans but it would mean so much to me! :-)

  10. Hei !!
    So beautiful Picture and dress ! <3
    With Love
    Good evening !

  11. You don't have to thank us.
    We have to thank you! ;)
    The show was fantastic!
    I love you; you're so great! ♥
    Thank you so much! :))

  12. hej anette! hoppas turen har varit underbar;-)
    snygg tatuering hoppas du trivs med den!
    ha en underbar kväll!

    MVH vendela!

  13. Dear Anette,
    Enjoy the last gig...!!Rock on and have fun...
    Kisses From Athens!!

  14. Love you my darling dear Anette!!! So beautiful that you share with us XXXX Have lots of rest after show & enjoy your holiday XXX

  15. Dear Anette. That tattoo looks great on you! I hope that you had a great night and I wish you a nice flight back home and a great relaxing holiday! Thank you so much for the amazing Amsterdam show! Love and hugs from the Netherlands <33

  16. the tatoo looks great! :)
    hope we could also see you in Greece for a concert! :-)
    Have fun tonight! :D

  17. hi Anette,
    I was in Hamburg too.:) and it was a great show again:D.
    Your new Tattoo look really Great. I` ve saw it on Stage.;)

    Anette, i hope you don´t dye your Hair black again. With blond Hair look you nice too:).

    I hope you like the green tea candles from me:)

    Have a great Night and have a nice trip to back Home.


  18. Hi Anette!
    I'm so glad to know that the Imaginaerum Tour is being so successfull! Congratulations!
    Enjoy your relaxation time, I hope to see a Nightwish concert soon in Brazil or in Europe, maybe.
    Love ya.

  19. Simone Simons went to that concert =)!/SimoneSimons/status/199217384156954626

  20. you look pretty !! ^^ nice tattoo

  21. You look perfectly:-) Good luck on the last concert! Come please in Kiev once more=) the gig 17.03 was fantastic! I can't say it in words! Welcome to Ukraine!

  22. Can't wait to see you in the U.S!

  23. Hi Anette! I've been watching videos of the concerts in Europe.. so great! What's so great also is that you are REALLY coming into your own. You are doing SO amazing! I can't wait to see you in the states! You seem so sweet and just really a great person, I just sometimes want to scoop you up and give you a hug! So here's a big hug to you all the way from Missouri, USA
    See you soon! <3

  24. Your tattoo is really great, especially on you !
    And you're gorgeous, as usual !

    Hug <3

  25. Hi Anette! Have fun and relax in Greece! :) Your tattoo looks great, I love it!
    Thank you and the guys for this tour, it's been amazing to see the band live and you were truly mind-blowing :) I already can't wait to go to another concert of Nightwish! XD So thank you, again! ^^

  26. Oh she is so beautiful! Who was the artist? x

  27. I was there yesterday, you were all awesome!!! And you were so pretty (as always, I must say). It was the fourth time I saw you, and the best one by far (even if I thought the audience wasn't receptive enough). And I even got to wave at Troy before the concert haha, can't understand why other people didn't recognize him. Now you have some time to have a rest :)
    And hey, do you think you could post some makeup tutorials?
    Take care!

  28. Hey,

    The gig here in Stuttgart was sooo amazing, i loved it :) great work :)

    Greets from Germany,

  29. I love your make up! So, have a good relaxation in Greece, you (and the guys ^^) was wondfull at Paris show!
    Big hugs from France ;)

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  31. Hey Anette, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for Nuremburg! I haven't seen Nightwish live before but I'm a big fan. The moment you all entered stage, you had me. So many great moments and big emotions during the gig, just wow, still amazed. It's an absolut difference to see pics of all of you and little snippets on youtube - and then see you really interacting, playing, breathing, entertaining, enjoying your night. I had a really great one! Thank you all!
    P.S. Nice dress that you had, although it was a bit tricky with it ;)
    Hepp hepp!
    xx Kat

  32. Hi Anette! Beautiful tattoo! Thank you soooo much for answered my question in Nightmail, take care and I hope to see you in Colombia one day! :)

  33. Make sure your tattoo is covered in the strong sun were sun cream so it dosnt fade. I learned this the hard way when i went to spain.

    You look great x

  34. Hi I really enjoyed this evening and i'm still scared about the epicness of your show :)

  35. I for myself don't think I would try on getting tattoos, but the ones you have are so full of stories and amazingly beautiful made, I wish I had enough courage to get one myself. And I'm also glad it's healing so fast.

    I hope the show in Stuttgart was great and that you all had a lot of fun. Now off with you to your well deserved 1 month break. It'll be over too fast anyway. Can't believe how time flies. 5 years passed since you were granted to jump onto that train. Hopefully the next five years will be at least as successful and great as those were.

    Have a nice relaxing time. The festivals are going to be tough. But what do I say - you know it already. Therefore, enjoy your break and collect all the strength and sleep you need for upcoming shows. :)

  36. I love your dress, you look so nice in simple cuts and colors like that, very elegant.

  37. Hello Ane,
    How was your day?

    Great tattoo...
    I hope to see you soon in Brazil.



  38. The show in Stuttgart was amazing! Thank you very much <3

  39. The show in Stuttgart was amazing! Thank you very much <3

  40. So,I decided to do this today cause maybe tomorrow isn´t fitting day.On works has went moderately but although troublesome situations has been too,what comes to some human relation.Yeah...start here now to say something so good about myself,eh heh.Well argue at my mind I don´t knowhow and I don´t like at that at all either.

    I noted that drag races are on same day when I should come to Ruisrock but when...I see time schedule first - weather affects to races too so will be seen.

    Ok,aa...good evening continue - yea,little tired feeling

  41. Anette, I think it´s time someone made real cool band-clothing. I really love long t-shirts with a v-neck, and has been looking for stuff like that in band-pages. But I can´t find it! Wouldn´t it be great if you guys made some? Long tunic-like shirts with v-neck or just regular neck. For girls of course =) Just a little tip!

  42. Anette, you rock!! Can't wait to see Nightwish in Toronto later this year! w00t w00t!! :D

  43. Hello Anette,
    Enjoy your vacation in Greek, I´m looking forward to Masters of Rock!!!

  44. Thank you for the wonderful Imaginaerum-tour, dear Anette! Thanks for all wonderful songs and your enchanting outfits))
    You look so elegant in this photo and tatoo is cool))
    Have a wonderful rest in Rhodes!
    Hugs from Ukraine :)