Saturday, 12 May 2012


And this cute skirt from Zara I also got and will bring to Greece :-)

Zara's clothes could be all I needed in my closet and now they've opened in my city, finally! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Hi Anette!!
    Have a nice trip to Greece!Just relax and enjoy!
    And by the have very nice legs!;)
    See you in Kuopio in summer!


  2. O my i already in love with this skirt.And the pants with birds cool too. I think you are packing right now. Are you?

  3. OMG I love that! And you have such nice legs! I'd have to wear that in black because that color matches my ugle leg veins too well! LOL And yes I wear support hose to work...

  4. Don't forget to bring suncreen for both face and body. I am reminding you because I usually feel sorry for Northern tourists...poor things, they look lobster red after a day! But if you DO try to sunbathe, make sure you use a high protection sunscreen and some after sun cooling gel. Allow me to suggest KORRES yogurt aftersun cooling gel. It's a natural products,not pricey, Greek brand that you can find in ALL drugstores. Oh, don't forget to bring an umbrella because it still rains sometimes.

  5. Dear Anette,
    I love the colour of the skirt...!!And GeorgiaGr gave you nice advises...Indeed in our country(Greece)Northern tourits look like lobster!!Haha..

    Enjoy your night!!!
    Kisses from Athens!!

  6. Love it! The color is perfect:))

  7. anette I love your skirt i think it's beautiful I like the color =)

  8. Anette - aa,this has been quite difficult to me what comes to writing.I have thinked to write little more too but that hasn´t felt fitting either.I have been almost just on that point that do I quit writing but cause I feel that to this is something meaning to me,I don´t feel that good or easy solution either.

    On working when nerves begins to go tight and things what can easily come at that,at my mind aren´t favorable at all,but...what you do.Yesterday I was fixing couple places on working and I have fixed many things on work during this week already.One thing what just had to take ´´to take care´´ then at my mind was better on that way,though now I don´t understand thing either,let be.

    To my other hand hurted little but apparently that goes pass,would felt little at that way.To be unable to do work a little while on this time of year,not good.

    So,good holiday and I may do write on some fitting moment or near days,however.I didn´t got sleep so I thinked to do this and now begins to be early morning so if i would try to sleep still little or for one to rest. the next time may then

  9. The colour is perfect ! Have nice holidays, for my part I'll have my finals exams tomorrow and tuesday... After it'll be summer holidays, and i'll go for two mounths in US !
    Hugs !

  10. Lovely Skirt!

    Today I watched this video of you Anette & You look Amazing & the tattoo wow! Your eyes are amazing but most of all you look Soooo strong & confident! Your image is just perfect now more than ever! I really hope that you are really proud of yourself!! You are such an inspiration & your vocals are so clean & strong...Perefect!

    Love & Kisses

  11. Happy Mother's day! Travel safe!
    Tisa and Aaron

  12. Happy Mother's Day Anette!! Have an excellent day with your family! :)

    Hugs from PerĂº


  13. Lovely skirt and I loved your new tatto too.. Does it have a special meaning or story?