Thursday, 24 May 2012

Strange but good

hi all!

Summer is here in Sweden now and I love it;=) Being able to go bare-legged and in summer shoes without a jacket is just wonderful! I am not the person who lies in the sun due to me being afraid of getting skin cancer and I actually prefer looking pale;=)

BUT I love to sit in the shadow enjoying a coffee and watching my children play around. Kids just get so much happier when they can run around in just a short sleeve and shorts. No wonder - who likes to wear thick jackets, gloves, warm boots and other winter stuff when playing?

My life is so good and relaxed now and I love that the whole family is together again;=)

There are other weird things going on at other places but I guess thats how it is: it can't be peace and quiet everywhere in your life;=) There always need to be some hassle,  but I guess thats why life is so interesting;=)

Today I am going to the gym for an hour of great work out before heading out in the sun to meet some friends and play with the kids. Another day in paradise;=)

Enjoy YOUR day too and give some love to your loved ones;=)


  1. I am so happy for you dear Anette !

    Today, I am going to buy a new keyboard (korg PA500) remember, I told you that I was composing a song for you and I'll finish it pretty quickly when I get the good stuff!

    have a good day ! <3

  2. We are so happy about you!
    Enjoy your day)
    Love you,
    Helen from Ukraine <3

  3. Hi Anette!

    Great that you can enjoy the good weather :). Here in Germany it´s already hot too most of the time, but sometimes it seems the weather still doesn´t know what it wants to be :).

    And you are right, some stress always belongs to life. But as long as we can handle with it, it can´t destroy the good thoughts and feelings :).

    Enjoy the rest of your day. :)

    Wish you the best,

  4. Hi
    Enjoy your little family, the sun and rest before heading back on tour!;)
    With Love !

  5. How is "Nar Jag Blundar" translated into English? Great song! :)
    Have a good day, dear Anette!)

  6. Hello happy women!!!
    I am so glad that whole your famile together and that i think the biggest happiness for women: having children, house, husband, good friends. Enjoy that and enjoy your summer!!!

  7. Hi Nettie

    I'm happy too !

    Enjoy your day too



  8. Enjoy your day! :)

    (and try not to get sick... summer and being sick doesn't mix well .__.)

    Love from the rainy Germany <3

  9. Serafim: Hi! Its "When I close my eyes" in english;=) Take care!

    1. Hi Nettie

      Do you like It ?

      It's the first French fan club about you !


  10. Hello Anette :)
    Very nice to hear that you enjoy your life. Heh, I prefer looking pale too. Staying in the shadow is better for the skin I guess. Especially when the temperature is hitting 30 C like today. But great to wear my short pants and Imaginaerum t shirt.

    Greetings and hugs from Germany

  11. Hello Anette! It's good to hear that you and your family are having such a beautiful time, summer's finally here! :D
    Enjoy yourself! <3

  12. Hi Anette

    good weather puts the smile and nature is beautiful, ans enjoy your day ! ;=)

  13. Glad to hear you are having a great day Anette! :-)
    Hope things continue to go well for you.

  14. u bet.....
    lots of love,

  15. Hi Anette, so nice to hear you're happy now ;). I think you deserve it!

    Greetings from Poland!

  16. Anette!
    Happy "announcement day"!
    Do you remember what happened five years ago?
    Well, I didn't remember correctly, the day was yesterday, today is "Eva"'s birthday. Five years ago you officially took your place as Nightwish lead singer. I want to thank you for these amazing five years in which you gave us so much. I wish you to celebrate other ten "five years announcement days" with Nightwish! By then I'll be dead or deaf so it doesn't matter. Really, thank you for everything.
    Have a great day with your family, with lot of love. <3

    1. Anix: Well, you are great to remember this, Anix!
      Anette: Hi!! So...have a happy "announcement day" anniversary!!! How have you been? We're still alive!!!!..... and finally ready to renew the fansite, after all this time:=)
      Glad you are having a relaxed time where the sun shines, in Sweden;=)
      But what do you mean here -"There are other weird things going on at other places"- dear Nettan, are you speaking about worldwide actuality or something weird going on in your city??

      Poochie and everyone here at the AOC Team

  17. It sounds like a fantastic day Anette! Enjoy your wonderful weather and all the goods things you love. May there be many more!
    Deleece x

  18. Dear Anette,

    This post warmed my heart. I'm also an artist (painter) and I'm happy with my life, and I love it so much when I hear someone else also feel good about their lives!
    Most people always complain so reading this was really like a breath of fresh air. Especially that in my country it's been constantly raining for over a week...

    Thank you and keep enjoying <3