Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rain and cough

Well hi all!

It was great to come back home on monday and the trip went really well;=) Nemo screamed of joy when we drove in to our city and he just got so happy entering our home and seeing his toys and all familiar things. He has been so good all tour but I have understood that its been a lot of home-sickness within him the last week.

I got the lovely "welcome home from tour"-cold immediately on tuesday and now I am coughing and sneezing and feeling quite ill so that´s always the downside of coming home. When you relax from the stress and start to wind down the body normally gets ill. But I do hope it passes until sunday and our flight to Greece;=)

Today Johan and the rest of the "Pain" boys are on their way to South America for a 12 day long tour so if you´re over there, go and see them;=)

Enjoy this night and hopefully its not raining where you are like it is here. All day its been pouring down;=(


  1. Hello Annette! I am your fan! I love your voice and the touch that you give the band
    I would like you to read my poems I have in a blog and I wrote to my mother. I hope your visit n_n

  2. Hi Anette! yes tomorrow Pain plays here in Argentina, where we´ll gonna see you again the next 14 december! oww so much hapiness! Rest Calm people here in Buenos Aires is so much warm!

  3. Dear Anette !

    Hope you get well soon !

    I just have a question: have you ever seen the swedish movie "Sound Of Noise"? if you don't have seen it, I recommend it ! it's one of my favorite movies =)

    Big Hug <3

  4. Dear Anette! I'm so sorry that you are ill now! Drink hot tea with lemon and honey! Get well soon! and have an execellent relaxation!

  5. Today, it was verry heat in Paris, too heat! I want rain! I hope you don't be sick a long time...

  6. Hei!
    Good and fast recovery!
    Good family vacation!

  7. Hiya! We got floods in the Cumbria, UK.

  8. Hi Anette! So sorry you're having a cold, but I'm sure you'll feel better in a few days :) Here it's not raining, it's HAILING. Crazy weather XD

  9. Today i beg for rain,cause its so hot in my city(+34). I want in Sweden or Finland... whatever i wanna feel COLD!!!
    P.S. You know girl you must be healthy until sunday! Do what its need to do and get better soon! Really miss you here but i understand of course... good night to you and Nemo and sleep well both of you.

  10. Today in Chile is Mother's Day, so just wanted to say "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ANETTE!!" I hope you have had a nice wonderful day! Xoxo!

  11. Oh, wish I could be in SP to see pain, but I'm from Rio... and they're not coming here.

    Well...I wish you the best and hope u can get better soon! =D

  12. Welcome home Anette. it was 97 degrees here today. The weather as sunny as your smile!

    Tisa and Aaron

  13. I will attend pain´s concert here in Costa Rica in 9 days , hope to see Nightwish here cause is my favorite band and you are my favorite singer :D

  14. "Happy Mother's Day", dear! We have this holiday in ukraine too, and get well ;)

  15. So sorry you're sick,but glad to hear the tour went well and that you're home now.
    Hugs and kisses,feel better.

  16. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.