Saturday, 5 May 2012

My tattoo artist;=)

Hi all,

Here´s a link to Verenas studio in Horneburg. Verena is the one who made my incredible tattoo and also a cool skull tattoo on Johans arm;=)

If you want a really good and experienced (17 years as a tattoo artist), Verena is the one. Super nice and fast and I recommend her highly!


  1. Can you post Johan's tatoo? :)

  2. One question: but on the letf Johan's arm?

  3. Yes Anette,please post Johan's tatoo

  4. Thank you dear Anette ! =)

  5. Hi there i have a few gigs myself to do and im hopeless with make up so i just dont wear any! I was just wondering if you would do a few tutorials about your make up and how you apply it? You tattoos are amazing by the way what does the one on you arm say?
    Stay safe x

  6. Anette - I just want to thank you - and the guys - for this incredible show tonight in Nürnberg/Nuremberg! I'm still blown away!
    You're just fantastic. ♥

  7. By the way... your tattoo looks soo cool.
    I really, really like it! :) ♥

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  9. Hello Anette !
    Thanks for sharing , she did your tattoo very well but I haven't seen Johan's tattoo but I'm sure it looks great :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  10. I thinked imagination yes and not fascination,well...

  11. When you're in Belgium go to Cindy Frey! She's a famous photographer but also a great tattoo artist!