Saturday, 26 May 2012


Good morning and a very happy saturday to you all! I went to Sandra this week and fixed my nails and now when it's summer I wanted a bright and happy colour. Turquoise is a favourite so that was our choice:-)

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  1. Good morning, dear Anette!:-) How are you? Very nice nails, bright and beautiful, as you are;-) Have a very nice day! Hugs, Daria:*

  2. Hey Anette!

    Good choice :-)
    Looks good and I like this color. My nails are red at this moment.... I find it is also a bright and happy colour. The summer is there. Thats so great and that makes a good mood :-)

    Enjoy your day

    Greetings and hugs

    sarah :-)

  3. wow, I love that color too.
    Soooo beautiful nails, Nettie :D

  4. very nice anette !! you are always beautifull !!

  5. Hi Anette, long time I not published the comment, though regularly read your blog.
    First, accept my congratulations for the enormous professional success - and for the tour, and prizes.
    And on the occasion of the awards I would like to share something: One of our very popular singer, who has more than 30 years on stage, was told something in an interview. She said: - I keep all my awards in a coffer, because no matter what I was before. What counts is the present moment and what I am and I do now. Very wise woman.
    I wish you and the whole gang for many years to make us happy and earning many awards.
    Turquoise color is really perfect for summer. And many suits your eyes and fair skin. You pick the clothes you by the color of manicure?A little curiosity ;-))
    With wishes for many sunny days - Rositsa

  6. Aww,i love them. They look very cute! :-)

  7. Oh that colour is great Anette!! I love it. Sandra has done a nice job on your nails :) Isn't it great when Summer is about. Enjoy your weekend.
    Deleece x

  8. Hi dear Nettie !

    How are you ? Turquoise It's a beautiful colour good choice !


  9. Hello Anette!

    Wow, so bright! I really like it!
    I put some light, pastel blue-green varnish today, very suitable for the season too!

    Good WE to you!:)

  10. Hej Anette!I simply love that color :D
    and I just knew you will come to Mexico with Nightwish, I wont miss that show :)

  11. I really like it! Sandra did good job, and for myself i will do the same but with fuchsia color. I think its a summer color, as turquoise.
    Have a nice evening:)

  12. Dear Anette! Hi! Great colour! I like it very much and i want such colour on my nails, too. I have had an excellent and happy day today. I hope so have you :-) Thank you for the pictures! I wish you to have amazing relaxing days before festivals! Take care!

  13. So aa,I have just got hard working week to finish and cause I still have work rhythm on then I thinked to do this.At tomorrow I actually don´t know nothing yet,I might go to little time to seashore but I´m not sure.During two weeks I have slept quite little,I haven´t got sleep or then that hasn´t came.When this writing went so difficult then that caused still own problems.Reading has succeeded now but next time I think I write on next week.

    And,by little advance - good festival tour to you.

    To the next time

  14. Congratulations to Sweden for your winner in Eurovision!! I really liked her song!! I hope You sing in the contest for the next year, as a special guest!!

    Did you watch Macedonian's performance? I really loved it!
    Regards from Mexico!