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Translation of the article in Nynäshamnsposten;=)

Translation of the article in Nynäshamnsposten:

"From bullied teenager to aclaimed artist"

Nightwish singer Anette Olzon about bullying and hate campaigns

Anette Olzon is the aclaimed singer in the Finnish metal band Nightwish. Last week she lectured in the schools of Nynäshamn about how it is to be a star and being in the spotlight. But also about how it is to be bullied, exposed for hate campaigns and not corresponding to the body ideals in the artist business.

As a child she loved school. She sat as a candle and loved her teacher. But in high school something happened. She changed classes and in the new class she didnt get accepted by the other girls. She got ostracized and exposed to a lot of bullshit, she says.
Slowly her self-esteem started to fail. She cried, had constant stomach pain and felt she wasnt good for anything. It went so far that she didnt want to go to school anymore. And she had suicide thoughts. What kept her up was the dream of becoming a singer. She knew she could sing.

In upper secondary school it got slightly better. She was still insecure, especially among girls, she says. After secondary school she applied for Balettakademien and got in. It was an amazing feeling to get in, she says.
- It was really tough exercising. We danced 7 hours a day . Soon I got to hear that I needed to loose weight. The business only want skinny, good-looking girls. It once again led me to falling down in a depression. I wanted to quit but mum said no.
Anette says she didnt know what to do and in a desperate cry for help, she wrote a letter to famous singer Lisa Nilsson, who has her experiences from Balettakademien.
- She said "Quit. You dont need an education to become an artist".

Said and done. After that several years followed with different jobs. She got a child. She played in bands. Through the years she has been in several bands, been in choirs and done studio jobs. By a coincidence she got to know that the famous finnish metal band Nightwish needed a new singer. She sent a demo and got the job. At the time she was 35 years old. It was a dream fulfilled, she says. But to take over after the former singer proved to be hard. The fans of the band didnt accept the newcomer. She got exposed to threats and hate campaigns and all the feelings from her school years came back.

- There even was death threats against me in front of my children. I got really scared. I tensed in our shows that led to that I didnt sing as good as I was capable of, and then I got criticised for that. Despite me living my dream to stand in front of thousands of people all over the world and sing, I couldnt feel real joy.

Finally Anette Olzon came to a limit. She told about her fears for the band and that came to be the turning point.
- After that I stopped caring. I went out and did my thing. After that its been much better. I survived the 2 year long tour and now I get positive emails, she says with a smile.

She also talks about celebrity life and the positive and negative sides of touring. For instance, not being so easy to be the only girl on tour all over the world. It easily gets to be a jargon. But she has put and end to way to boyish manners in the bus, she says.
- It´s our common home when we´re out. Everyone must be able to feel comfortable.

What´s the recipe for success, one student asks.
Believe in yourself and dont give up. It may sound as a cliché. But I have always been stubborn and always believed that I can sing. But I have never sold myself in the way that others can decide how I should look or what to wear. That has been my strength and made me secure in the person I am today.

Kristoffer Ekberg and Minea Lagestam, that attend first year at the aesthete programme thought the lecture was really interersting.
- You recognize a lot of what she talks about regarding school, like all the bullshit, Minea Lagestam says.
- To be bullied as a child and then get to live your dream. That is a sunshine story, says Kristoffer Ekberg.


  1. ....Black Diamond!
    Good morning Anette:)
    I didn't expect it quite this soon so its a really big WOW out of me, and a thank you the same. An awesome write up for an awesome person...what else can I think.
    I thought I'd give you one last look before sleep time, and I'm glad I did.
    lots of love

  2. Lots of love from Spain. You're absolutely gorgeous!

  3. really nice interview, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks for translating the article. It's really good that you helped children improve their self confidence.

    By the way bullshit is a bad word. I don't think a Swedish newspaper would have the Swedish equivalent of it in their newspaper :D

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Anette.

    In some parts it was as if I was reading about myself. When I was at school it was much the same - I was hated, bullied, laughed at. Music was my only hope. I used to go home and dream about being a singer. When I thought about the bullies I kept thinking how one day I'd show them all. I got so stressed that I developed school phobia and I had to leave school early.

    It's great that you have spoken out and shared this with us. Hope it helps many others to never give up or give in to these awful bullies.

    Have a nice day x

  6. Wow, got tears in my eyes now :( Didn't know you've been through all this. When we see you today, we hardly imagine that you've ever felt so miserable. But I think the whole experience made you a heartwarming person, and this is something everybody can see in your eyes and smile! You're no sham ;-)

    Thanks for the translation!

    Have a lovely day.

  7. Hi Anette!
    You were quick to translate the article ;) Thank you so much! I also read the interview that you issued for the Swedish rock magazine. I liked both articles. Your life seems a tale. But I'm so sorry about your teenage years. It must have been like hell :( But now you are ok and you have a lots of people that support you and defend you from the assholes who insult you. I think you're a fantastic person. Carry on like this, girl.
    Lots of kisses*

  8. Hi Anette! Your story is so emotive!It must be very difficulto feel in such situations for sveral times in your life. I just can't understand how people can live peacefully making others feel like that...
    You say that when you talked with the band about your problems and you just cared about singing and that you felt you did it better. You know what? You don't need to explain that, because I'm sure everybody could feel it :) During the Dejavu Tour for example you shone like a real star, you were amazing! It was obvious that something within you had changed after that break. So keep on rocking and don't care about bad words at all. Any of us can plase everybody.

    By the way, I translated the article into Spanish and published it in Nightwish Spanish Fansite for the Spanish fans to read it. You can find it here:

    Cheers from Spain Anette! XX

  9. Thank you so much for the quick translation. It is a beautiful article, and recognize myself in your story. I did not know that some fans hated you that like that. I have loved your performance at nightwish right from the start. You have a beautiful voice and you are truely a Nice woman who cares about her fans. I think you have become a real role model ! Lots of love from the netherlands

  10. Hello Anette.

    If it's possible try to do not think too much about bad memories.
    I have mental problems. I can not handle in normal way even with medium level stress...I am pulling out pieces of my skin.
    But let's talk better about something nice.
    You have beautiful hair - 10/10.


  11. Hi Annette,
    I want to tell you that your story is really moving. Like you, I was bullied when I was a little bit younger, so I know what you felt, or at less I think I know ^^
    I realize that being the new singer of Nightwish was really hard to you too. We, fans, can't realize that it hurts you when we say that you're not good enough or things like that. I must tell you that I thought the same at the beginning. I had to learn to listen to your music differently, turn the page, and learn to love your music as I loved Tarja's music. I don't know if you understand what I mean, it's difficult to say, what's more in English (I'm French) ^^
    So now we all know you, and it's clear that you sing differently, not worse or better. It's no use trying to compare, and it's just very cruel to say you have to die because of that!
    I express myself really bad. I hope you'll understand what I mean, that we are with you. Nightwish forever <3

  12. You are such an inspiration to me, Anette. <3 It seems you've gone through a lot of the same things I have gone/been going through. You're words speak to m <3 <3

  13. I so agree with Escapist, and don't forget we are many who became Nightwish-fans AFTER you joined the band! :) The matter of taste of course, but I never even thought about going to their concert before, cause I got headache of the music... ;P Now I could go every day. :D :D

  14. thanks for translating this. :)

    I also have been hated by some girls.. but now we're like friends XD And I know some people still don't like or hate me but I don't care.. I think it's better to be hated by what you are then loved by what you're not. :)

    And I just wanted to say that NW fans who didn't accept you, I think they're not real fans cause if band and other fans like you that means you're good.. In my opinion much better than Tarja :D

    Kisses from Croatia! ♥

  15. Hello Anette !!
    Wow,thank you soooo soooo much for translating this ! It was very kind from you :D
    Your story is emotive and beautiful,you deserved a happy end :)
    I understand how you felt in those school years,when i was like in 1ºgrade i used to love school but after some years the things changed,and i felt that i needed to change.But i didn't change at all ! I have new tastes in things and now i learn more but that doesn't means that i need to change my appearance. I feel good about myself and if the others don't like me i kinda don't care because i prefer being hated for what i am than loved for what i'm not,i want real friendships and i know that we can't be loved by everyone. Even if those bad girls don't like you there is no problem because they aren't perfect either,at least i have good grades and real friends and that is more important than how you look.
    Thank you for sharing your problems with us,you are such a strong person and i already learned so much because of you !
    And the good thing is that after some years we won't see our "enemies" from school again LOL
    There is also a story from a football player called Lionel Messi,i don't know i you heard of him but he told that when he was a kid we was soooo bad at playing football and his friends were always making fun of him,now he is the best football player in the world. Life changes a lot Anette,and i'm happy you didn't gave up of your life because you are a humble,beautiful,kind and adorable person. Beautiful not just from outside but also inside,and i bet all of the people that didn't liked you,now they are jealous of you because you turned out to be a talented girl !
    No matter what happens,your fans are always here with you.
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  16. Hi Anette,
    thank you for the time that you had for to translate the article! It's very interesting. I've never tought that you had this kind of problem to school and i'm sorry for you.

    Later i will tell you my story and i will send you a private comment bacause it's very personal and i wish that it were readed only by you. Then i you want you will tell me your opinion. :)

  17. Thank you so much for translating.
    Wish you a nice evening :)

  18. Thank you so much for the translation!<3 It is a beautiful article! I recognize myself at the part you mention that you had stomach pain, and crying and did want to go to school. I had the same thing in primary school.

    I am also shocked about what you said about the haters. I can not understand why they do this. Since the very first beginning you started at Nightwish I have loved your performance. You have a beautiful voice, fit in the band and you are really nice and takes time for your fans.

    I think you are not only a rolemodel to me but also for many other persons.

    Lots of love and hugs from Britt from the Netherlands<3

  19. God afton.

    Du är en bra människa du, men det är synd att du blivit så mobbad, dels som barn och nu som vuxen. Varje gång jag lyssnar på "The escapist" (min favvis) frågar jag rätt ut: hur i halva Hästveda kan någon tycka att Anette Olzon inte kan sjunga? De måste ju vara döva!! Eller så har de geleråttor i örona! O_o

    Kämpa på, Fröken Olzon, och som "Liliana" skrev: vi finns alltid här. Du rockar skiten ur många sångerskor! ;-)

    @Liliana from Portugal: you stole my words!! But it's ok, we feel the same about bullies! Have a nice day, alright.. and stay strong! :-)

  20. Hi Anette!
    Thanks for translating this!
    I love you so much! <3
    You are much better than Tarja as a person and as a singer! :)
    There are many people who love you!
    Your fans are with you whatever happens! <3

    Kisses from Serbia!

  21. That u were bullied in school really suprised me because U seem to be one of the strongest persons I know of. Doing ur thing and achieving what u dream of after all this time is a big inspiration for me and I'm sure it's a big inspiration for the rest of ur and Nightwish fans too.

    Real fans or reasonable people don't start to hate new singers or picking on them just to make them feel bad. Okay if u dislike, but hate is not good. And I have no idea of what they are hoping to achieving. U are a gorgous woman with a beautiful voice and ur voice combined with Nightwish music is just magical. People who don't hear that are just missing something. I remember the first times I heard Amaranth. I almost cried because I loved it so much. Dark Passion Play is my favorite album and I'm really looking forward to Imaginarium with ur vocals. Keep on doing ur magic and people with good hearts out there will listen and enjoy :D

  22. Åh, usch. Den där artikeln gav mig tårar i ögonen. Hur kan människor bara inte förstå vad de säger och gör. Helt som om andra inte hade känslor, det är helt enkelt oacceptabelt!
    Jag går en religionskurs i etik precis just nu, och vi pratade faktiskt idag om hur ingen person kan ta ifrån en sitt mänskliga värde, men att vissa försöker.
    Jag och många tusen andra är så överlyckliga över att du orkade och följde din dröm! Du gav oss ett av de bästa albumen någonsin, och inte bara av Nightwish' album, utan överlag! Du är otroligt begåvad, och jag lovar att många önskar att vi vore ens hälften så bra som du!
    Jag vill göra som du och följa min dröm. Visa idioterna vem de mobbade.

    Japp, lycka till jag.. -.-
    Å, förlåt, nu klagar jag igen.. och bara snackar. Argh. Wrap it up, wrap it up..

  23. You are so so brave. I wish I had even half the strength that you have. Sadly, it is too late for me now but I still think that you are an amazing inspiration.

  24. Thanks for translating the article into English!! Wow, I always love hearing celebrity stories of how they got comeuppance after being bullied or made fun of in school. It's always inspiring to hear that bullying never has long term effects, and that people who can be bullied can grow up to be awesome people like you :D

  25. Hi Anette!
    Thank you so much for sharing this. It means a lot to me to read this. Singing is my dream too, and I've needed a self-esteem boost. Anyway, I love you SO much and I think you are one of the greatest singers in the whole entire world! You are so fantastic and you will ALWAYS have a fan in me!

    Much Love,

  26. Hi Anette. :)

    One thing I can say about you: you're a huge inspiration. :)
    I had no idea that you had been through all of that. I know you mentioned it previously, but I didn't know that it was that bad. I can relate to you in that I am dealing with a lot right now (personal struggles, depression, etc..) and the one thing keeping me going is singing. I have a dream of being a singer one day and it is something that I am very passionate about. After reading this article, it's a huge motivator for me to follow my dreams of being a singer and as you said, to believe in myself and not give up.

    Words cannot describe how much of an inspiration you are for me. So, if you read this, I just want you to know how much I look up to you and respect you, and that you are my role model. :) I hope to be like you someday-an amazing singer, mother, and role model for others. :)

    Best wishes


  27. I am so happy to hear you have done this, Anette! I really am. Sharing your own experiences and opening up a chapter of your own life I know, will allow others to draw strength and glimmers of hope to those who suffer this kind of harassment. I totally understand what mockery, prejudice and fear can do to a person. I feel so bad for anyone who has endured bullying. It was horror for me too and NO ONE should EVER have to go through this. EVER!!!

    I wrote about this very thing a while ago on someone else’s message board, Tony Kakko’s my space page regarding one of his songs that means a great deal to me, ‘the power of one’. The song brings so many tears in it’s expression or witness if you will of my own childhood growing up in the kind of environment he represented in his song. Other’s feelings of hatred because I just could not understand why so many people hated me for who I was, who I loved and why. I have no idea what he was thinking when he wrote it or why and did not go searching for his meaning but it means what ‘it means’ to me and it hurts every time I hear it because it reminds me so much of my life. Mainly what my friend told me back then when we were young girls. I asked her how she could love someone like me when so many of my race hated her because of the colour of her skin. How it shamed me to see her face so honest while I felt guilty inside for my own so called fellow countrymen’s treatment of her. I feared losing her into that hatred and as always in her loving little voice said to me, “I could never hate you.” I still hear her words even today! Why is it that two people in one small corner of a dust ridden country can be friends and not see each others colour, favours or likes as a deficit while so many others do? Both of our ethnic backgrounds would ask why we kept friends never understanding why we continued to walk side by side. It would have just been easier to conform and laugh along side those who pointed their fingers and agree with them when you really disagreed just to save yourself the hell of having the crap beat out of you. Why should we?

    I suppose he meant his song as forgiveness and redemption from a person who hated or simply to reflect verses from a well known book, I don’t really know, but as I think back I cannot forgive very many. It burns deep, Anette…so much that the pain surfaces even now. I cannot forgive so easily. I have to some extent, but seeing some of those people today; it is no different now than it was then. Still the same old shit. The same words of hate cast 25 years later are now simply ignored. I suppose I should show pity for them rather than hate them back.

    That man who wrote the song has no idea how much it means or how it hit me like a hammer, but for you it takes just one to make a difference, sharing your past and more so encourage others to stop this kind of treatment to others.

    You truly are a wondrous person who brings light, happiness and strength for so many. You are one of the kindest hearts blessed into this world. Once again, I am so happy that you have done this! Thank you, thank you, dear girl!


  28. Thank you so much for sharing this with us; it's a very beautiful article. When I was in high school I was bullied as well for almost 3 and a half years. People used to make fun of my voice and even tried to imitate it by screaming my last name; the fact that I wasn't doing any sports at the time didn't help either because I was physically weak and people made fun of it too. I also had constant stomach aches and didn't want to go to school anymore. By the time school ended, I kept some very close friends and promised to myself that this would never happen again.

    Since then I took a small singing lesson and I'm currently taking piano lessons as well. I always get good advice from my mom when it comes to vocal technique and I practice almost every day. Of course the vocal warm-ups you posted helps a lot too, thanks! Some of my closest friends have heard me singing a couple of times and they really liked my voice! I've had a conversation with one of them to start a music project and we'll see what happens later.

    I'm also about to achieve one of my goals of graduating from economics studies and things have been pretty well so far. I still deal with speaking in public and I tend to stutter when I get really really nervous. Still, I'm a stubborn person and always carry on. ;)

    One good thing I could learn from that bad experience is to defend the things I believe in and I don't let anyone to tell me I can't do something, because that's when I push even harder.

    Once again, thank you so much for sharing this with us. It means a lot.

    Best wishes! :)

  29. Det är nästan alltid så att dem som är ensamma o mobbade, samtidigt starka, slutar som något stort.
    Jag var själv inte precis mobbad i skolan men ogillad rättare sagt. Retad. Bland annat för mitt utseende (har lite underbett som opereras på måndag) Jag hade bara en riktig bästa vän som jag haft sen dagis. Båda va lika ogillade för våra personligheter. Vi var dem "goda" som fick skiten över oss. Men nt la vi oss ner o böla för det. Genom åren blev man ju kaxigare också... ;-)
    Senare då man var runt 16 så började det lägga sig, antar väl att dem växte upp.
    Men vi valde faktiskt att inte gå med de tuffa gängen eller så, för vi kunde på något sätt se igenom dem, (som att se deras själar), och visste att det fanns bara dåligt där inne.
    De flesta mobbare skyller ju på att dem själva mått dåligt osv. Men man kan inte skylla på sitt mående eller situationer. Jag citerar Lisbeth Salander; Man väljer vem man vill va. (Det stämmer ju, dock föds man ju till "sig själv" :p du fattar nog haha).

    Dessa folk som anser att dem "hatar dig". Ja vad fan, HATA är starkt ord, de har ingen orsak att hata dig eller ogilla dig för att du klev in i bandet. Okej man kanske inte kan gilla allas röster men bara för det ska dom inte kasta skit på dig och värre saker.
    Det är och förblir Tuomas som är själva Nightwish och det var aldrig Tarja. Jag kan medge att Tarjas röst passade bäst in på de gamla låtarna men dock tror ja inte hon hade kunnat göra de nya låtarna bättre än dig, såklart. Men jag ser hellre att du är sångerska eftersom du är skötsam och ger bandet glädje (som det sett ut!)
    Tarja gjorde sina val, har läst allt i boken. Det var såklart en jobbig tid för alla i bandet men man går vidare o de hade inget annat val.

    Det är bra att du föreläser om sådant här som du gjorde i Nynäshamn. Unga lyssnar mer då den gällande saken själv hänt en.
    Åk gärna upp till Örebro där jag numera bor, här är ungdomarna verkligen lite fel ute ibland gällande vännerkretsen känns det som! ;)

    Ha det så bra kära du och ta hand om dig o familjen.


  30. One question: why the word ostracized has been highlighted?

  31. Hi!
    Your story is so deep, and have a happy ending!
    It's good to see how you came where you are now, it's a light of hope on lifes of teenagers as me and many of your fans who are also victims of bullying.
    And I wonder how you surpassed all the comments from the fans of the old era of Nightwish.
    Well, Thanx for translate it for us, I think it helped everybody.
    Kisses and Hugs.
    Letícia Monique

  32. if someone gave you a death threat they would have to get through me first!!!

    but anyways great story.
    have a great day,


  33. Dear Anette,

    I'm really glad you shared this with us...Anette, you're one of the women I look up to because despite everything you've been through, you're always so positive and smiling and encouraging others.

    I've been battling weight issues for a couple of years now. I've been made fun of because I'm not the thinnest girl around. I'm curvier than most. And to tell you the truth, I'm unhappy and I've fallen into episodes of depression because of it. But reading your experiences and your accounts, gives me hope and makes me feel like I can do this, like I can get past all of this.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is thank-you for being the person that you are. You're an inspiration and you always give me hope. :)



  34. It was an interesting reading!

    I'm very happy for you!