Monday, 5 September 2011

Throwing and storing

Good evening!

I am quite busy these days and thats why I havent been so good at doing the blogging thing. Sorry;=(

We´re going through the childrens closets, my closet, the storage and all the shelfs e g to get rid of all the to small clothes and things we dont want to keep. In the weekend I went through my closet and my storage here at home and gave away lots of clothes to my family and friends and also to charity. Feels good to know it will be used by someone else who will love them, as I have done;=)

Then today it was Seths and Nemos turn and now there´s a floor in Seths closet;=)

Then I started to get through my shells but I need to continue tomorrow again cause I were so tired after all the prior closet cleaning.

Best thing after a hard days work is to read some magazines and drink a nice cup of green tea and today I bought myself some magazines and an ecological tea with a taste of ginger and citrus fruits. Very yummie!

Sleep well now!


  1. Hey Anette :)

    I haven't comment here for some time but I've read all the posts. :)
    I did the same thing as you few days ago. God, I found so many clothes for my cousin and thrown away so much things. Now my room is shinning XD

    Good night! ♥

  2. LOL I love green tea too Anette, but it makes me pee like a race horse. I don't recommend it before traveling or running many K's! Sorry if this is TMI love!


  3. Good evening!
    Even my days were busy. I helped my mum to clean the kitchen, the living room and now is the turn of my room (this I will clean alone :P ). Today I had nice time with tidying my old photos. I remembered all the beautiful moments of my life and my travels. That was fun. I had so much to do, cuase I had a big box with photos. It was appr. 50 albums. Now I'm a bit tired and I will go to read my book.
    Btw I'm looking forward to 11th of November :) It will be a good day for all of us. If you can, can you write us something about Storytime?
    Good night and have sweet dreams! Big hug*

    P.S. I enjoy to read your blog every day. Thank you for sharing with us "pieces" of your days and your feelings. For me is a pleasure read your blog. You are great. Tack så mycket for all ♥♥

  4. Hello Anette !
    That is so good. The best to do with our old things its to give to someone that needs them :)
    Next week school starts,so i have to organise all the school stuff,Summer is over :(
    I am going to start a new year (9ºth grade)and i am kinda anxious for this new year because i will have important exams, but it will be all ok and it will be interesting to "change" my life again =)
    I never drank green tea,i just drink tea when i'm sick but maybe i will start drinking tea more often :D
    Good luck with cleaning your house !
    Sleep well,
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  5. Hi Anette, fist of all i really like your music and your voice. I'm really glad of you're work :)

    I'll introduce myself: My name is Rita, i'm 17 years old and i live in Portugal (Lisbon). Yesterday i was on youtube and i was trying to find what is your vocal range,but i didn't found anything, so i decided to see what was my vocal range, and i was suprised.. i found that my vocal range was E3-F#5.. But today i tried again and the highest note that i can reach is A5.. how is that possible.. I never took singing lessons.. And i'm only 17... I'm So Happy:) So, my question is : What tipe of vocal do i have..? Is it a Mezzo-soprano, or a Soprano... ? Cause i don't understand.. :S

    So, Hope you read my question, and i'd be so so glad if you could answer to my question :)

    Rita xx

  6. Since I started reading your blog I get cravings for tea... lol

    Good Night and Kisses!

  7. Hi Anette!

    Magazines and books to read is very good. I love it myself in a cozy blanket einzukuscheln and read a good book and a cup of tea. I hope that your evening was very relaxed and comfortable. Wish you a nice day!

    Greetings and hugs!