Saturday, 28 April 2012

A perfect day

Today we've had the first perfect day on the whole tour:-) It's been just me, nemo and Johan out in a summer warm Wienna with playing in the big playground, meeting other nice parents and children, eating good ice-cream, walking in the city just seeing lots of people, looking at beautiful buildings as the Dome, the opera house where they showed the opera Don Carlos live on a big screen, eating wiener schnitzel, cosiness in our room and me being there for nemo's goodnight song;-) This was well needed for me at this moment! Now I just long for my dear Seth - but soon;-)

Sleep well everyone and see u in Budapest tomorrow! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. I am so happy that you are happy =) you are the best. Good luck on concerts!

  2. BUDAPEST! We are awaiting yu guys sooooooooooooooooo badly!!! Gonna be a very warm summer day (30 degrees), so bring a bikini haha :D

  3. Oh Anette! You have described in these lines true happiness in my view. So glad to know that today was a perfect day for you. I understand how you want to relax and be at home already with Seth, but as you wrote, soon. Thanks that you from time to time here ... really miss you. Good night and sleep very well. Send you big hugs and lots of kisses!

  4. Hi dear,
    how has been the gig in Vienna?
    But Seth it's at home?

    Sleep well too!

    Big hugs

  5. Hi Anette :)

    Beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing! I hope you had a great time in Vienna - I've heard from my friends that it is an awesome city, though I haven't been there yet :)

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening, sleep tight!


  6. Hi Anette!
    I hope you will have a good time in Budapest, we are waiting for you. :)
    Sleep well!

  7. Nice to read that you had a perfect day woth your Nemo and Johan! I think it's every time great being alone with your dear ones douring those hard tours. I'm glad to know that you all had fun and played a lot with Nemo. I believe you that you miss Seth. It's a long time since you seen him.
    But let me repeat one thig! For me was a really big pleasure to see you in Milan. You all were simply perfect. It was the first time I seen you live. Your voice is incredible. When you sung Come Cover Me and Slow, love, slow I cried! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the perfect evening!
    Good night you too! Have sweet dreams.
    Tack så mycket / Thank you / Kiitos / Grazie!
    Return soon in Italy

  8. We can't wait for you :) Just a few hours...

    Greetings and love from Budapest!

  9. Love you Anette!!!! Kisses from Brazil!!!!

  10. Dear Anette,

    You broke my hear when you said "Today we've had the first perfect day on the whole tour:-) It's been just me, nemo and Johan". How come during all the other days of the tour, you have not had a perfect day with the band? with Nightwish? =( I hope things are going fine with them.

    Sniff!! <3

    1. I think she meant that she missed her family and the time with them. It sounds amazing to us being with a famous band, but I think for the members - though they like each other - it is a totally other thing. I can understand Anette, because being on the tour, on the road means you have no time for your son, husband, family or yourself, and there are few cosy moments, I think. So I think Anette just needed her own time with her family on Vienna :)

  11. Sounds like you've had a great time!
    I'm happy you are getting good weather.
    Can't wait to see you here in the U.S!

  12. Everybody needs to recharge his/her battery when working almost everyday and travelling non-stop. I'm glad you spent some quality time with your family!

  13. thank you for vienna concert. only sad moment was when you leave in car without any chance for meeting with fans :(

  14. Beautiful pictures ! :)
    Good luck for the rest of the tour !

  15. Hello dear Anette!
    It is very beautiful!
    Today I found this photo:
    Pleas, tell me, Is It fake?
    And you have so great voice! I admire you, Anette! Have a nice day :-)

  16. Hey Anette!
    I hope you and your family is well! That sounds good. Have fun today and rock the stage! Thanks for the beautiful pictures :-)

    Greetings and hugs


  17. What a heartfelt beautiful blogpost Anette - I really felt your sincere gratitude for having such a perfect day. Life is being wonderful to you. Enjoy!! and have fun!
    Deleece x

  18. Hi,

    The show in Vienna was so amazing! It was my first NW Concert =D

    After the concert, we waited to meet you ;)
    Till the security-guys told us to go :/

    I know the videos form the past concerts (DarkPassionPlay) - and I was really "surprised" how you sang the "old songs". [I dont't know how to say..] Your voice sounds so amazing now it >has grown< soo much.

    Hope you had a great time in Vienna - I'm always surprised how beautiful places are there,...

    Hope to meet you soon ;)

  19. Dear Anette,
    I want to thank you for the great concert in Vienna. It was a really great experience for me. It was just great. From your voice, I was very touched. My friend after the concert had tears in his eyes.

    I want to compliment you for your clothes. You look great. Especially I liked your sandals. Exactly such I've been looking for so long. It was so hot, but a gorgeous day in Vienna. We have also enjoyed the sun and the sights. Too bad I did not see you. It would be a dream come true for me.

    Once again a big thank you to you and the boys. I definitely want to drop the next concert that you and the boys give, in the vicinity of Austria, visit (perhaps again in Austria?).

    I wish you all the best.
    Big hugs and love Brigitte

  20. ^^ Wow Anette seems you're having a very good time! It's great to hear you're enjoyining these days :)

  21. Hi Anette!
    I just came home from the Budapest show, and all I can say is that you all deserve a great, GREAT hug for what you've done here tonight =) I was so happy, to see you, my idol, again, and of course the whole band playing amazing songs in an amazing way - just as usual! So thank you for giving me such a good time!

  22. you were in VIENNA? Nice! :) Hope you liked my city! It would be so awesome if you could check out my blog! Happy Monday!

  23. I can't believe i skiped The Opera from my Wien tour , I was so full of hope and I believed i will see you in Wien. Great concert, awesome performance , and I hope one day I'll meet you!

  24. Hi Anette! I'm so glad that you're having a good time with your loved ones :D I just want to ask you something and I hope you can answer me: are you planning to film a video for The Owl, the crow and the dove?

  25. I'm happy to hear you're happy but... Wasn't the day in Milano a perfect one too? q.q

  26. Anette! I've just watched a video from the band, from you concert al L.A where you performed Nemo acoustic. You were amazing, and you have an amazing energy. It's crazy that lots of fans still fight over who is better for Nightwish, they don't realize that the band will never go back in time, anyway. hope you're ok and good luck !

  27. Dear Anette! It was great to see you (and the guys ofc) in Budapest yesterday, the concert was amazing! You have the most beautiful voice i have ever heard! <3 <3

  28. hej anette! låter väldigt trevligt! hoppas det kommer fler sånna dag för dig! ha en fortsatt trevlig tur!

    MVH vendela

  29. Seems that I continue this writing but my head isn´t just ready to this yet and after works what I have done,I need little free time so I think that more on next time then.

  30. Hi Anette, I'm glad you are enjoying your tour with your Family =).
    Today is Children's Day here in Mexico so Happy Children's day!! =D
    Regards and I hope you come to Latin-America this year =).

  31. Hi dear Nettie, how are you?
    Nice to hear you had a lovely time.
    I hope the Budapest gig went well.

    Here's one gift for you :)

    Big hugs

    Ena :*

  32. Hi Anette, I'd just really like to say thank you for the lovely blog you write! I love reading it (but I'm usually too lazy to post comments, heehee), and you always seem to have such a sunny, positive outlook on life - this always puts me in a better mood if I'm feeling the pressure of A-level exams, uni tuition fees, blah blah...
    So, thank you so much and...well, please don't stop writing your blog!! ;)
    Big hugs,

  33. your concert in Budapest was awesome.thx for the coming:)i hop you see you soon:)
    greatings from Hungary