Sunday, 6 December 2009

To Alisa-Julia

Hi and thanks for the help you have done. I have sent it to Tuomas and King foo so lets hope they can talk to them about releasing it;=)


  1. Nu blev jag otroligt nyfiken här, vad är det du har skickat in?
    Har det med The Heart Asks Pleasure First att göra? o:
    Om de är privat behöver du klart inte säga ;=) blev som sagt nyfiken...


  2. Hi dear, how are you feeling today? (probably you will read this monday) =)
    So, today my computer had one problem. He turn off alone several times, and sometimes he whistled many times when he start. Worst of all is that this has happened several times since I bought it. I have sent many times for technical assistance and they said that there is no problem with it. I bought another stabilizer and my PC worked fine for 6 months, and now he's with the same problem again. And to make this even worse, the computer security already expired. This is making my hairs gray hehehehe. Informatics is a very complicated science.

    Something similar already happened to you? If it happened please tell me how you solved the problem because I already do not know what to do. =) (I sincerely hope that this has not happened to you, is very stressful situation)

    Sorry for this boring comment, I really do not know what to do =(

    I hope that you have a great day today (Monday)
    All the best to you my favorite swedish singer, lots of joy for you
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  3. Hi in brasília (brazil capital) are missing you a lot, and nightwish too...i neither believe that made one year of DPP tou here...Lovee Yaa!!!

  4. I haven't been commenting lately, so maybe I missed it in the comments, but what is it that Alisa and Julia want to have released? X's from Belgium!