Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Personal training

Good morning!

This morning I am meeting my personal trainer for a nice power walk and some exercising in the forest. The only problem with that is that I have some terrible pain under my heel and had to buy special soles yesterday. Let´s hope I can get around still...

Its cold here today so I need to have really warm clothes on....winter is here...brrr...

Enjoy the day!


  1. I'd take it easy if I were you, Anette.

    As a singer, it's really REALLY bad for your throat when breathing in all that cold, dry air, especially when breathing in through the mouth after a run, but I'm sure you knew that.

    I've had a pretty good day, got paid, went shopping, went to my voice lesson(YAY) came home, baked pumpkin bread, bought a corset, and dyed my hair burgundy, so now I'm only 2 different colors in the hair, not 3(burgundy and black)

    I'm off to bed now, since it's past 1am here and I woke around 8.

    Enjoy yourself, but be careful,

  2. Have a nice training, about the pain - trainer will understand your problem, I'm sure. :)
    I don't have my personal trainer, but fortunately, I'm going to aerobic three times a week, and also I have meetings with nutritionist. I'm not on a diet, but I'm learning which things are good, and which are bad for me and my health. :) And of course, I can go to sauna and for a massage.
    That is great idea to learn about my body, and I hope it will help something with my health and wellbeing.
    And everything because of you! :D When I'm reading about your trainings I believe that I can do it also! :)

  3. Good Morning Anette!
    So I hope you had a good training and your heel will feel better soon!
    Yeah, it is definitely winter. In Germany also fell the first snow.
    Have a nice day!

  4. Hi Anette, enjoy your day as well and I hope the pain fades away soon.
    I love cold weather and I wish is was cold where I live (Miami) but it hardly ever does. well bye bye, got to go get some sleep.

  5. Good morning Anette! =)

    Have a nice training and enjoy the day =).

    Hugs <3

  6. Hej Anette,

    I fell with you, though my foot troubles me due to a huge burn on the back of the foot- so no sport or university for me -.-*
    I really hope your foot will get better soon!

    Mh... really cold winter in Sweden? That sounds lovely... I guess I live in the only part of northern Germany, that still has autumn- wet & windy but no snow!
    Enjoy your day :)


  7. Hi Anette,

    Winter in Sweden, how lovely! Cold in London too, and I hear we may be getting some snow soon. I hope it doesn't snow yet though as I'd love it to be a white xmas. There hasn't been one here for years.

    Have a nice day training, but don't overdo it it.

    Take care,

  8. Good morning! Yeah, winter is across Europe these days more than ever. In Madrid is freezing now, it's weird it isn't snowing or something.

    Anyway... I hope the exercises with your trainer go well, you'll tell us later :)

    We love you, lots of hugs ^^

  9. Hi A- Have a good days training !! I find that whenever I run, swim or cycle I get all my best and creative ideas... It really is amazing..also a great way to wind down from the stresses of life !!
    Bad news about the heel- hopefully it will 'heal' quickly - Sorry !!!!
    I suffere from Tendonitis in tyhe left knee (too much football!) Had to have a steroid jab on Monday - agony !!!!

    Warm Wishes as always Peter x e

  10. Oh, jag hade också problem med hälen förra året. Det var extra jobbigt, eftersom jag var mitt i en fotbollsturnering, och det kändes alldeles hemskt att spela med hälen. Var till en fysioterapeut med pappa och så sa han att vi skulle köpa saker som håller hälen på ett mjukt underlag så att det inte gör ont. Och jag har inte känt av det sedan dess! :)
    (Kanske det här var en onödig kommentar, men jag avskydde då jag hade ont i hälen, och jag känner ingen som skulle ha haft liknande..)

  11. Good morning!

    I cannot believe it's December...this year
    went fast! But we haven't got
    any snow yet in Ohio, so I'm crossing my
    fingers that that doesn't happen for awhile
    and that it doesn't stay long.
    Yes, everything looks beautiful in winter,
    but I cannot stand the cold...
    well the cold wind I can't stand.

    Wrll, I hope your new soles work,
    have a good time at the workout!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  12. Hi Dear!

    hope the pain is gone by now. and you had a good time while power walking :)
    maybe the weather will be better soon ;)

    to be honest, the weather over here sucks -.-

    Dear Anette:
    Enjoy your day
    take care^^

  13. I hope that you enjoy and that the pain in heel don't interfere in your walk ;-)
    Here in Brazil, where I live, is a little hot, after all it's summer in southern hemisphere =)
    I saw a joke that the actor Robin Williams has made about Brazil hosting the olympics. He said the U.S. took Michele and Oprah and Brazil took 50 stripers and a pound of drugs. It was funny, but for me that I'm Brazilian I think it was a little clumsy and inappropriate.
    So, for you that is not Brazilian, what do you think about this? What's your opinion about this joke?
    All the best for you, have a nice day
    hugs from Brazil =)

  14. Hello Anette!

    You know what, I went to sleep yesterday evening at 9 and I woke up at 11 in this morning! I slept 14 hours and I feel so good. I haven't been able to sleep now for couple of nights. But last night I slept really well. I feel soooo fresh now ;)
    The only stupid thing is that I have a test tomorrow in school and I simply can't focus to read into the test. I'm thinking other things right now school :( And I know this test is very difficult. How could I find my focus again?

  15. Hey dear Nettie! How are you today?? Oh...I am sooo dorry for the pain =(
    I hope that everything will be ok =)

    Have a nice day too



  16. Oh, the the winter is really here! Don't like at all the cold weather..

    That power walk sounds interesting. Could you tell it a little bit more on your next post? You got me curious! ;-)

    Hope you feel well and stay warm! :-)
    With love,

  17. Hi Anette, have a great day!
    Here in Brasil the summer is comming, it's getting really hot here...

    I like it, but sometimes the weather is too hot for me. I really preffer winter..

    Love you ;)

  18. Hey Anette!
    How are you now? Hope it doesn't still hurt that much and you had a nice walk!
    Wish you a very relaxing and nice evening!
    Hugs & Love
    Yours, Kim-Noêmia

  19. Hey Anette!
    Hope your foot feels better soon and the training goes great, and also, hope it gets a bit sunny over there soon. Have a wonderful night!

  20. Hi Anette!
    Sorry for the pain under your heel:(
    But talking about the pain... I faced my Biggest Fear and got into a magnetic resonance imaging tube to get to know what's wrong with my back, causing pain... Terrifying!!! I've the Biggest Claustrophobia ever, and I did it, thanks to You and NW music coming out from the ear phones. Loud :D (also a little credit to my husband, who sat there beside the tube, the whole HOUR which it took to lie there, holding tight on my toes =D ) But Thanks a lot and a Big Hug!

  21. You're a wonder woman, let's get married

  22. A wonderful woman like you have to marry a Brazilian HAHA