Monday, 3 January 2011

New years eve?

Hi there and good evening everyone!

Hope all is well this monday and that you all have had a great weekend.

I would love if you could tell me how you celebrated your new years eve and also if you have made any new year promises or goals?


  1. My husband and I watched the big fireworks with our son from our flat in Oulu. Then we put him to bed (he is 9 months old) and used our Raclette grill for the first time. We had an awesome meal and then watched Muumins together (husband and I still, it is kind of tradition :)) and a movie. And at midnight we opened a bottle of champagne and drank a glass.
    My goal is to eat healthier, join the gym and we want to have a second baby. :)

  2. Hi Anette, I celebrated the New Years like always, home with family but no big parties, my brother spent it in Brazil; lucky him.

    We have this tradition the comes from Spain, that we eat 12 grapes, we start eating them once there are only 12 seconds left to midnight, we eat one each second and I think you make a wish for each one, I don't remember because I never make a wish.

    This was was the first New Years eve we spent in the new house and the neighbors threw fireworks which was also nice and different from our normal boring celebration. I hope next year to go celebrate it at Time Square NY.

    I personally never make new year resolutions, I feel like they are waste because people hardly stick to them, including myself.

    Well Anette, have a lovely evening.

  3. Hi lovely Anette!
    New Year's Eve I spent with my family. We were on the ball. It was the greatest New Year's Eve in my life. The atmosphere was wonderful. I had a beautiful red-black dress.

    This year I decided that it crafted on my fitness.
    I'm not fat. I want to exercise for health.

    I'm sending hugs!!!

  4. Hello dear Nettie, how are you?? How are the boys?? I hope that everything is OK ;) ?
    I celebrated New Years eve with my friends. We went out first and then we came to my place and had loads of fun. We also watched Scary Movie 4. The party ended around 2 a.m.
    I hope you had a lovely time too :)
    I wish you a nice evening
    Big kiss to you and the boys


    Ena :*

  5. Hey Anette :)

    We where a toal of 9 people and we celebrated with some Johnny Movies :) Sweeney Todd, and Pirates 2 so to speak :)
    We had some nice glases of wine, and spoked about the entire year 2010....and yes...we did some drunken uno with rum and Vodka..very stupid, i know ;)
    But it was new years eve..and may thats ok to do some dumb tings ;)
    Then we went out...and celebrated on the street with neighbours :)
    But then i was dissapointed very a very important the new year started off with a bad mood...BUT! I wont let this kill my happiness :)

    Hope you feel awesome :)
    And your New years eve was wonderful :)
    Take very good care,
    Big huugs
    Love and Respect
    Chis :)

    By the way: How does Nemo feel with his brand new teeth? hOpe all is GOOOOOOd :)

  6. Good evening Anette,

    Well, as has been well with me, and I hope you’ve had a pleasant time today also. As for how I celebrated News Years, I must say that it wasn’t anything very exciting, but still quite peaceful and pleasant nonetheless. I simply spent it with a few family members, during which we stayed up until Midnight, toasted to News Years, relaxed and conversed for a bit, and then we all watched a movie together. So, nothing exciting, but I still appreciate the peaceful moments that we shared. As for any New Year promises, hmm…well, I don’t believe there is anything ‘new’, my promises were simply to continue to dedicate myself and to always strive for improvement in all possible ways :).

    This evening I have been listening to some Disturbed and reading an absolutely lovely book entitled a Cup of Comfort, which I can strongly recommend. There are several different types, some celebrating encouraging and strong accomplishments of women, others concerning lovely biblical stories, but they are simply beautiful written and peaceful books :). If you should have any interest, I can provide you some links on ebay where you can purchase them.

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your evening ^_^.

    Warm wishes,

  7. Oh yes ;)
    Goals? Indeed! Make my love happy with all my power, to share all the good and bad with her. and to make her life bright and shiny.

    Yes that a wanna be romatic view.
    But im gonna reach this goal :)

    Do you have any goals or so???? ;)

    L(ove) and R(espect)
    Chris :)^^

  8. Good evening dear,

    yes, i will tell you how i've spend my eve new year. I have been at home with my parents and their friends at dinner, nothing of special. I think that i told you in other post that in the next month i'm going to make a specialist visit to my sight and if it will gonna be ok i will going to make the operation to my eyes. For a moment i've found a job until may 31th and for me it's great thing. It were 2 years thet i did work anymore. Unfortately the factory where i've worked has failed twice and since that time i did no had fixed job anymore. :(

    Yesterday finally i went out with 2 friends and i really had a good time. :D

    One question: in Italy there is a big crisis to find one job. Is there also in Sweden?

    Have nice evening and thanks for asking us! Is always a pleaure to talk with you!

    Big hugs

  9. Hi Anette, I wish you have a really awesome year, and I hope to see you maybe this year or the next one on tour ;)
    I spend new year's eve with my family, we just stayed at home and did nothing special...the only different thing are the fireworks which we see but they are not even close, it's not fun. My uncles spend that night with us, they come from the north of the country, which is great because I get to be with my 5-year-old cousin/goddaughter, who I love very much :)
    As far as new year's resolutions, I don't really make them, but I would like to study abroad, and I want to do it this year, there is nothing that I would like more than that; seems to be a once in a lifetime experience which would turn me into a stronger and more independent person. I also have my prom and senior trip and I'm excited about that, we're going to Barcelona, seems nice :)

  10. I passed the New Year Eve with all my friends, dinner in my home and then we ate 12 lucky grapes, this is a spanish tradition , the clock strikes 12 strokes and you must eat one for stroke, then we went dancing,
    At the morning we went to take a breakfast here is very typical take hot chocolate and churros in the morning on Christmas day or New Year's Day, when you come to Spain you should taste are very yummy!
    New Year's Day all my family ate together and in the evening I returned for dinner with friends in a quiet and pleasant dinner.
    For this year I have not many wishes, I want only finish my studies and find a good job.

    Happy New Year Anette

  11. I didn't really celebrate New Years because my family is going through a tough time, and there is no hope that 2011 will be any better.

    I have made many resolutions this year, but the most important one is that I'm going to try to be braver. I let people walk all over me because I'm too much of a coward to do or say anything about it. Although I know I'm too scared to actually complete this goal.
    Anyway, I hope you and your family have the most beautiful and happy new year.

  12. Hey Anette.
    My mother and I didn't celebrate New Year's Eve. Just stayed at home, watched the fireworks outside and couldn't believe that a whole year had passed.
    I had a promise for the new year but I forgot it. So it was not very important, I think.
    Sorry for being boring.
    Have a nice evening and sleep well.

  13. my goals are :
    *finish my high school.
    *be better on piano (i think i'm a noob on it xD)
    *help ppl to teach them what i know.
    *and a lot of more things n.n

    and my NYeve was great, with a lot of fireworks,and i was eating a lot xD,

    hope ur night was great with your fammily & friends,wish you have a lot of success with NW & with ur solo album too :)

    domenik n.n

  14. Hello :)
    In France, we mainly celebrate it with friends in parties or in family watching a film or the fireworks, like in a lot of country i suppose.
    Goals... yeah, i have some but i'm sure i won't reach them^^ like running every week, study harder...x)But of course, i'll be able to reach some other like to be more helpfull at home... :)
    What about you?
    Have a wonderfull and happy new year !
    Best wishes to you, your family and the boys :)

  15. Hi Anette !!

    Hope you had a great day =)

    I spent new years eve with my family and grand-parents in the north of France, with a lot of snow, it was wonderful !! ( i had a white Christmas too ! =D ). We had a very good dinner and we were so happy to celebrate it altogether =) Unfortunately, it's the second year that i don't spend Christmas and new years eve with my bf but we are still young and i'm sure one year we'll celebrate together and it will be nice =)

    My new year promises is to continue not bite my nails ! ;) I love rings and i finally have feminine hands =)

    Wish you a good evening and good night with sweet dreams =)
    And everybody's ok =)

    Lots of hugs !

  16. Good evening Anette! :D

    I celebrated with family as usual :) Since I'm Russian, but currently living in Paris, I try to stick to what we would be doing in Russia (New Years is always a time of nostalgia). Thankfully we have Russian tv channels here, and so every New Year we watch a Russian New Year's eve program that lasts for about 4 hours, and is just a collection of random skits, concerts, and comedy :D Then just eating, a little champagne, your usual New Year's stuff :) And of course, watching fireworks!

    As for goals/resolutions.. I set pretty much the same ones every year, this year they are: to exercise more, write more, be a little more hardworking and outgoing :)

    That was longer than I thought it would be, ah well I guess :)

    Anyway, hope you had a great weekend and enjoy your evening!


  17. good 2011 for you Anette!

  18. We played video games and particularly Just Dance! on Wii :P Much fun!!

  19. I celebrated my New Years Eve at my little village without my family (since mum went on a trip).

    Even though I was sick, I still went out to this "Nissetoget". It's not a Norwegian tradition, but it has been in my village for many generations already. As far as I know, this tradition is only in my village here in Northern Norway at least.

    Well, the thing is that all the "nisse" (there really isn't a good word for that in English, is there) walked two km's or more before dancing around the fire. Though, us not in costumes follow them and it's very popular by the kids like myself to throw snowballs and tease them so they get angry and throw us into the snow or hit us with sticks. I was thrown into the snow twice. xD

    But that was definitely not good for someone as sick as me, and I had to stay inside for the fireworks. Not that it mattered; the weather had gotten worse, so there really wasn't much.

    As for my goals in 2011, they are a bit personal, except for one, and that is to cook some more to myself, since I live by myself. I need to eat healthy so I can pursue my dream!

    Godt nytt år, Anette!!

  20. Hey Nette, how are you?

    Well, I am here in England as an exchange student. So my New Year's Eve was diferent from the eve that I am used to have in Brazil.
    We ate some cheese and ham, drinking some wine or just coke. And then I went with my friends to see the fireworks at the harbour of my city.
    But yes, I wish I had passed with my family. :(

    And I promised myself to be more positive, to be stronger. And I am going to be happier this year, for sure.

    And you? How did you celebrate the New Year's Eve?

  21. Hi Anette

    Happy New Year's to you, Johan, Seth n' Nemo (and the kitties!)! I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you!

    I spent New Year's Eve with my partner's family. His sister is turning 50 tomorrow, so the NY Eve party kind of doubled up as a birthday party. It was an absolutely hilarious time, and I discovered a new tradition! In many celtic countries, and in the north of England (which has strong celtic ties courtesy of the monks and proximity to Scotland), men see the New Year in. Just before midnight, the men all leave the house, and then after midnight, they come in for a hug and a kiss (on the cheek for everyone but your own man, of course!) from every woman there. One man will have coal, another will be carrying a piece of bread.

    What was really lovely was after midnight; my partner's brother-in-law plays the bagpipes, and turned up with his parents to play Auld Lang Syne, followed by another song the birthday girl loves and had requested. It was so gorgeous - tears in my eyes!

    I have made loads of resolutions as always: to play my piano more, work harder at my masters, lose weight, be a better partner, stay in touch with my family more...

    Anna xx

  22. Good evening Anette,
    Well, New year eve was so chaotic. I celebrated it with a lot of friends and we were celebrating all night long :). Unfortunately, my good friend was drinking too much so I must be with her, took care about her, so it ruined my good mood little bit... I have many new year promises, mainly about school achievements like every year :)
    P.S. I'm Czech and we called New year evening as "Silvestr" cause in our calendar, name Silvestr has name day at 31.12. :-) but we called this time as New year also :-)

  23. I spent New Years Eve at my friend's house in a village and 3 other close friends were there. Was very cool. :D We listened to lots of music (very loudly!) and then suddenly realized it was nearly midnight! We were bouncing around the living room and it was really good fun! Of course, we had to mellow down after by listening to Meadows of Heaven. ;)

    At 2, the neighbours had amazing fireworks! And we had a massive sing-along in the garden. Was a good night.

    As for goals, I think I'll just try and enjoy myself as much as I can and not to let some more negative friends drag me down...which will be hard. But I think I'll feel better for doing it!

    Have a good 2011 Anette. I reckon it will be a good one! Best wishes, Ryan.

  24. Hey Anette!

    As for me, I had a very simple New Year Eve with my mom and dad, first we went to the cinema watching "Little Fockers" (2nd sequel to "Meet th Fockers") which was pretty stupid but undoubtfuly hilarious XD then we went back home and had a pleasant dinner and champagne until 12 am, then I had some chat on Skype with my bf who stayed home with his own family for the holidays.

    I didn't take some resolutions either, except for early january : having a good diet and going swimming at the pool! :D



  25. Hi Anette!
    I was at home,with my boyfriend.It was really good,because we made a lot of plans for the future.We decided to go to England,because in Hungary our chanses are really hard.We have a band,a symphonyc metal band.It's the most beautiful thing in my life and I never want to do anything else,just...sing.It's so irresponsible and hard to make a life just in one way,but I can't express what I feel,when I hear or make music.I've been learning to sing for 12 years at school and for 3 years at a professional singing school.So I'm sorry to speak about another topic,so back to the New Year we decided to go to England to try to make our carrier there.I don't know....I've ever believed that It's really possile....what do you think?Wonder is exist,isn't it?:)

  26. Hi, Anette!
    Well, I had a very traditional celebration of The New Year - with my family around the table, with much of tasty food and lots of fun! ^_^ And when the clock showed midnight, we ran by the windows to watch some great fireworks =) I must say, that New Year is my the most favorite holiday, I love it even more than my Birthday!
    And here you can see my Christmas Tree ;-) -->
    Enjoy your day, dear Nettie! ^_^

  27. Hi Anette!!
    I wish you a very happy new year!! may 2011 be a wonderful year to you and your loves ones, full of joy, laugh, happiness, wonderful people and wonderful things!!! <3
    I did a HUGE party with family and friends because it was my bday at the same time!! yep! I was born on December 31st hehe! so we had so much fun, have been dancing like crazy until early in the morning!!! =DD
    I have some goals : Push myself a bit harder in my studies (tend to study too little that what I should xDD), have a healthier life style : eat good things, don't sleep that late, and go to the gym room more often (not so easy when you are a student! :p), and uuuh... to not leave guys with who I date too easily, like I tend to do.. :DD haha!
    That's the only things that come to my mind right now.. maybe there are other things... :))anyway!
    Have a wonderful night! big hugs to you and lots of happiness to you and all your family <3

  28. Hey Anette!

    I spent a small amount of the evening with some university friends, then went home and cleaned for the 7 kittens I am fostering!

    My goals are to join the gym to try to lose some of the weight I put on in the years following highschool by joining a gym, and to work really hard since I reauditioned for music performance at university and I got in! Yay!

    I'm interested to hear what your goals/resolutions are.

    I hope this year is a wonderful year for you!

  29. My husband had to work, so my best friend and I spent the evening playing chutes and ladders with the kids, drinking sparkling cyder, and watching True Blood after the kids went to bed. Most exciting New Years Eve party ever! haha :) oh and btw, thanks for getting me hooked on Jay Smith :D

  30. Hi Anette =)

    I spent my new years on my boyfriends house :3
    And also i've made many promises for this year ^^

    And you ?
    Hope you had fun : D


  31. My promisse is: Next year, i'm gonna love you more than i already do.

  32. Hello Anette !!
    Well some days after Christmas,i went to vacations with my best friend and her father.In New year's eve we were together,laughting,celebrating and all of that stuff...In new year we had a good day and at night we went to the restaurant and everyone start dancing in the restaurant and we all sing,dance,talk with everyone !! I meet many people !! At midnight they put the fireworks,it was great. We sing in the karaoke too !! When we arrived home we were sooo happy,the party was great :D
    Well,thats it xD
    But now party is over,today my school start and it will be a very long time of school :S
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  33. Hi Anette!
    I celebrated with my friends. We were playing cards, listening to Nightwish and watching Moomins ;) Also my friend's cousine played some guitar and sang songs she made, that was so funny :D While watching "End Of an Era" gig, my friend's grandmother said "I like this music!" haha :D
    My new year promises are: to be better at school, play more guitar and convince my parents to buy a dog. Hope I will see the results soon ;)
    Sleep well

    Hugs to you and boys

  34. Hi Anette!
    Happy New Year! My New Year's Eve was quiet. I had some sushi, open a large bottle of wine and watched a couple of movies. Very relaxing...I tried to stay up until midnight...
    As for my 2011 goals...I want to spend as much time as I can with the Wolves and paint what influences me, from the heart. We had a lot of loss last year at the sanctuary and painting will help me heal. I also want to do more outdoor activity, like snowshoeing and hiking.
    I'm looking forward to a great year...which it will be because of Nightwishs' new cd!!! :)
    Hope you have a great night!

    Take care!!!!

  35. I had quite the New Years night. New Years eve I had to work, which was actually quite exhausting to be honest. I was so friggen busy, not to mention I was working by myself by the afternoon. I was so glad when I got out.

    So later that night, I got ready and spent time with my cousin. I kinda felt bad becuase I had some plans to hang out with some friends. But I made some time to hang out with him before hand. I went out eventually and went to the bar. Had myself a couple drinks before the ball dropped, starting the new year. Did the whole happy new year stuff. THEN my friends and I wished my friend Angela a happy birthday. Yes she is a New Years baby lol. Of course we drank somemore. Of course I was the one that got smashed. But hey, I had fun. Passed out at a friend's house.

    New Years day.... Was a day of recovery lol. Anyway, I hope you had a good New Years.

  36. As for New years resolutions. I made a goal to try to quit smoking lol

  37. I celebrated New Year with my father, mother and my grandfather, who had come to our house. There we played some games, and watched a funny Dutch tv show on tv. Once it was twelve o'clock here I've gone outside to watch the fireworks with my father and mother, while I and my father fired off some arrows ourselves. I've never been font of the noisy fireworks!

    While watching the tv show I also had MSN on, where I was chatting with Carol and some other nice people from the community, while also listening to some Nightwish (after the show had ended). It has been the last music I've heard in 2010, and the first I have heard in 2011! Any better way to start your year than with Nightwish music, while your friends around the world are also sort of with you? It has definitely been one of my best New Years!

    This year be a very exciting year, for you and the Nightwish family, but also for us fans! Let it may become a good year for everybody!

    Greetings from Rebecca

  38. Hi Anette

    I celebrated my new years eve in Helsinki with my host family, looking at the end-years concert at the Senate square. It was very nice :D
    My goals for 2011 are to learn to speak Finnish better, also because that would make communication with my host parents much easier. I also want to learn how to snowboard, I've had one lesson so far and it's so hard! And most important to finnish this exchange year succesfully and also I hope to make a good start when I go back to my old school in the Netherlands next schoolyear.

    Take care


  39. Hi Anette. :)

    I didn't really do anything to celebrate New Years. My family didn't do anything, and seeing as how I'm 15, I couldn't really go out and party or do anything too exciting on New Years. :/

    As far as my goals for the new year...I haven't actually sat down to think about it. But now that you mention it, I'm really starting to think about that. I definitely want to improve with my singing, art, and photography. Those are the things that I love to do, especially singing. I'd like to get past my fear of singing in front of others and just become stronger in that area. :) I also REALLY want to learn to play the piano. I've wanted to do that for so long, so hopefully this year I'll be able to. I also have some personal struggles that I've been dealing with off and on throughout the last couple of years. (I would say what they are, but I'm not really comfortable with everyone else reading it). But there are some things (one in particular) that has just come back into my life this year and I'm trying to get past it alone... It's really difficult, and some days are certainly worse than others. But I'm being forced to get past it with little help. So this year, I hope to get past that and hopefully be happier once it's over. And I hope more than anything that it doesn't come back into my life again.
    So yeah, those are my top goals for this year. Sorry if it seems like I'm ranting on and on. You just really got me thinking. :P

    Oh and also, I sent a letter to you that should have went out December 27. I live in Texas, so...I'm not sure how long it takes for a letter to get from Texas to Sweden. :P So if you get a letter from someone named Lauren who's from Texas, it's me. :) Let me know once you've gotten it, please. :)

    Best wishes,


  40. Happy New Year to your family from mine!

    My family and I have a tradition. My sister, her husband, their two children and my mother come over to my husband and I's house and we play games and have snacks and food until the New Year. We drink champange (Cider for the kiddies) at the stroke of midnight! This year, as a surprise, my husband got me Finlandia Vodka to make celebration cocktails in honor of my favorite bands' home country.

  41. Anette,

    Love that firework pic! So beautiful!

    To answer your question, I spent New Year's Eve with my mom, sister, brother-in-law and their two girls and baby boy. We played a couple of kids games (Cat in the Hat game and Rudolph DVD game) with the oldest girl (who's 4) and then once the youngins were in bed (minus the lil dude), we played Goth (board game of horror trivia. So fun!)

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful New Years! :D

    Take care,

  42. Hi Anette!

    I spent it on the computer and listening to music XD So just relaxing........

    Hope that you and your family are doing well!

    Those updates on your newborn son are adorable!!

    Can't wait for the new Nightwish album and I am keen to know what you solo will sound like!

    All my love......xoxoxo

  43. Hi Anette,

    I celebrated the new year with my son relaxed at my apartment watching Disney movies and checking our local channel for the ball drop in New York City when it was time for the count down. Since all my family live in the islands, I called them when it was midnight down there. Even though we are separated from each other we maintain ourselves very close as a family or you might say a legendary wolfpack. Had a little champagne and waited till the clock turned 12. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


    Bright blessings to you all
    Hugs Zulma :-)

  44. hi Anette...for new years i went to the beach with my sister and her kids. we drank a little and screamed like freaks since its the one time you can act like a complete idiot and not be judged, lol. the fireworks were beautiful. the beach was completely packed out, we could hardly walk. and on the way there it felt like new york in those movies, the streets completely full of people. it was pretty fun.
    ps. i found it quite flattering that youre asking us what we did. `:)take care.

  45. oh, and goals...i have so many....i want to finish up my high school electives, continue learning the keyboard, be a better person in general, and so many more that are kind of personal....

  46. I spent New Years with my kids, parents, and girlfriend at my house. We also celebrated my sons Birthday which was nice. I had to go back to work today after having the whole week off so I am pretty tired and getting ready for bed. My birthday is tomorrow, turning 39. Have a great day tomorrow.

  47. Hey Anette! i find a pic of you pretty lovely!!! You look gorgeous!!!! and I haven't seen that corset before...LOVELY! :)
    Have a lovely day :D

  48. well, i personally am trying to just be a little more thankful this year, and i've always wanted to say this to you, and i'm sure you've heard it before, but:
    thank you. thank you so much for inspiring so many people to be themselves, and i want you to know that you have become such a huge role model in that you were not afraid to be just who you are on stage and to grow from that, instead of imitating somebody your not. So thats the end of my speech. happy 2011 and can't wait to hear more from you n the guys

    ps my bad if that posted like a million times. went crazy with the post button.

  49. Hi dear Anette! well, I celebrated the in my aunt's house with all family, we had a delicious dinner :D, after when I arrived at home I listened a lot of music. And well, I have some goals for this year for example, I want to have a boyfriend ( a cute boyfriend hahaha), finish my thesis project and happy :D

    That's all ( I hope to have more goals and projects on the year) and you? :D

    Have a nice day/night

  50. Hi Anette, I have already half explained my New Year's Eve celebrations; I met up with my friends and we went for a night out around the town where I live. It was so lovely to see them all again as I hadn't seen many of them since September as I have been in London!

    I have made New Year's resolutions / goals to:

    1. Get my driving liscence (I am half way there!).

    2. Make a big effort to eat really healthy and do daily exercise to get into good shape and fitness, =).

    Have you made any New Year's resolutions or goals?

    Have a lovely Tuesday! Take care,

  51. Hi anette!!
    hope you are having a nice time and also that you had a nice celebration time with your loved ones =)

    Well, this time I spend new year at my house and really didn't do something special, because my mom is sick, she's got cancer so it was really hard to know if she was going to be good enough to do something, in fact she fell asleep early because she felt very tired. So I stayed up and watched some fireworks from the livingroom's window. Beautiful spectacle I must say.
    I mainly wishedd for my mom to recover her health. I have faith that she will be ok =) and for strengh to be able to keep on smiling and not giving up upon hard times. =)

    (I'd really apreciate if you do not publish this post please.)

    Take care!!

  52. Hi Anette!

    For my New Year's Eve my boyfriend and I made a really nice dinner together. We roasted some butternut squash and dried cranberries in olive oil/salt/pepper, then served it with a honey mustard dressing over spinach salad. After that we had lemon butter fish with a creamy garlic and mushroom rice risotto, and we also had a French baguette and chocolate covered strawberries. The table was set really nice with candles and we made a little menu for it. =P

    After we made dinner we went over to his parents house and watched the ball drop in Times Square (NYC)and called our family to wish them a happy new year.

    New Years is kind of our special holiday, as we're both not very religious and appreciate how the entire world is united for just that one evening, and we're passionate about renewing our lives and moving forward with energy.

    Hope yours was awesome. <3

    - Irena

  53. Oh! And my resolution is to stick with my fitness routine and lose another ten pounds by this time next year. Also to be the best version of "me" I can be!

  54. Good morning Anette:)
    I spent my New Years Eve at work. And also nothing new in the way of a new resolution,
    every New Year I stay with the same one I made a long time ago.
    Have you got one for the New Year?

    lots of love

  55. Hi Anette,

    Me and my huspand celebrated the New Years eve with our friends in countryside. Had some drinks, threw fireworks from the cabins roof and have nice time together. 3 of us stayed up to 6am. I was feeling good even too I slept only few ours and get up after that.

    I made one new year promise. I will see more often my friends and contact friends that haven´t seen for many years.

    I also will take better care of myself, physical and mental sides.

    Good started year fo you and your family. Can´t wait what special things this year will bring to all of us!

  56. I celebrate my new year eve with my friends, it was really a nice evening-night. We ate a lot of french food and drunk champagne... We spent the night to sing and to speak together !
    And I haven't made any promise, I just hope that I will have my bachelor and go in Master in October... And you, have you made any new year promise or goal ?
    Hugs !

  57. Hej Anette!

    In new year's eve me, my sister and her bf shot some fireworks. Well, I didn't shoot anything but my sister's bf shot them. Then we went to my sister's house and just drank and ate chips in there. We didn't drink alcohol :P

    When it was almost 12, me and my sister went to the centre of the city to watch the big fireworks show. So we did nothing so special :)

    I made a promise. I will continue excercising regularly. Although I haven't excercised yet in this year... :D

  58. Hej Anette!

    In new year's eve me, my sister and her bf shot some fireworks. Well, I didn't shoot anything but my sister's bf shot them. Then we went to my sister's house and just drank and ate chips in there. We didn't drink alcohol :P

    When it was almost 12, me and my sister went to the centre of the city to watch the big fireworks show. So we did nothing so special :)

    I made a promise. I will continue excercising regularly. Although I haven't excercised yet in this year... :D

  59. Hi Anette! How are you and kids? ;)
    I spent New year eve like every year with my friends! It's was really good! We were in one cafe called Xanadu and later went to disco but at the beginning there was a terrible music! :/ So, we purposely moved to stage and danced and laughed :D It was so fun! I and my brother (we are twins) came home around 5:30! Hehehe! When we was walking home some dog followed us, and so, he is still in my yard and he doesn't want to go! But he is not dangerous! :/
    Other day, on Saturday, I had lunch with my family!
    I usually don't have new years promises, just to have very good score in the school and something like that! :)
    Have a nice day and take care!

  60. Hej,
    Jag och en kompis firande nyår med att äta tacos och spela Monopol. Inget speciellt direkt, men vi hade det väldigt trevligt. Vid tolvslaget gick vi upp på ett berg i närheten av där jag bor och tittade på fyrverkerier över hela stan. Och smällde även några få själva. Enda löftet vi hade är att vi ska vandra i Lappland tillsammans i sommar :) Sen har jag ett litet löfte (inte direkt nyårslöfte dock) till mig själv också, att jag ska få jobb och flytta till Norge någon gång under året.
    Hoppas allt är bra med dig!

  61. We always watch "Dinner for one" on tv. It's quite a tradition in Germany, though it's in english.

    After that we met with friends, had Raclette and Champagne and played poker.

  62. Hi Anette :)

    I celebrated it at home with my parents and sister.. I wanted to go to my friends house but mum didn't let me go cause she doesn't know her parents and she lives in other city. We watched fireworks, and some show on TV that is always on New Year's Eve. it was boring as hell -.- But then I went on Facebook and chatted with my friends (who was also at home) till 6 am. :)

    I made some decisions like: I will do some exercises every day like past year and I will study more (yeah right) and yeah.. I'll find myself a normal guy XD

    Kisses and hugs from Croatia :)

  63. Hi Anette!

    I had a quiet New Years with my family, watching TV. I like to spend time with my family, and it's nice to have a quiet start to a year. :)
    As for my goals for the year, I've made the cliché lose weight resolution, but also to be more understanding of others, and to make new friends. :)

    Love and hugs for the new year!

  64. I spend new year's eve with the friends I made this year in the Belgian Nightwish fanclub. Nightwish connecting people ;)

  65. Hi Anette :)

    I celebrated with my best girlfriend.
    We didn´t do anything special because we didn´t want to spend any money.

    People are burning their money to heaven and in the rest of the world children are starving because they have no food..That´s why: spent no money, had no big party. But it was very funny, too.

    Decisions? Just that I want to start to eat more because I am deeple underweight

  66. Hello Anette!!!! I celebrated my NY at home with my family.In my country Ny is more important than Xmas.We had dinner,at 0.00 listenad to our President and opeded bubbles))) then my parents weer looking to the TV programme,brother visited his friends, and I was watching the concert from our city council. A nice singer Kirill Turichenko was singing.We graduated from the same University.
    If you like here's one of his songs

  67. Hi there Anette!;)

    Well,I spent my New Year's Eve with my family and I'm not regret it I hate big parties so I was very happy and I have fun!My little family talking about different things,old times,music and so on-it is the thing I really love:D
    Oh,and my promise is to not promise anymore cause I often forget about my promises after about a week :P That's awful I know!

    I hope you had also great New Year's Eve,dear Anette and I wish you all the best in new year-2011!:D

    Hugs and kisses from Poland!

  68. Hey Anette,
    I had a good new years weekend! Had a couple of friends over and I cooked for them...they were shocked because I am typical single guy and never cook. And amazingly no one had to go to the hospital afterwards for food poisoning, so I'd say all in all it was a successful new years, haha!

    No resolutions for me, just hope to keep finding time to continue my running and coach soccer, I've been so blessed that I've been able to do that. And also big wishes that my 9 year old daughter continues to do well in school and enjoy her cheerleading. I see her as often as I can. By the way, she loves the song Amaranth, although I am not allowed to tell her friends that or put it on her ipod, because it's not "cool" to like euro metal yet I guess. ;)

    Cheers from Denver!

  69. Hi Anette!

    My New Year's eve was like this: my mum didn't cook dinner this year, we ordered it in a new store which opened 2 months ago in my town, so decided to try something new this year. Okay so... my dad, my brother and I went at 8 pm to pick it up. We started dinning at 10 pm with my grandad and my 2 grandmums and we watched a sitcom show in the main TV chanel until it was time to prepare for the new year.

    Do you know what tradition we have here in Spain? We prepare 12 grapes in a little plate, each one of them symbolizes each one of the remaining seconds of the year to pass. We eat them at the rythm of the bell ringing (pam...1st grape...pam...2nd grape..., yes, we gotta be fast!). That bell is at the very center of Madrid, each TV has a camera broadcasting that bell above the clock in Puerta del Sol.

    So... when we ate the last grape, we all shouted with joy: FELIZ AÑO NUEVO 2011!!! (HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011) And we hugged each other wishing the best for the new year.

    And an hour later, I went out to the street with one of my best friends and we hanged out with some of his highschool friends. I had a really fun time, we were at a disco where they played songs that we danced (a remix of Gaga's Telephone, some of Rihanna, etc). We looked ridiculous but we were laughing and being happy. And finally, we all went to one the boy's house (his parents were far from there, partying too!) and started to play with the Play Station 3 and watching funny videos in YouTube. I couldn't laugh any longer!

    So, what time did I go to bed...?
    7.40 a.m ..... if I had waited a few more minutes, I would have seen the sun rising. I only slept 4 or 5 hours 'cause I had to get up soon for the family's New Year's lunch.

    I seriously want to repeat it next year. And I didn't drink alcohol at all (I don't like it too much), just a Coke :)

    Big hugs and best wishes

  70. Oh I forgot to tell you about my promise for the new year: Study, study, study. I need to pass my tests with good marks to go on with my college career, so that's all I need this year ^^

  71. Hi!

    For christmas Eve and day, I was alone. My boyfriend has his family at home. For New year' eve and day too. He worked the eve. He is a DJ.

    Good evening.


  72. Hi Anette,

    I am very new to your blog, (actually to any blogs)just discovered it at the end of December. First I just read some of the entries which had exciting titles, but since I found all of them very interesting I decided to read through all from the beginning. And I have to tell you that I really enjoy reading them! :) You seems to be a very open and honest person and I like that very much. I am reading now September 2009 and am in advance afraid that it will come to present time too soon. It is like reading a good book that you do not want to come to an end since you are having so much fun in the process of reading. OK, luckily not exactly the same as you are still writing this… and please, please keep this ‘good habit’! :)
    With regards to New Year’s Eve… I spent the night at home alone with my son (2,5 y). It was not an easy decision as I was invited by one of my friends to a ‘rocky’ party at their place and I really in need of such kind of programs nowadays, but I was sooo tired and in need of having quality time with my little son as well… So I stayed at home. And I did not regret it! First we went to see my parents and my brother’s family then went home and started to cooking. We prepared a pie with broccoli and ham filling based on your receipt from early December and we liked it very-very much! Also it is always fun to cook with my son since we very rarely have time for it. After that we watched some Tom the Tractor and The Smurfs and at midnight we clinked our glasses filled with elderberry syrup and watched the fireworks from the window. It was a nice quiet night, and it could not have been better. :)

    I wish you, your family and the others from Nightwish a very happy and successful year! I am excitedly looking forward to hearing from you and the band in 2011!

  73. Hello Anette!
    For New Years my daughter and I went to a friend's house for a little party, we both had a lot of fun dancing, singing and laughing with friends. :)
    I have a few goals for this year - I'd like to get good grades in the music course I'm studying, I'd like to practice piano more often, I'd like to do some more art and photography and finally I'd like to lose a little weight!
    I wish you all the best for this year!
    Kath xx

  74. I was supposed to have a night in with my boyfriend, but unfortunately he got the flu so I ended up going to a party with my parents, which was surprisingly good bearing in mind it was a last minute thing.

    It might've been because 2009 was possibly the best year of my life, but I had a really bad time in 2010. Nothing in particular happened, but I was just constantly stressed and lonely at times, so my main goal for 2011 is to look at life more positively. I also need to work harder because I'm going to university this year, and eat more healthily because I get massive crashing sugar lows!

    Happy new year, hope 2011 is great for you and I can't wait for the new Nightwish album!

    Best wishes

  75. i went to my friends house for a few hours and played some guitar hero she made me dance i looked like a complete idiot lol and then we went and watched some fire works it was freaky coz they make me feel sick i didnt like them but i had a fairly good night