Wednesday, 12 September 2012

And I'm off..

...with the cab to Denmark and the airport! Very tired, horrible headache after to little sleep due to Nemo throwing up all over the bed room again at 1;-( poor baby! Horrible to leave him for so long!

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  1. I hope you get some sleep on the plane. Hugs and love. It must be hard to leave your kids. See you soon :-)

  2. Oh :( Be brave Anette, I'm sure Johan will take very good care of him :)

  3. Have a safe trip to the USA!
    Courage Anette!
    You're the best! Hope you will feel better in the evening.
    My fingers crossed for you!!!
    Best wishes

  4. Thank you for your sacrifices for those of us so far away. I hope you all feel better soon. I'm sorry Nemo won't be with you, and I hope the US and Canadian fans give you some cheer.

  5. Awe darn... I hope you don't feel nauseous on stage :( Hopefully you'll get some rest on the plane.

    Try to relax. Stress only weakens your immune system against your stomach flu. Everything's going to be fine! People get stomach flu's all the time. Think positively :)

    Good luck Anette! I know you'll be amazing in Atlanta :D

  6. Hei Nettie
    Good travel :)
    I'am Happy you're better <3
    Love <3

  7. Oh Anette, will be ok, you see... :(

    I know what feel, This year I will not be seeing daughter too often,by the studies, I have terrible plan, activities are from morning until late evening :(

  8. You will be fine Anette and your son too!!! Take care as much as you can and relax!!!

    I will be more than happy to see you next Wednesday in Montreal and I am sure at that time, everyting will be ok for you as well as for Nemo and your family!!

    Luy ya and a big hug just for you dear

  9. Oh I just read what happened to you and your boys ! I had a stomach flu last week too... But it was quick, I was sick only two days, but I really understand that it's not fun !
    Good luck for the jet lag ;) It's easier in this way !

  10. Remember that we always thank God that we have received wonderful things and you to have a job that can be fun and very well paid to support their children! wonderful people and certainly will be taking care of them;-) Your fans await you happy! We love you!

  11. Hope you feel better! Can't wait to see you perform in Costa Rica on december 3th!!
    my best wishes :D

  12. Oh No...Hope you guys feel better... take good care and rest...

  13. Anette, you were absolutely fantastic in Wednesday's show! So much energy to have just recently come off a plane trip. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And, welcome to Atlanta! :)

  14. Anette, I have seen some of your live videos on YouTube from the new tour. You have grown into your role as lead vocalist in Nightwish so well! I am so impressed with your growth and I am very excited to see you in San Fransisco in October! You fit Nightwish like glue and I'm very happy! You should be very proud of your long journey!! We all love you :) <3

  15. Dear Nettie, how are you?
    Hope you are better today!
    Good luck!
    Lots of love,

  16. Dear Anette, just checked some videos from your last night's performance at ProgPower and wanted to tell you, you look and sound absolutely beautiful! I wonder where you gain so much strength from to act like this on stage, when you lately had not easy days! Admire you a lot!
    Keep up the good work!
    Greetings from Bulgaria,