Thursday, 6 September 2012

My time

Having some hours by myself to get stuff for the tour;-)

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  1. Hello Nettie :D
    Enjoy these last moments before resuming the road!
    Have a good Day :)

    With Love

  2. Love this photo with you. Have a nice shopping in Stockholm!!!!!

  3. Hi my dear!
    I just love this photo! :)
    I wish you a wonderful tour, hope you'll be fine even if you dont have your family with you! Time flies so fast so im sure youll be okay! I cant wait to see you in UK! Ill travel from france and then rent a car so I can come to every UK shows! I already booked my plane tickets and my shows tickets! Its gonna be awesome!
    And i have a question, is there a lot of people who recognize you when you go shopping in town? Every time you post a photo of you walking in te street i wonder "do they recognize her"?
    Hope you'll reply ;)!!
    Love and hugs!!!!

  4. Anette,

    I don't know if you remember me, it has been awhile since I posted to your blog. I was the Dad who left you a message about my daughter having you as a role model and most stars in the US cause so much trouble... Anyway.. My daughter and I will be at the concert at Royal Oak Michigan on September 23'rd. She is so excited and I love your music. We will be in the first row on the balcony, I wish you guys were having a meet and greet in Michigan that would have been great. Anyway, good luck. If you guys have any certain foods you like, let me know and I will send you a list of resturants in the area? If you guys need any information or places to want see, let me know.

  5. Enjoy your personal time!
    You look amazing! =)
    With love

  6. Did you hear Steve Harris said in an interview that he loves the last Nightwish album and, specially, your voice? =)

  7. with all respect you look beautiful, excellent photo.

  8. Dear Anette,
    i came back to write, it's a long time that i didn't do that. Nice pic as always!