Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tonight I have seen...

...the Imaginaerum movie for the very first time, people;=)

And I can just say that I really liked it! I cried in the end (yeah, sensitive as I am;=) and it was just amazing to see it all finally finished.

I also want to thank everyone who came to Philadelphia and Worchester shows;=) Great audiences in both gigs! I hope you all had a nice evening;=)

Now its time to sleep cause I am sooo tired!

See ya all here in Montreal tomorrow night!


  1. I did have a WONDERFUL time!!

    I can't wait for this film. I hope it comes to the US on DVD at least.

    Are you enjoying the US/Canada so far?

    <3 Lauren

  2. YOUPPI!!! You are here finally here!!! Can't wait to see you and the guys 23 hours... Yes I know I am counting ;-p

    Really happy that you have enjoyed the movie and don't be sorry to be that sensitive, you were touched and proud :) and I will probably feel just like you when I will have the chance to see it! :D

    Sweet dreams and see you tomorrow on stage!


  3. Thank you! ^o^ Philly was incredible! I had vip so I got a spot front row center for what was quite possibly the best concert of my life! I took tons of photos there too - this is my favorite of you:
    It's just a shame I couldn't snag Jukka out back to get my poster signed. T_T I got everyone but him, even Emppu. (Yeah, that cute kid who came down to him by the bus? She was an agent sent by a few of us (including her parents, of course.) We figured even the ever timid Emppu wouldn't flee in terror of a cute little girl. XD Turns out we were right.) I made some friends in the crowd too, it was a wonderful night. I'll never forget it. Thank you all so much! I hope you can come back soon. ^_^

  4. Hello Anette,

    It's wonderful to hear that you've finally been able to see the movie and that you enjoyed it so much ^_^. You have all put so much hard work towards it, it must be so rewarding to see it finished. I will look forward to seeing it myself when the time comes.

    I am so glad to hear that the North American tour is going well for you all so far. I hope you all continue to have fun and that all of the shows go smoothly :).

    I attended your show in Philadelphia, and well, what can I say? It was simply amazing. You all gave such a wonderful performance and I had one of the nights of my life :). So, thank you and the boys so much for that night. I hope you had as much fun as we in the audience did.

    I was able to meet you and most of the boys after the show, which was so nice and I enjoyed meeting all of you. You were so sweet and lovely and even more gorgeous in person. It was so kind of you all to take the time to see us; I'm sure you must have been tired after the spectacular show you put on.

    Well, anyway, I have so many good memories to keep from that night and I hope to see you live at least one more time during your North American Tour.

    Much love and support to you all!


  5. Have a great night Anette! See you in Montreal tomorrow!!

  6. thanks for a great Philly show, Anette! And thanks for the picture after the show, it was so nice of you to do that. I had promised myself that if I ever met you I would ask about some good sites to see in Sweden, since my wife and I will be vacationing there next year. But, all I managed to say was "good show, good show." :)

    After you finished my picture, you left to go back to the bus and said you needed to rest your voice, but before you had a chance to go some others called over, and you were like "oh, im sorry, did I miss you guys?" It was so sweet. I honestly couldn't believe how much time you dedicated to us fans. Thank you so much!!!!

  7. I want to see the movie but I expect Imaginaerun which will premiere in November in Peru, I'm sure it will be a great success. :D
    Have a nice day!! :)))

  8. Oh..Anette, I so envy you...:-) Great! I'm sure that Imaginaerum will be my most favourite movie. Can't wait to watch it, too =)

  9. Thank you for the amazing Philadelphia show. Nightwish is one of the best live bands and you are one of the best live singers I have seen. And I got to meet Marco after the show, which just made the night better. Have seen you guys twice and am awaiting your return to Philadelphia.

    I don't know if you can answer this but; Are you aware of any international release plans for the movie? or is it just going to be released in Finland?

    And again, thank you for the wonderful evening.

  10. oh my god! I am soooo jealously!

    Wanna see it, too. Do you or the Band know in which yountryies the movie comes into the cinemas? Or ist it just in Finnland?

  11. I am so jealous! My mom doesn't want me to see the movie, because she looked it up, on Wikipedia, and it said something like: "it's not a children's movie" so now my mom is like; "no. You don't get to see that movie."
    so.... does it come out on a DVD or something? It'd be nice... ^_^

    Take care,
    Lots of love,
    Elize, Holland

  12. Hi Anette!

    Oh my God, I need to watch too! Please, help this soul!!!!
    I just can't wait more T.T
    Tell Tuomas to publish at least one more trailer, pleeeease...


  13. Nice! I hope they show the movie here in Belgium too!

  14. too bad it wouldnt hit the theatres here :(

  15. I was there in Philly on Bushiness.. Great show!!
    It was a good way to end a long day!
    I will see you in Oklahoma!!

  16. Hei Nettie
    I'm glad to hear from you and film!
    You rest well!
    Good concert in Montreal you all :)
    See you soon :)
    With Love :)

  17. Glad to see you loved it! I bought my ticket to come to the Premier of the movie in Helsinki! Can't wait! And I'm sure I'll cry too ^^

    And yesterday I booked the car for the UK tour! Yeahiiii =)

    OH! And its SOOOOOOO good to see news songs in the setlist!

    Love & Hugs

  18. i can't wait to see it, don't know if it will be in cinema in my country or will i be able to order it right away on dvd, but hopefully, won't have to wait for too long to see it...
    i'm glad to hear it moved you, 'cause i expect it to be passionate and heartfelt like nightwish music is :)
    take care and thnx for sharing

  19. Oh I can't wait to see that movie!! See you at Hartwall arena on November!:)

  20. I can't wait to see the Imaginaerum movie. But unfortunately, there is still no release date for Germany :/
    Hope, you and the boys have fun on tour :)

    Hugs, Sophie

  21. Whaaat, why are you doing this to us? xD
    Just kidding, I'm so excited to see the movie and to get my hands on the score if it, the preview sounds so good. Take care of yourself dear angel, fluffy hugs from Romania :D

  22. oh, i also wanna see Imaginaerum movie ^^

  23. hi Anette,
    That is not fair:(.
    You has see the Movie and i must wait. It´s so looong to the world premiere *cry*

    Have a nice evening /day.


  24. You are so luckyyy !
    I want to watch the movie as soon it'll be able !

  25. Hi Anette!
    The Worcester show was just amazing!! My friend Robin, my brother and I were blown away and couldn't stop talking about the show. We had permanent smiles on the way home the next day. :)
    That hour and a half will be a memory that will last forever...
    You are all so talented and create magic!!!
    Thank you!
    Enjoy Montreal! Have a fun and safe remainder of your tour....

    Take care!

  26. Oh yea! I can't wait to see the movie as well and buy the movie score.
    I'll probably cry too... :)

  27. Hi Anette! As i saw your post, i just became even more anxious to see Imaginaerum ....I'm sure it will be a very very nice film, and even better if you and the boys will be on it..
    Just wanted to tell you that you are being gorgeous on your vocals on this leg of the tour, and that I amazed with the record of Planet Hell in Montreux...You were,as someone has already said, beyond than perfect!
    A big hug from Canary Islands, and I hardly hope to see you and Nw here as soon as possible..
    Have a nice day!

  28. I can't wait for the movie come out! But.. It's a pity that they won't show it in our cinemas (Slovenia)..

    Have a nice, rocking evening!

  29. I really can not wait anymore to see it. From the tailers I saw I think the movie is going to be great.
    I hope all is ok :)

    Big hugs

    Ena :*

  30. woow... im so happy... I'm sure the movie is amazing!!!..

  31. Oh, you lucky! I can't wait to see it!
    And since it seems to make everyone cry, I bet it's good!

    Hug your loved ones for me :)
    All the best, Simona

  32. OMG OMG OMG you saw Imaginaerum!!! *_* Can't wait to see it as well! You're teasing us! :P
    Goodnight Anette, take care! ^^

  33. Lucky you :)
    Can't wait to see it as well, I hope it won't be released 6 months after the premiere, but anyway. The samples are really awesome

  34. I hope I get the chance to see it >_>

  35. It was great meeting you again in Philadelphia, Anette (we're the couple with the son named Seth). Fantastic shows in NYC & Philly, and you have never sounded better. Have a great tour, and come back and see us again!

  36. I'd like to see the movie too, but I think here in Brazil unfortunately we will not have It in theaters ...

    kisses Anette!

  37. You are very welcome! Thank you for the awesome show!!! I don't think I have ever been so excited over anything. I am still on a high from it. I will never forget it. Still feels like a dream...a wonderful dream. Thank you soo much again.

  38. The Worcester show was so amazing! It was such an incredible experience to hear you all perform live :) There was such wonderful energy. Thank you for a great show!

  39. :) Åh kommer filmen nu! Jag har väntat!

  40. I was in attendance at the Worcester show this past Monday. You and Nightwish truly put on the best live show I have ever seen by anyone. Your angelic voice was not drowned out and was crystal clear. Please don't stay away so long and come back soon. I wish ypu and the band all the best in your futures.
    Josh VanHoose
    Laconia, NH USA

  41. Is it in English or Finnish with subtitles?

  42. I am so looking forward to seeing the Movie =)
    I have tickets for tonight show in Toronto, cant wait!
    Take care, hope you have a great day =)


  43. Hello Anette! I really love Imaginaerum, and was wondering if the movie's going to premiere in Sweden as well. I'm really excited for it and I hope so!

  44. What a good news!
    I'm so curious to watch the movie and I already know I'm gonna cry too!

    Good night, have wonderful dreams.

  45. That's so cool! I am so excited to see the movie (:
    Also I really wish I could have seen you in Philadelphia but I couldn't go. Glad it was a great show though. Next time you're here though I'm going to make it no matter what!

  46. I'm waiting impatient the movie premiere!!! You are a person so sensible, and I understand why you cried. Imaginaerum comes from mind and heart of a Genius, its a fact that its going to be a Master Piece. its good that there's artists like you!!! Greetings from the bottom of my heart!!!Chio Sara.

  47. Hello Anette;)
    I'm dying to see Imaginaerum ♥ I hope soon debut in Brazil # rs anxious.
    Good night dear.
    Kisses dear, dream with angels ♥

  48. Hi Anette,
    i got a question: but it's the movie talked in english o with subtitles?

    And about a movie in general: which movie it made ​​you cry most?

    Have a nice day and evening!