Sunday, 30 September 2012

This flu...!

I have NO hearing in my right ear now so I hope my dear monitor guy Aksu can give me some extra volume tonight;=)

Soundcheck felt ok, I do have a very bad throat, but as you all know, during DPP tour I sang with almost no voice many times so I am sure it will be quite ok. Either way I do it for you all;=)

Thanks for your support! And you know, this is just music. Like life, sometimes we get ill and shows do get cancelled. Rihanna wouldn't ask Britney Spears to sing for her if she was ill;=)

To think a show is more important than the humans in the band is for me, so totally not in this world.

See you all from the stage soon!


  1. Anette! You're the one, you have no replacement. Please want you to be good for December, my dream is to see, know and live the rest of my life with a picture with you. Anette bright, everyone will love you, and nobody else. Nightwish without you is not the same! Beware Anette please!! Barbara!!!

  2. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Wow, you're going thru so much now. I hope you feel well and back to normal soon.

    I'm sure everyone feels the same - GET WELL SOON!!


  3. You are living proof that living in Nightwish's not worth it. Do not let them do to you what they did with Tarja. Be happy like Tarja being. I failed to follow Nightwish not for your sake, but for the lack of professionalism and understanding of his boss. I'm a fanatic for Tarja, but followed her career many years in Nightwish and I realized a few things that alienated fans realized. You know perfectly well that this attitude only proves that you are just "one more". If you do comply. You have been judged by many who thought you were guilty by Tarja's departure and the culprit is called Trade Nightwish. I hope everything is well.

  4. Really hope you get better soon! <3

  5. Get well soon, Nettan! ;D

    To be replaced never is something good, but I believe the guys didn't decide it with bad intentions, so please, no war! Know that we, fans, need you united because you give happiness and hope to us all. The band only forgot to mention about their improvise for you, maybe they felt confused by the time and didn't know what to do. NW doesn't need to be a tragedy in real life too.

    And if you need to do a surgery, I hope you have a nice recovery, even if the South American tour needs to be cancelled for that. I'll go to wherever you play here in Brazil (and what my money can pay hahaha). ^^

    Oh, Rihanna wouldn't ask Britney to sing for her because Britney doesn't sing.

    Luv u! ;D

  6. Good-luck tonight Anette!! I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    I'm sorry you feel the way you do about what happened. I hope it leads to no intense tension between you and the rest of the band mates. Many of us LOVE you and what you have brought to the band. Canceled shows are hard, but as long as fans know they can be rescheduled and there's a second chance, they'll be fine. Your health is the most important thing.

    <3 Lauren

  7. Dear Nettan,
    I really really really love you, but don't harm yourself. Get better and think the best thoughts. The boys made what the crowd ask, and you should not think it was a bad idea. Bad thoughts just make us feel worse, believe me... And that's totally not what you need on these times!
    I'm pretty sure you'll be 100% better soon. Just don't worry about the past anymore. It's on the past and it cannot be changed, anyway. Let's talk about the future =)
    I love you guys more than you all could ever imagine, you are like family to me. Seeing you may be on trouble with each other hurts me really deeply...
    Many kisses and hugs

  8. Have a great show Anette.. We all love you! <3


  9. As much as I adore Nightwish, there's always some sort of problem going on in the Nightwish HR Department, LOL. I totally understand what you mean Anette, you should do your art upon the stage and give in to the music. Maybe adding more acoustic songs to the set would be a helper for you. Just relax, lay back and take care of you and your bandmates as humans first, as musicians afterwards, and as money-producing units the latter and the least important. We are all valuable humans. :) Love your singing Nettie! Keep up the good energy!

  10. Anette take it easy and don't try to do more than you can.

  11. Moi Anette!!

    Nightwish is no Nightwish without you!!!
    Take care!!
    See you in Hartwall Arena!!!


  12. I hope that all will be well tonight! Get well, dear Anette! I wish all the best, take care :-)

  13. I know it's hard like this, Anette, and I don't know the whole story, but I'm sure you know what it's like to be pressured by crowds/management to make a decision and maybe it's a bad one, so I hope you all can learn and grow closer over this rather than farther apart. :)

    Feel better, and know that you have my 100% support, whether you need to cancel my show or not, and that I'll never be one of those "fans" demanding a refund, because, if you're ill, you may need all the financial support you can get. :) And maybe also some hugs/flowers/soup sent to your bedside.

    Sing whatever is comfortable and remember to get some of those miracle cough drops you said you get here in the US. ;)

    Much love from Los Angeles,


  14. Like I said in my little note that came with the necklaces I gave you, Keep singing, angel...

    I'm sure they could have handled it better, but it was pressure and everyone was probably in sheer panic mode. I know Nightwish would NEVER EVER be the same without you and I'm sure it wasn't intentional to hurt you. <3


  15. Håller med dig fullständigt, showen borde ha blivit inställd det är du som är sångerska där utan dig så är de inte fullständiga. Det går liksom inte att ta in en vikarie i ett rockband, det blir helt fel. Skönt att höra att du mår bättre i alla fall. Hälsning från Sverige / A

  16. Get better dear Nettie! I think the guys just took this B plan because they were so panicked with the idea of cancelling the gig but it wasn't against you. Don't worry you are the only real singer in NW and without you this is not the same band. Try to rest and take care of yourself, don't do it if you think your not able. You are such a precious thing for us!
    Kisses from Lille, France

  17. I can totally understand you feeling upset about the decision. I know I would be too in your position. I guess if you could have done another concert in the same place at a later date that would have been better. I know for me I would be pretty sad if you had to cancel the show I am going to, but that is because you have never done a show in New Zealand before and I am so looking forward to it. I hope you feel better soon and can get as much rest as possible in between shows. I think that while the fans were ok with the show going on without you because I guess they had paid to be there etc, when you are in a band you work as a team and its pretty annoying when that team doesn't work together. I know when I was in a band, the guys I worked with decided on the name we were going to have without me and that really annoyed me. I hope the guys understand that they made a bad call that hurt you and think about it next time. I'm sure they wouldn't want to have someone else going on instead of them if they were too sick to perform!

  18. Dear Anette, feel better soon and take care of you! :-) You are great singer ♥

  19. Hi Anette, Im going to say something that you may dont like, but please, dont get angry to me. :)

    I understand you and I also understand the band. I wondering that why you writing this kind of text in your blog? You can read between the lines that you dont like to be in the Nightwish... Why dont you, boys and crew dont speak eachother. I think that this place isnt right place to wash your dirtylaundry. Now Im waiting when the media is finding this... :(

    You should all talk or scream or do something what will clear the air. We fans love you and the boys. And we all hope that year 2005 dont come hear again...

  20. .... me crying.....
    It's awful situation!
    You are strong!


    I changed my opinion about Tuomas a bit....
    Don't judge me!

  21. Oh Anette, I do love you as the singer of my favourite band but I can't share your opinion here. It must have been a painful situation for you being so ill and in hospital (and I'm sorry about that). But I'm sure it was bad situation for the boys as well. And they did it with love for their profession and fans and not being rude to you. The guys asked the audience and they agreed with it and it seemed they had a great show as always.

    How many bands cancel their show when the lead singer is ill? I used to see a band where the fans only had a good show when the singer was in a good mood and not ill.
    But my 10 NW shows have all been perfect even if you had a flu or feeling sick. You gave the audience a great show and I have a lot of respect for that. I even can't imagine how hard this must have been.

    I really hope you'll get well soon and feeling good again!
    Take care about yourself.

    Lovies from Holland

    Ps. I wished I could send you my dad's honey. Makes your troat feel like velvet again! He's a bee-keeper.

    1. ReVamp cancelled their show in Argentina when Floor got sick... Ironic...

  22. ok.. when I heard all this I was like WTF?? Sorry but how cabn they do this..I agree with you.
    You can't replace the leadsinger that easily.. if I was there at the shows I wanted my money back.. I pay to see Nightwish and not only the guys
    When they kicked out tarja I understood the reason, but now I'm started to think that they are the problem and not the leadsingers. I hope they went to you at the hospital or som,ething.. or at least were really interested in you when you were in the hospital.. and Anette, if people tread ypu like this.. ask yourself, is this worth it?
    I hope you let them know you were pissed about this! I mean, Nightwish is about 5 members, not 4!!!!! This dissapionted me a lot.. this year I spend a lot of money for the band, but (sorry for you) I will never do that again! I'm done with the guys. Keep up and fight back! Don't let them tread you like you are not part of the band!

  23. and Get well soon dear Anette!! And hope you will feel better when little Nemo is there with you :)


  24. Hey Anette,
    I really hope everything will be fine for you :(
    Get well soon!

  25. Hello Anette!How i glad to see your smiling face here and know that you're getting better!:)Know what?Watching all those videos from Denver i understoon one thing - girls were good but there was not that atmosphere YOU create on stage every time you sing with your smile and try to not get it too serious and take care of yourself!Your health is the most important thing!

    With best withis for you,

  26. Dear Anette,

    I hope you're feel better now and your's health problems will disappear. I can understand the fact of feeling hurted because of a temporary "replacement". But i think you shouldn't take it worse because the guys were just professional and worried a lot about the fan. I imagine that cancel a show is not so easy, as Harrawrson said there is a lot of pressure from the management and so on.. And more of everything, Nightwish has always take care a lot about its fans. From the beginning fans have been always a priority for the group. This is why i think that in this case this isn't a question of beeing less important than a show or something like that. Maybe you thought "ok i'm ill now, i can't be on stage tonight, we are a unit and if i'm not on stage they won't be on stage too because they care about me and they are compassionate", and now i understand your pain but i think the decision they took wasn't a sign to tell you that you're no so important afterall. On contrary, i can see and feel on stage how guys love you and take care of you. And as i said fans are a priority for this group. Moreover when a show is cancel, fans lost monney as well, we can lost a lot of monney from hotel's reservation, from transport, some of us take a dayoff at work especially for gig's day. I'm sure guys thought about that also. They just didn't want to disappoint the fans, they didn't want to hurt you i'm sure of it. They took the decision in a hurry, it wasn't easy for them also. Of course, you have the right of feeling angry and hurt but please talk about it with them i'm sure you will find the peace together. Forget bad feelings, they are just poisons for the mind. I'm sure you will go through this and be stronger. Your health is the most important, if you have good health you have everything. So take care of your dear Anette, forget resentment and enjoy your cool and amazing life :) Big kisses and hugs from me \^0^/

  27. Hello Anette, I'm sorry to hear about you feeling sick, but thankfully everything is over now and I hope you're already feeling much better and stronger.
    Anyhow, I hope you're not too upset about what the guys did. I do see your point here in this situation, a band is a band only when ALL of its members are present, not less, not more. From the point of view of fairness and justice, there should be no show unless every single person in the band is available and ready to do that show. But I suppose that given the fact it all happened so quickly, there was no time to announce the ticket buyers that there would be no show, the audience was already there and waiting, I think the guys just did the first thing that came to their mind in order to still be able to go on with the gig. I do not know if it was an act of courage or one of cowardice, but we're all human and I suppose everyone acts differently when under pressure.
    Anyhow, I'm glad you're doing good now, I'm glad you guys are able to perform together again and I hope such incidents won't happen again. I wish you the best of health and peace and understanding in the band.

  28. hello Anette,

    So life is just. Take it, 'the boys not so bad. They did not get involved.

    But I'll give you very little that they should have asked, if you were one stood. But men tend to always advise added quickly to panic and still another possibility ausschau hold. For a evening work.
    Since I had so some examples;)

    Because you're a good-hearted person. I hope that you will not stay too long they evil :)

    All the best to you and your ear.


  29. sorry for my so much comments...but i am not still quite.
    Time cures!
    But it would be much better if Marco sang songs.. He sang Rest calm and Scaretale very good!

    Fuck... Me not having good mood

    Best wishes
    Love you so much!

  30. Anette, I met Tarja from nightwish the season, always liked the work of the lead singer in the band. Finally there are people who like Nightwish says just because the instrumental. But it is not my case.
    You shined the DPP, but Imaginaerum did your best. You are a great singer and certainly is able to walk alone without the band if necessary. If another singer come in its place the banda will become a waste. All the best and success in her musical life. Love You. Greetings from Brazil.

  31. I wish you well and I hope you will be soon back to full health.
    big hugs

  32. Hey Anette,

    "To think a show is more important than the humans in the band is for me, so totally not in this world."

    That really made me think about it again... I understand you. As a video producer, I would also feel bad if someone replaced my job if I was sick. I'm sure the band didn't also feel comfortable about it. But don't feel bad about it! Hope you get good asap!

    Also, I loved the alternative interpretations that you did in the DPP tour, when your voice wasn't in shape.

    Wish ya' all the best! :)

  33. Hi Anette!
    I am sure it was a very tough decision to make to 'carry on' without you. Remember it was a very unusual situation. You were ill, nobody knew what to do and in fear of letting the fans down they made the decision that they did. You obviously had very caring friends in the girls from Kamelot. I am sure all they wanted to do is help so please don't get too upset or feel insecure about your position in the band. It was a one off and i am sure that they felt that they had no other choice. Nighwish after all is primarily about Tuomas' wonderful music. Remember that you cannot be replaced, and i am sure the boys have no intention of doing so. You have tons of support from all of us who love you, so please don't worry about anything other than getting better. Yes it was a little insenitive, but boys can be a bit hopeless in that department can't they!
    Looking forward to seeing you at Manchester Apollo in November Anette! My first ever Nightwish gig!!!!

    Get well soon xxxxxx

  34. I'm sorry to hear that Nettie, I really thought you were aware that they would replace you, that it was a common decision... This sadden me because I know how much you gave to Nightwish and I know you don't deserve this, made me open my eyes as well, because I always tried to ignore the signs, but after all, I guess the blame isn't all on Tarja... The evidences are there, everywhere.

    I really wish you get well and hope that this kind of stuff don't happen again... Nightwish wouldn't be the same after another break up...

    I wish you all the best and really hope to see you again here in Portugal maybe on the next tour.

  35. Hope you get better, Anette. Don't let this get into a fight with the band, 'cause I think we all know how that will end. Each day I'm more convinced that you do an amazing job as their lead singer, so you should relax a bit, get better than then have a talk with the guys with no struggle within. It will al be alright, and you will get on stage soon enough, and we all will fall in love with your voice again. Let me tell you I once fell so sick in a couple of hours that I had to go to the hospital, and I was like all night throwing up, and sick as hell. But then, I thought of The Crow, the owl and the dove vid, and tried to hear your voice inside my head, and an hour later, I was at home feeling like if was born again. Hope you'll live something like that, and remember that we all want you to be fine so you can delight us all with your voice, your talent and your joy.

  36. Anette!! we are with you!! we love you!! And the important thing is that you are back and well!!
    Maybe the guys thougt it was what you wanted, You are human beings and you cannot be agree in all things all the time, that's a part of living with people, it happens even in the best families!! We understand you and it is a fact that it was a lack of support but I'm sure it was not with bad intentions or "downplaying" you:)


  37. Hi Anette,

    I'm quite disappointed by your posts... Ok, I'm not in your situation. But I think that it's really nice for Nightwish's fans to realise the show...without you.
    For the fans it's a long wait to see you and the boys perfom, so just with the boys, I feel I'll be happy (even if I love you, really really really).
    When I read your posts, I immediately though about the tensions between Tarja and the Boys, so I hope that for you it's ok, and that you were just really angry, so please try to understand that the show was important for the public.
    Nobody can be a great singer like you... So I'm sad if you have a bad relation with the boys, because of course I love them too ;-)

    Take care of you dear Anette. Love & Hugs from France.

  38. Rest well on this night off and I hope your throat and ear reap the benefits of the night off as well.


  39. I hope you've already had a word with the rest of the band and it's all settled. I bet they didn't do it to harm you, but to please fans who had paid for their tickets, waited for so long and maybe even travelled to be able to see their favorite band. Of course the individuals in the band are way more important than a show, and you did the right thing and went to the hospital. But on the meanwhile they had to choose and make a decision, and you should understand that if all of them were willing and able, the show should go on because it's professional to go on. I mean, yes, they should have asked you, but who knows, it might have been a sudden decision. Of course everyone would have loved to see the whole band and hear you sing with your lovely voice, but it's better to have a supporting singer than not having the show at all; at least from the audience's point of view.
    I don't think you are just one more. I really believe you've brought so much to the band. Nightwish's healthier since you're in it. So please, take it easy and don't have bad thoughts.
    I hope you get well soon.

  40. Hey Anette,

    hope you feel better and not only because of the show. I agree, the people in a band is the most important thing to care for. Not to go on with the show at all costs! Of course it sucks for the audience to not be able to see the whole band but flu just happens to everyone of us from time to time. And being on tour with these hard conditions (travelling, hotel rooms, not enough sleep...) doesn´t actually improve health, especially for a front singer.
    Sorry to say that, but to me the guy(s) sometimes have wrong priorities. But this is no news...
    Always keep in mind that health of body and mind is the most important thing you have and true fans will be o.k. with canceling shows if necessary. Don´t let yourself be put under pressure, you don´t have to bear everything. ;)
    Yes, music is important to all of us indeed, musicians and fans, BUT it is not everything!
    So take yourself the time you need to recover and get well soon.

    Take care :)

  41. Hi Anette! :) I really hope you're better now!

    As a fan I try to see both sides of this situation. In a way it shows me how down on earth Nightwish still is, that they actually decide to give their fans a show though their lead singer can't be on stage. First I thought that WTF, and got a little bit angry inside me, but when I looked at a YouTube-video where these girls arrive the stage with lyrics in their hands while the boys start playing Storytime, I just had to smile. This was really sporty! OK, it doesn't sound so good... But hey, it's only music. :o)

    So I really hope that all of you get over it and can laugh at the whole thing after all... Take care, Anette!! <3 <3

  42. Hm good point, mostly not the fact that music is music because it's your profession but that too; however the others shouldn't have performed without you.. YOU are the singer of Nightwish and they shouldn't have replaced you so easily. That kind of speaks for itself.. But us fans are with you no matter what, just focus on getting well :)

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    1. Hi Anette,

      I think for all Those Who listen to Nightwish's awfully big change. Unfortunately for me At least for the worse.

      On facebook you even nick-Nettie. Miss you all very much. And someone even created a group that is called Anette I want back. Despite all this, I still hope that it's just a nightmare. Until recently, I could not imagine Nightwish without you. Perhaps you'll see one on a solo career. You got it! ;) :) Thanks to your voice, I basically put back on my feet when I was on the bottom. Once I'd love for it to thank personally, but I think it will never happen. : (I so wish you good luck in the future and I hope to see you on a solo career.

    2. Hi Anette.

      When I learned that you left Nightwish, I thought it was blatantly sad. I truly wish you were back in Nightwish, so this was just one of my nightmares.

      A lot of people miss, Anette. On facebook you based group I want Anette back: D Oh, and do not know if you know this, but they say there Nettie. That's nice, is not it? : D

      Much I saw you again alongside Nightwish performing on stage, but it was probably true. : (What I would not give ...

      I hope we will see you soon on a solo career. You got it! :);) Good luck in the future and we all miss you. What more to say without you Nightwish not what it used to be. I wish I could hug you now and thank you personally for everything for me, thanks to your voice did. Although ... it probably nestane.I so thank you for everything and I wish you all the best once again! :)

      Thank you, Marie.