Sunday, 16 September 2012

This is what I do.. the bus; Studying science.

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  1. Wow! What were you reading about? Science is interesting..

  2. So funny that you posted this! Just a minute ago I was studying for a science test and then I saw that you are studying science too. Cool ;)

  3. Alchemy? You learn because you like it or because you need it?

  4. Hi, Anette!
    This is cool, that you decide to study it)I have just to started it at school some weeks ago) And what mark did you have on it at school?

  5. Good to keep the mind full of knowledge, although I'd probably be sleeping instead of reading lol! Enjoy your time in Philly!!

  6. Oh science is so interesting, esp, chemistry.

    The setlists of the Atlanta & NYC really amased me. Very, very nice!!!
    Great to have Escapist back and Higher than Hope, WOW. You guys make me so happy!
    Have a great time!

    Love from Holland

  7. Do you studying chemistry? I like this science. It is best way to spend time! ;-)

  8. Nothing wrong with studying. I'm taking Biology and that'll be what I'm doing on the plane and train to see you guys, studying! :)

  9. interesting! I didn't know you want to become a science woman :)

  10. Hi Anette :))
    I want to ask you if Nightwish will film live DVD this year, that would be really amazing.
    and I saw a video of "Higher than hope" from yesterday's concert and you sounded so beautiful, just perfect. Thank you Anette

  11. Wow, you are a hard-working girl, aren't you? I'm very impressed. Touring and studying at the same time seems difficult to me. But you seem to manage all those things quite well.

    I wish you to have fun and success with both - studying and the tour. :-)

  12. That's so great Anette. Some people just stare at their smartphones all day lol

  13. Hej hej Anette ^^

    That's nice you like Sciences..=] I'm starting my college on Exact Sciences...gonna specialize in Chemistry... I'd like to be able to study it in Swedish, though haha =B

    Oh, they just set next Monday for starting openly selling the Nightwish tickets here and I couldn't be more anxious! XD Just one more week and I'll get it in my hands \o/

    Kisses =*

  14. Wow, my favorite science. From childhood I was interested in chemistry and now I'm a chemistry teacher.
    I'm curious - you study chemistry, helps Seth something or just your interest for alchemists?
    ... enjoyable activities ...

  15. Yes!

    As a scientist (atmospheric chemist)this is great to see.

    I hope you are enjoying it!

  16. :)
    Hello! I think the picture on the bottom of the left page is the picture of the discovery of phosphorus. :)
    May I ask why are you studying Chemistry? I'm curious because I studied Chemisrty for a few year at uni and at high school.(But I was only successful at in high school. :P )
    Good luck with your studies and have a nice tour! :)
    Best wishes,

  17. INCREDIBLE show in Philadelphia last night!! And it was so great to meet you again.

    The VIP thing was SO quick, I think there way too many people. I'm the one who gave you the letter and In This Moment albums. I really hope you enjoy them. I sort of fumbled with them. I felt like I had to rush because of the line behind me. But, I hope you had a chance to read my letter, which probably said better what I wanted to say. I also hope you enjoyed the show too! :)

    <3 Lauren

  18. Instead for celebrate Sweden I'm reading Wallander... also, dear Anette, I was wondering if it's really you that run this Facebook page, I mean it's official? - because I won't like a page that's faking your identity, also never thought to create a Twitter account? Hugs and thanks from an Italian beloved fan, Miriam

  19. Cool! What science are you studying? I was going to get my degree in Biology before I changed it to the arts recently.

    It was AWESOME meeting you last night! My brother, his friend and I all left the meet and greet with a HUGE glow plastered on our faces. We had several of your albums on shuffle on our long drive to Philly from Northern Virginia, and after the concert, hearing it on in the car was soo different. It all sounds different after meeting you. It feels more real.

    I will admit, that I am a new fan, though my brother has been playing your albums for years. Coming to the concert was kind of a bonding experience for him and I and now that I've met you and heard you guys play live, I am definitely a bigger fan than I was before. I am currently adding singles to my iTunes playlists that my brother gave me a while ago. My tastes have just broadened a whole lot. =)

    Thank you so much for coming out to meet us. I cannot tell you how on top of the world my brother felt after. It was definitely a huge boost for him and a wonderful experience to meet a group of wonderful people.

    P.S. Annette, I'm the one who told you how much I adore your voice <3

  20. Anette, I just saw you in Philadelphia, and I can't stop just constantly repeating what an adorable front woman you are! Bouncing around stage, singing your ass off. The hat on slow love slow was the best touch ever :) And you're studying science! High five, woman!

  21. Saw you last night in Worchester, You were lovely! Thank you so much for showing us so much energy and enthusiasm! Its so wonderful when an artist actually seems like they want to be there!

  22. How interesting! Is good to know that you like reading this kind of thing.
    I love science too and besides my dream of singing in a metal band, I want to graduate in a science course (Biology).
    How about you? Wich science course would you like to graduate?

    Greetings from Brazil, love you!

  23. That's because science is awesome! What are you studying, specifically?

  24. Why are you studying Science exactly?

  25. Very Nice...
    I love Science too..