Monday, 19 March 2012

Kiev videos

I found this in youtube from our show in Kiev and I love it cause you hear how loud the audience sang with us;=)

Thanks Kiev - you were so great!


  1. We will wait you back again in Kiev!
    That night one of my dream come true:)
    Thank you!

  2. This is .... our great fraternal Slavic soul. Just great ... This is Anette I have tears of admiration.
    With big greeting from Bulgaria - Rositsa

  3. Аnd yet what would you say whether there will be a DVD with a concert?

  4. Hi Anette,

    nice to hear that you had a great time! =)

    The audience is amazing! It's so sweet how they sing with you. The refrain of Amaranth is so nice sung by these 1000 voices. =)
    And of course the signs for Emppu are really cute. ;-)
    But I think the audience wouldn't be so enthusiastic if you guys weren't so great!
    You have so much fun on stage, Anette, and you really own the stage.
    And I have to say that I like your outfits and make-up so much. There is no doubt: You are the QUEEN of metal!!! ;-) <3

    Have a nice day and enjoy the time at home!

    Kisses and hugs,

    Steffi <3

  5. Seems like it was a great show. And you guys always look like you have loads of fun on stage. Rock on. :)

  6. Anette, you are an amazing woman! When I saw you at the train station in Kiev you were so beautiful, king and out-going! I am happy you liked Kiev and Intercontinental hotel. Visit our city more, we will always be lucky to welcome you here!

  7. Great performance! I wish I had not heard Come Cover Me live in Moscow, but our set-list was nice as well:)
    Just perfect Anette!
    Best wishes from Russia!:)

  8. Anette, by the way, do you remember a heart with words "With love from Ukraine"? It is handmade by me, hope you did like it. And 2 bunches of flowers were also from me, I hope that you like roses. And one more question - did you like all those hearts with names that we raised during Slow love Slow? We wanted to show how we love you! It is so sad to realize that everything is over. Please, come back soon!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
    It was just wonderful!!! Thank you for coming to Ukraine! You're the best!!! We looove you, Nettie!))
    Ukrainian fan club :)

  10. Dear Anette,
    Welcome back to your home...Time to rest a little!!Wonderful photos also the videos are great..I wonder,how do you feel when you watch and hear your self in videos?Must be weird feeling!!
    Your voice is getting better and better!!Bravo my girl!!
    Have a nice day!!
    Kisses from Athens!!

  11. Thank you for the best show in my life! NIGHTWISH - the best!

  12. Hi Anette! Your performances are getting better and better :) In Poland (and maybie in Leipzig too) you're gonna see a freak one in first row who's singing every song with you ;)

  13. Rosica: Hi! there´s no such plans at the moment. Take care;=)

    1. I saw somewhere a phrase that Nightwish would return to Ukraine in 2015. Is it possible to hear any comments on that?

    2. Anette, you've been great! Greatings from MOLDOVA!

  14. We are so happy that you liked ukrainian fans, because we've tried so much to show you how much we love you all, especially you, Anette, our sweet Nightwish sun!

  15. Ohh I missed all your todays post because I was at university. But i am here now and thank you for photos it very nice. I just wanna repeat my previous comment and i need to your advice...please :"i am really wanna share with you that i think one hour ago i translated part of ever dream and sent to one special guy for me. It was hard and maybe silly i dont now. He ask me that the massage it really for him, i said yes and quiet. What to do next? i dont now. Will see and I think today will be a sleepless night for me but you sleep very well".
    P.S.You are wonderful in this videos love all that songs and nice that you dont mind about youtube videos. Thanks and hope for your advice.

  16. Thanks so much for the reply. Too bad really. Those of us who can not attend your concert enjoyed and empathy emotions just from the screen.
    Stay with the a pleasant feeling and lots of joy. Bye

  17. Greetings from Kiev again! =)
    Thank you and the guys for this incredible saturday show, we had been waiting for so long!!
    And it was very, very nice of you to let us make some photos and get autographs at the railway station and at the hotel (had never met anybody from train soo early in the morning before :))
    Have a nice vacation after the first part of the tour and enjoy these wonderful spring days!
    Cheers!!! =))

  18. You have been sounding absolutely fantastic this tour. I won't be going to Donington Park, but I can't wait for you guys to headline in the UK - I have seen you four times now and you always put on an enjoyable show.

  19. Hi Anette,
    I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love you, very, very much :)
    You keep suprising me with your vocal possibilities on this tour and I'm so proud and overwhelmed and I had to say this to you.
    Keep up the good work!

  20. Why at a concert in Moscow was not allowed to photo and video shoot? :(

  21. Good evening Beautiful :)

    Well, first of all, I wanted to thank you so much for all of the pictures that you shared with us from this tour. I really enjoyed viewing them and I absolutely love the outfits you had in Moscow and Ukraine. They look so good on you. I would also like to say that your makeup has been simply amazing this whole tour, so beautiful and detailed!

    I'm so glad to hear that your exercise went so well today - I know that's always such a good feeling.

    Well, I hope you enjoy your three week break - you certainly deserve it, and I hope you and the guys have a blast when the tour starts again in April!

    Much love to you and sleep well,

  22. Wow, I saw you on the Dark Passion Play tour both nights in São Paulo, Brazil and thought you were great, but now you sound just amazing!! Awesome new album and your performance is incredible! Congratulations! I can't wait to see you in Brazil again!!

  23. Hi Anette! I've been noticing that you're leaving the stage these last few shows to finish Last Ride of the Day. Is this because of the firecrackers they have now? How loud is it backstage? I hope it's not too hard on you. You deserve that final moment each and every show! ;)

    Also, I know you've tried therapy before, but I took a class with a really amazing psychologist who is good at tracing back fears and finding the cause and working with it. His name is Marc Mestyanek and I can ask permission from him to give you his email if you want. :)

  24. I've just read on Nightwish Facebook that concert in Ljubljana is cancelled. Then this is the right time to come to Croatia :)
    Since there will be no concerts in our "neighbourhood" (except for Hungary), then it's a great stop, 'cause people from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia can come and enjoy you live :)

  25. Wow, every concert you are better and better!!!

    I love your outfit!!! Can´ t wait to see and hear you in Prague!

  26. Thanks for the videos, both to you Anette and to those people who are sharing them on YouTube. :) I just listened to Come Cover Me from your show in Kiev and it's absolutely fantastic when you sing it... just like all the other "old" songs you have on setlist! It makes me cry of happiness, that those amazing songs finally sound like I want them to sound. ;))

    I really REALLY hope you will make a live DVD soon so we can enjoy your stage performance with a good quality at home.

    Big hug to you! You're the best!

  27. And this is our small video report from St. Petersburg

  28. WOW. You really do sound killer live these days! I'm really impressed. At Gibson you sounded so perfect I had a hard time remembering it was a LIVE performance. I actually think you sound better live than on the album... I've never been able to say that about other singers. Love you tons Anette! Keep singing your heart out. <3

  29. Hey Anette! :D

    Thanx for posting these videos, you sound great live and your stage presence is awesome!

    Please bring out a live dvd some time soon, so that we here in South Africa can experience Nightwish live as well :)

    You look and sound great dear, thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and talent with us and thank you for the music. Never stop singing ;)

    Take good care
    Lots of love

  30. Hey again, Anette :) I like this videos and I'm following your tour on youtube, hehe :) You sing amazing and what's a pity that there's no tour dvd in plans :( Hah, maybe you should talk to Tuomas and the rest, cause the idea is really good :D I'm really currious in which langue do you communicate with boys? :) English or maybe finnish/swedish? Take care and I'm waiting for next pictures :) BTW: Last time I've watched on youtube some video when you was showing NW studio, when you joined to band. That was pretty funny, "And here we put our shoes off.. but I won't take mine off" :D You looked so nice that time (this of course, too :))

  31. Hi Anette,

    Great videos from Kiev! Thanks! I saw your show in Jyväskylä and it was awesome! Thanks for that. And no fire this time! Good. Hugs from Finland.

  32. Hi Anette. I have been keeping up with the concerts on youtube and there are so many wonderful clips of you and the guys having a great time on stage, and so many unbelievable fans.
    Thanks for posting these clips - you can really feel and hear 'the love'.
    Deleece x

  33. Hello Anette !!
    Wow the videos are so awesome :D I would love to be there !
    Thanks for sharing :D
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  34. Anette, you are awesome! Dance more, it looks good! I saw you in Jyväskylä, try to see you again this year, maybe at Provinssi.
    Thanks for keeping this blog!

  35. It was a pleasure having you in Ukraine!))
    Come again!))
    Loving u <3