Tuesday, 16 February 2010


All of these dresses and clothes are something I would love to wear on stage:=)


  1. The dresses in the 4th and 5th pictures are so sweet. And the boots seem very comfortable, even though not very stylish.
    And the leggings in the last! Nice.

  2. Anette,the clothes are beautiful,but they are very,very short!!This is no coll!The Norway`s clothe in 2009 was perfect!!

  3. Love the boots! And i have to say that it's really the kind of clothes who could look great on you... :)



  4. Oh I love that sort of boots. It'll be nice to wear these with a Rolling Stones T-Shirt.
    The dress on the 4th picture is so beautiful. I'd love to see you wear this dress. And the leggings are so nice.

    Have a lovely day =)

  5. Den andre og siste kjolen var jo bare drit kule! =D

  6. Hey Anette,

    I think all these dresses would look awesome on you, for sure you have the figure!!

    Only one i dont like is the grey one! I think its really rather ugly yuk!

    The rest are fantastic tho xxx

    Have a lovely day


  7. The 2nd one and the 3rd costume are very fashionable. But I don´t like leggings in the last photo.
    I think these´re similar to your costume from Graspop festival last year :-))

  8. woww!! ANette I love all of them! :D And I cant wait to see you again on stage haha kisses!

  9. Theyre looking so cool and sexy. I think they would look good at you.. ;=)
    Where have you found them ?
    How tall are you in centimeter ?
    Because I watched Follow me with Pain and you were higher/bigger than the guys ;=)
    And I would know so much how tall you are ?? ;=)


    Laura ;=)

  10. Anette,the brussels`clothe too was cool,Vilnius! clothe(jeans+ boots+dress) of the show in 2008!The Ruisrock`s clothe of the show,you mixed colorful dress with black t-shirt and boots black and this is coll!!My opinion!I love you and come on for Brazil!!!Oh sorry,my bad english!!

  11. Heeyy Anette :)

    i like the 5th dress. it gots something, dont know what. but i looks great :)

    have a nice day now
    Love and Respect

  12. The boots are cute =)
    And the third picture looks cure.



  13. I like the last outfit the best - it must be great to be able to go on stage and wear stuff that perhaps you would'nt wear everyday - you can live out your fashion fantasies on stage!

  14. Wow, they`re amazing! :)
    And the boots - I love them! :D

  15. Good morning, well for me.
    No school again today! We had a lot more
    snow, so my no-school streak continues!

    The picture of the girl with the grey
    and black dress, the one second from the end.
    Do you see her shoes? My mum just bought
    those exact shoes on Saturday! Which my mum
    has small feet, so I can fit in them and I'm
    totally going to be wearing those!

    But I really like all of those,
    and for you on stage- they would all look
    so good on you girl!

    Hope you have a good day!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  16. Beautiful clothes as always ;-)
    You have a good taste for choose clothes, for sure that clothes wil be amazing in you =)
    Have a good day
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  17. perfect! and I love BALMAIN dresses and shoes...

  18. Anette, you would look adorable in all of those :)

  19. Bought today a new black blouse looking a bit like a corset/corsage and a new leather leggings ;=)Wearing with a big black cross chain ♥ I'll post a Photo at my Blog, if you wanna see.. ;=)
    Looks so good and remember me so much to you..

    okay, hugs <3

  20. Wow! The 2nd, the 4th and the 6th are simply awesome! As told before, you really have a good taste for clothes! ^^
    Kramar =D

  21. yeah, the clothes are nice! They would suit you well!
    I especially like the 2nd and the 3rd outfit, I think they are really cool and the leggings in the last picture!


  22. Vissa av kläderna va grymma, har du möjligtvis länken? ;=) Antar att de är svenska? D:


  23. Ow Nettie, I love clothes too :) You can never ever have enough of them, cause every single piece is unique :)
    I like the clothes that you posted above, especially the top with legging, the white legging and the shoes!
    This weekend I'm going to a Gothic & Fantasy market in Holland (with our Northern neigbours), it's quite long drive, but a friend of me says it's defenitely worth it! So that's exciting :)
    Kram Dafos

  24. All of those are beautiful except that thing in the second picture. It's something I don't like. Of course it depends what accessories you wear but otherwise that's not my style. =)

  25. Those clothes would look so great on you! I just love the black dress on the third pic. :)

  26. Aha, I've seen this awesome 2nd pic before, right on the looklet.com!
    Nice stuff;)
    And I still cannot find myself some nice winter boots, it's a real problem. It seems that the winter ends before I buy them :P

  27. the black dress with the fringe and the ruffley one are both very you!

    i bought this dress yesterday:



  28. Outfit number 2 definitely,I love the cutouts at the shoulders, it looks fun. The boots look comfy, but the rest of the clothes just aren't my thing. (I am kinda picky though)

  29. I like that you don't follow the standard 'metal chick' style. It's a rare few who can rock the metal in a sundress! I like the poofy skirted dress best - but would pair it with the white leggings. How many stage outfits do you carry on a tour? I don't think I've seen any pictures from different citites with the same one.

    I sew a new top every time I go to a NW concert as a homemade keepsake (you've signed one of them) and fully plan on making a 'rock the metal' sundress for the next tour whenever that comes around as homage to that unique look.

  30. hey, anette. there is a little gaga in you. i think that is good. not many would have the balls to wear what you wear

  31. i just love the boots! and the kinda poofy black dress, that would be awsome on stage! and soot you very well i think!

    Have a good day :)

  32. I have to be honest...no way!!!!the 3th is pretty much ok..but the rest,I'm not so sure!