Monday, 1 February 2010

Our next NW album

Hi everyone,

Since you sometimes ask me about our coming NW album and when it will be released etc, I have some news for you;=) The plans are rough and it might be changed but as for now:

- Tuomas has 9 songs ready already;=)

- We all will meet this summer for rehearsals and arranging the songs and getting a demo ready.

- We enter the studio next fall and the album will be released EARLIEST in the fall 2011.

So, great news and we are all excited!


  1. Oh, yay :D
    Well, this year will pass fast enough, so before we know it we'll be seeing you all live again, jumping up and down, screaming Hep Hep! And please, come back to Denmark so I can jump and screa!

    Have a great evening <3
    Love, Mads

  2. Ok, now I am excited! The title of the album is still unknown, right? I look forward for 2011!!! I'm sure you'll do a great job!! Have a nice evening!

  3. :D Hopefully this year will go quick :D

    Going to try so hard to get to the first gig of the tour, or any secret gigs you do ;)

    Thanks for the news :D Tuomas must have been busy.

    Best wishes, Ryan.

  4. thanks for the ibfo anette!
    fall of 2011?? omg we have to wait a lot ;P anyway sure it is worth the wait..
    thank again for all

  5. Yay!!! Can't wait!!


  6. Yay! Can't wait to hear the album! Have you heard any songs yet or has Tuomas told you anything about them? :)

  7. YAY!!! Tnx Anette 4 the info :D
    Cant wait!!! :D I bet it will be great, just like DPP.. or even better :D

    Hope you will come back to Croatia on your next tour! :D

    Have a nice evening :D

    Greetings from Croatia,

  8. Wow, oh WOW.... Thank you for the news!!!!!!
    It really cheer me up, i was i need of something nice after knowing that i will probably have another shitty bday (i know it's for a good cause, it'll mean that i'll be able to see Sam live at the Hammersmith on may 27 without being ruinned by it -my godfather offers me the travel and expenses, and i could stay at his Sloane Street appartment- but it means another bday alone with my mother. I wish i could have a good bday one day, the only party i remember was for my 12 years and it was far from great.......).
    Even if it means a year to wait, it means we will have a new NW. YEEHAA!!!!!! Awww, i'm so happy i could kiss you on the cheecks!!!! *major blush*



  9. oh, 2011 is so far.... hehe, but this are a great news, for sure =)
    I'm very eager to see the new nightwish album, one album made exclusively for you voice and planned for your voice.
    The album DPP was made before you enter in Nightwish and even then was perfect.
    For sure, one album made and thinking especially for your beautiful voice will be more than perfect, for sure =D
    Have amazing evening my dear swedish singer and take care ;-)
    Hugs and all best wishes from Brazil =)

  10. Thank you for the information :)
    It sooo long to wait, but I'm sure that all Nightwish fans would be ready to wait a little bit more and as the result to hear a really good and amazing album. Hurry is not a good thing.
    At the same time you and the guys will have quite enough time to rest and to be full of energy by the begining of the next tour ;-)

    Best wishes,
    Maria :)

  11. Hej Nettan =)

    Thanks SO much for the infos!
    Just can't wait... I'm sure it'll be awesome.

    Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Enjoy the evening.


  12. Ooooh this made my day!
    Så det kan alltså bli i SLUTET av 2011? O: ja, bara det kommer! :D

  13. Hey Anette!

    Well, it's gonna be a long wait, but it's gonna be worth it!
    Thanks for the info Anette.
    Woohaa, Tuomas must have a lot of inspiration to already have nine! newborn songs!!

    Enjoy your time off!

    Hug Kayleigh

  14. Hi dear Anette, great news!Can´t wait to hear that album!! And love that picture of you guys:)Take care, lots of hugs:)

  15. Oh my God , Oh my God , Oh my God!
    I can not wait anymore! Hope it will be done soon

    See you in Croatia again on the next tour (I hope so ;) )

    Big kiss to you and to the guys ;)


    Ena :*

  16. Hi A -

    Thanks for the NW update - It's great news and gives us all something to look forward to (and start saving up for) as hopefully a big tour will follow along.

    I will definitely see a couple of gigs in England at least , definitely travel to Helsinki again and do a couple more in Europe in countries I haven't been to before. I can't wait !!!

    I've also been listening to the two Alyson Avenue CD's which I also really like.

    Thanks again- I'm sure you will keep us updated on how things progress as and when you can.

    Warm Wishes Peter x

  17. OMGOMGOMG, I'M SOOO EXCITED!! Great news, thank you! :*

  18. Hai Nettie,
    9 song already, Yihaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! That's wonderfull news! Good job Tuomas, good job! I'm so sooo curious about the new album! (:(:
    Hope you have a wonderfull evening

  19. Great news !!! I'm looking forward to it. I hope it will be as good as DPP (but I'm pretty sure it will).
    Thanks for sharing this and enjoy the evening.
    ** big smile **

  20. That's great news, thanks Anette! It will be a long wait, but it will definitely be worth it.
    New songs with your sweet voice... this is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

    Warm hugs, Fábio.

  21. And btw, today is my birthday! :) It's the nineteenth birthday in my life and the second which I spend with love for you in my heart :) Thank you for making my life brighter, warmer, and happier!

  22. wow, thanks for the info!: )
    great news^^

    hugs: )

  23. Hey Anette! Thank you so much! Your´re our messenger of good news :-)))
    Have a nice day, lots of kisses and I send you a big hug.

  24. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    I want it soon! Please Anette, don't forget to continue with the HEp hep's, you'll still do them, right? "cause they're SO nice during a concert, and I really wanna hep hep with you again, soon in Brazil.

    I hope everything's just fine with the guys, and of course with you, and how about your album, how is it goin'?

    Still anixous about it too, can you tell us something about it?

    big kisses frim rio!

  25. Oh, these are great news indeed! :) It's very nice to know that something is going on.
    I really can't wait for the new album and the concerts..but take your time, all of you, and get some rest so that you'll have a lot of energy for the next tour.

    Greetings from Slovenia,
    Katja :)

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  27. Hej Nettan!
    How are you?
    Wow, awesome news! I'm sure all this time we need to wait, it will be all worth it! =D
    Big hugs to you <3

  28. Good evening Anette! So great news!!! Thank you so much! =D

    Take care, lots of hugs

  29. This totally made my day!♥

    I can hardly wait it anymore, I was struggeling already - but now! 8) That sounds to my mind very good, you guys, and Tuomas ofc, has plenty of time to do the upcoming album the best as it can be! I'm sure it'll be awesome and marvellous.

    Now there's nothing I can do but wait your and nw's albums.. But don't they say that good is forth of waiting for?

    Lots of hugs and love,

  30. Well, it's worth waiting. ;D I'm very excited, and that's what I like with Nightwish - there are always surprises! :) And I can still listen to DPP 100 or 1000 times, so it's okay to wait... Does he send any new songs/lyrics to you, or how do you go on?

  31. Aaaaw great!! I'm sooo excited :)
    One question: Will the new album be similar to DPP?:)

    Have a nice evening!
    Love xx

  32. PLesa Anette, tell toumas to give us an EP like Over the hills or something like that, you don't know how hard is for a fan waiting for 5 years to get the album of its favourite band :( At least, The heart asks pleasure first xD joking, mmm, this album goes slower than the Once-DPP transition, but we are sure it will worth the wait (I can't wait to hear you again ^^), it seems to :).
    But please, tell Maestro to ease the pain a little :_( this is HARD.

  33. Great news!, I hope all the songs are great and better than the last album. I also hope your voice sounds better ;))).

    greetings from Spain

  34. Is The Heart Asks Pleasure First going to be released before the new album? :)

    It's just way too long time to wait :(

  35. Heiii!! :)

    Oh WOW how great news! Im so exited now! ;) Thanks for this info, Nettie. :)

    Have a wonderful day :)
    And BIG hugs to you!
    With love,
    Ewe :)

  36. yeaaaaaaahhh!!!! i'm the happier in the world !!! this is a wonderfull news !! thank you , this blog is better than lol !!
    i hope you feel good ! you must be very excited ! like us !
    and if you have time and if you want to answer my question : do you now if some day , the hartwall dvd will bi for sale ?

    kisses from france , i love you , and all my friends love you to !!! the frère jack's team !!

  37. Hei Anette

    Thanks for keeping us so informed. I love reading your blog, the insight you give us on your daily life is such a joy to read!

    I've never posted a comment before but I feel now is a good time :-)

    Thank you so much for letting us to get to know the real you; it's something very special indeed.


  38. Oh, that is really nice to hear that :) I'm wating this album very excited!

  39. Wonderful news!! I'll be waiting for it! The waiting will be long but worth ^^

  40. Hi Nettie! what a good news! Ahh...I know that it's a long wait, but I prefer that Tuomas take time on it, and I know that it'll rock! Anyway friends, remember that this year will be soo great in terms of new albums! And when the time comes, we all will be hearing the new Nightwish album, jumping and screaming heps heps, hahaha..... I'm just soo glad that Nightwish continues with that strenght, and I know Nettie and the boys will rock! Thanks for the news, I'm quite happy.... I'm now saving my money for the Epica tour, they will come in Argentina in April, and I will be there....
    Nettie, if you speak with Tuomas, tell him that Argentina is waiting for the NW album, and the fans will be there supporting everyone. We all love you!

  41. AHHHH!!!!! Oh my gooosh guuuurl,
    I'm so excited for you guys!!!
    This is soo making my day happier;=)
    Thank you, with the day I had I needed some
    good news. I'm not to excited about the
    release date, but that's okay.
    I know Tarja's album comes out this May,
    so that will be something new until
    the new NW album. At least now I know the
    date though, and I won't have to wonder.
    I cannot wait until you come to the US,
    because I will be at every concert that's
    close to my house, I promise!

    Now, whenever you know more about your
    album, that will be exciting too.
    Because I'm really looking forward to
    Tarja's album, NW's album, and your album,
    if you decide to release it...?

    Hope you have a good day, and thank you
    for making mine better! I love you!!!!!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  42. great news, i know you will make a good job as always ;)

  43. Nice to hear the latest NW news! Hope in the meantime that we will be kept going with the solo work of you and the boys! I see the Tarot album is out in March and i really hope they come to England!


  44. I can´t wait for a new album from you guys!!! *__*

  45. Hey Anette :)

    Thanks so much for sharing those infos with us

    Fell some happieness :)
    and have a god sleep :)
    your with Love and Respect
    Chris :)

  46. Thanks for telling us this!!!!!!! Wow though... earliest 2011?! =( That's still a long time! So you won't start recording until fall 2011.. is that what you mean?

    Time will fly though and then it'll be here. =)

  47. yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! can't wait!! Im really looking forward for a new album!! *o*

  48. Hi dear singer, I made this comment becouse I just want to ask you a little question. You will still publish the thailand photos? I don't know if you forgot, but I am anxious to see this pictures =)
    In the begining of this month you said that the photos will come, so if you changed you mind and don't want to publish that pictures no problem, after all is yours pictures, right. ;-) but you could tell to us? I will be very grateful =)
    Have a amazing night Anette, have sweet dreams ;-)
    Hugs and best wishes from Brazil =)

  49. Excellent. The moment you guys hit the American Eastcoast, I'll be finding out where your closest gig to North Carolina is. Me and my husband have already agreed, we don't care how far we have to drive or how much we have to pay for tickets, nothing will stop us from seeing you guys perform!


  50. Hi Annette,
    Thanks for the info. I'm really happy that there will be 2011 the new NW album. This info made my day beautiful. (today was very stressful and I had been very sad - bad mood)
    Thank´s again for saving my day.
    Good night from Austria Gitta

  51. This just totally made my day!!! Thanks for the update! I can't wait :D

  52. Hi dear!

    thanks very much for this great informations!



  53. whoa!!! this is a surprise!! Thank you so much Anette!! I'm pretty sure time will go fast even if it seems like a long time! I will be waiting for it.

    Hve a nice time, take care!! =)

  54. That's great! This year is going by really quick so there's not long to wait now. Really looking forward to it.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date, Anette.

    Have a good night,

  55. Hi, thanks for the info Nettie!
    We'll keep an eye on this!

  56. Hi Anette,
    thank you for this great news!
    I'm really happy that i found your blog few days ago! I think that it's amazing that we can see here that a persos whom we admire is as normal as we are ;) That you have an apartment to clean up and you sometimes want to fix your hair's colour after dye it and that you watch movies with you son. It's so good to know that you are as you are, with such a positive energy which we can feel here!

    Hugs and kisses from Cracow!

  57. Oh lord! Fall 2011 earliest?..
    Oh well, I suppose Tuomas is taking his time for arranging and all. 2 years though, wow.
    Though that sets all of our expectations higher and makes us hope it's really gonna be a great one.
    Thanks so much for the news and keeping us updated!

  58. Hi Anette

    Thank you very much for informations ! ^^
    I'm really looking forward to seeing the new album of Nightwish !!!
    To wait for Fall 2011 will be very long !


  59. Hi Nettan!!

    I just can't wait!!!
    thanks for the news!!!
    9 songs!! wow Tuomas is the best!!!
    Do you think that you will put some videos at your channel in youtube, as you did in the last tour???
    It would be great if you do!! please!!!
    I'm sure that will make our looong waiting for the next album less desperate (al least in my case!!..jeje)
    Anyway, a new NW album is the best thing I can expect for the next year!!!! And this is just beginning!!!

    Take care!!!
    And thanks again for the news!!!

    hugs an love♥


  60. Hello Nettie! I have a veeryy important question for you: Do you happen to know if Nightwish has someone in mind for the next album artwork? Because I'm a professional artist and I would love to work with you guys :-)

    I am the one with the painting exhibition in Sibiu(Romania), when Tuomas Marco and Ewo came to see it and even took two works with them. I remember Tuomas being pretty impressed by my work, so I guess it will be pretty easy for me to understand his visual ideas and bring them to life...

    I would deeply appreciate if you gave me an answer :-)


  61. it is a long wait but music is artistic and deserves good valuable time. oh yes i have a project for school where i can pretty much write any genre i want and i was thinking about a biography of either you or Tuomas just because i have seen most of your interviews and i also watch the made in hong kong DVD like every other day and because you guys are just awesome.

    Have a nice day : )

  62. wow, sounds brilliant!
    but the releasing time's not that great for me, as i should have some tough oral exam at this time to end my studies but at the same time i should listening to the new album in heavy rotation... autumn 2011 will be definitive an interesting.

    i'm looking forward to new songs with your voice, cause you're doing an amazing job in nightwish.

  63. Nice News Anette!
    I can't wait to hear the new songs!

    Hungs from Brazil! ^^

  64. Thank you so much for the update, Anette! :D Can't wait for 2011!
    Until then, I will be looking forward to the release of the Heart Asks Pleasure First cover you guys did.

    Cheers! :)

  65. Hi Anette,hope your ok xxx

    Whoooooooop Hep Hep Bring It On!

    Thanks for the good news!!

    All Hail Nightwish =)


  66. Wow! Thank you so much for this news Anette! I can't wait! Good night dear! Big hugs

  67. WOW... This had made me so happy... I'm sure it will be great...

    Regards from New York,

  68. Tack for the news Anette =). I'm thrilled things will start getting underway soon.

    ...though, now I'm a bit depressed about how long it will take before it's actually released...not just because I'm dying to hear the new songs but that means that it'll take you guys even longer to come back to Australia and I didn't get you see you when you were in Australia because I liked the band a week later and I wouldn't have been of age to see the 18+ show anyway =(...*sigh* I'll just have to hope it gets released ahead of schedule.

    Tack once again for being so kind and letting us know =) *hugs*

  69. Hey Nettan,

    Thanks for the information, you know how much we are longing for this next album, I can't wait to see you live again, or even see you again in Brazil! You can see here in your blog how many of the posters are Brazilians, but I guess everyone on Earth is waiting for Tuomas amazing lyrics and playing, your beautiful and sweet voice and the cast wonderful work together with you guys! ^^

    Good work for you all when you meet, 2001 seems toooooo far :P But I'll patiently wait for it!

    Tack för alla! Talk to you on the next post! ;)

  70. P.S.: I edited some NW songs at home, to try to make them sound a little more "studio", and I wated to share with you! :D
    You don't need to accept it unless you like! And if you do, I'd thank you for your publishing!
    But please, don't fell like you must do it, just if you like them editions! They are Tarja's songs sung by you! I'll post the three I love most:

    Dark Chest of Wonders - Live at Exit Festival

    Nemo - Live at Lowlands and Wacken Mixed (the one I love the most!!!)

    Romanticide - Training for tour

    Thanks for all, Nettan! Wish you the best! *-*

  71. Wiii Wiii ! Nettie Nettie !

    Do you have any idea for the title of the album or is still unknown?

    Thank you for the inforation !
    This made my day !!!!!

    I look forward for 2011 !!

    Hugs and kisses from Brazil !

  72. OMG! I almost fell from my chair when i read 9 songs *____*

    The best news ever, thanks for sharing Nettan :)

    Cant wait for your solo too ;)


  73. Thanks for the info Nettie!
    Please, please please, could you tell me if you know this - when do you think you guys will be playing in Finland again? Before the new album is out? Or after? Any idea? I live in Canada, but my dad and I are planning a trip to Finland (once I learn how to speak Finnish ... hehe) and seeing NW live there would be the highlight of my trip! ♥
    Love and kisses,
    Suzie C. ♥

  74. Oh, I'm so excited now! Expecting some awesome new music! Thanks for sharing the news!


  75. Yeaaaaah Good news Anette!!!!! I can't wait for it!! Thank you!
    Have a niceee day!!

  76. That is great news... If you want to give a chance to a new engineer to mix the demos... Or anything else... Please think of me. Best of luck with everything!

  77. Great! I can wait to get it!

  78. One word:


    :D :D :D


  79. Hi Anette!

    Thanks for the info! I'm much too excited for the new album... it'll be great! Has Tuomas let you hear his ideas yet, or are they Super Tuomas Top Secret? :)

    Love from Texas,
    xx Marz

  80. hi anette :] it's so great to hear about the upcoming nightwish album.. i am so excited to hear the new material even if it's a year and a half wait! :D randomly, just on other music.. have you heard 'world behind my wall' by tokio hotel? it's a recommendation if you havent :>

  81. Hello! Hehehe, I have that poster on my wall that I bought at your concert, you are all looking sooo gorgeous...
    So that means that the touring will also start when the new album comes out?Do you know will you be working with Troy once more?
    Thank you for the news, I really can't wait...

  82. Det är vi också, believe me!! :) Kan inte vänta tills det kommer. Jag litar på er.

  83. That Tuomas...always having stories dancing in his head. He is one of my greatest role models. The writing he does for Nightwish is beautiful. What a noble sacrifice for him to bleed his heart onto paper and craft it into songs for us, for Nightwish, and for himself. I hope that this summer working together as a band is a wonderful experience!

  84. Tuomas has very hard work, cause he have to or should to write better album than Dark Passion Play is. He is the best of, so I have no doubt he will do it, he can get over himself. I do looking forward on it. Greetings from Slovakia to your all.

  85. So great news! I can`t wait to listen Nightwish new music. I hope that the whole band has a great summer working together!
    Greetings from snowy Finland!

  86. Aww that's too long, I can't stand waiting anymore! >.<" I'm so curious about how the style of your music is going to change... DPP seemed to be somewhere in between Once and something else, and now I want to know how this something else sounds. Anyways, I'm sure you all gonna do a great job... again. :)
    (And if it's going to be released in the fall of 2011, that means I'll be for one term studying in finland at that time and going to see you live there! YES! :D)

  87. @Constance: happy (belated) bday dear :)

    @Anette: one moer time, i have to say WOW, it's really a great update. I was so excited about the news that past night, i was dreaming that i was at a NW concert, shouting hep hep with the crowd (at one time, it get mixed with Sam's performance BTW - i still couldn't believe i will see Samantha Fox live @ Hammersmith Odeon!). STELLAR!
    The only news that would be better would be to learn that the Harwall gig will be released in cd/dvd.... Do you know if it will happen?

    I wish everyone a good day :)


  88. Thanks for the info Anette!

    Well, then I am looking forward to this new album :) On my taste it could be earlier. - But better the higher quality and waiting longer than something very fast developed but just half finished. So, comes time, comes album. ;)
    Have a nice day!

  89. Oh Shit! Jeg gleder meg så mye at jeg skulle ønske jeg kunne gå i dvale =P
    Det hadde vært toppen! ^^ Gleder meg VILT! Vi ses nok igjen =D

  90. Anette, thank you so much for the great news!

    9 songs..... nice!
    Fall 2011.. that's long but I'm sure it's worth to wait.

    Give boys from NW big big hugs from me! :D

    Take care sweetie!

  91. Wow, 9 songs??? Tuomas is fucking awesome and genius! Can't wait to listen to the new NW masterpice =D

    Give big big hugs for NW guys from me too, I just love them all!
    and a great kiss for you, dear Anette =D
    love you too!


  92. That's great news Anette. I'm really looking forward to hearing what you guys come up with next - what magical journeys will the next album take us all on I wonder...

  93. YEAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!:))
    thanx for the info Anette!
    have a great day!

  94. Well, I'm realy excited with the greats news :D
    I just can't wait anymore!

    I'm brazilian, and I'd love a new tour here. I'll be at the show, jumping and screaming with you - sure.

    Luciana ♥

    P.S.: sorry, my english is worse D:

  95. Hello Anette :)
    Can't wait for the next album (such a long time till fall 2011). It is nice to know that Tuomas has already finished 9 songs.
    I hope the new album will be as epic as Dark Passion Play. :D

    Have a nice afternoon and evening. :)

    Hugs from Germany

  96. Wow - great to hear about the schedule the better way...! :-) I wait enthusiastic that day...!! Success!

  97. Hei Nettan,
    great news,that made my day . Already 9 songs finished. Tuomas must have been bussy. Can't wait for the new album. I'm looking forward to listen to it finally. Wish you all a good time working together.
    Love and hugs from Germany

  98. Thanks for the new Anette,
    I'm waiting for this album :-))
    Good evening with this bad weather brrr
    Hugs !

  99. Hey Anette!
    I'm so looking forward to the album!!
    It's so hard to wait for it, but till then we can still read your blog, then time passes a bit faster ;=)
    It'll be a great album, as always, totally sure! :=)
    Hugs & Love

  100. i'm so make my day better..:D:D
    and the heart asks pleasure will be on the album or in a maxi?
    well he works very fast..:D workaholic..:D:D

  101. Great news!!!I can't wait for it!I hope you guys will come back to Greece on your tour!

  102. It´s sooooo long!
    I think I´ll have to find a fridge or something and someone who will get me out of it in fall 2011 ^^

    But anyway, good news and I am waiting :)

  103. Hi and thanks for the info! :)

    9 songs already? Nice, it seems that the new album process is going well so far. I just wish that the new album would be released sooner...I´m curious to hear what The Maestro and the rest of you will come up with this time. ;)

  104. Ohh my Goooood!

    I'm veeery curious :D and I hope you'll visit Hungary during your next tour ;)

    Take care,

    Jani :)

  105. Wow thats great news....
    And 9 songs already,Tuomas is fantastic.
    2011 are not here fast enought :D

  106. OMG, I'm the last one to see the news as always.
    These really inspire!
    *Gives up*
    That's so good to hear SOMETHING. Fall 2011 is a long time but I understand that I need it now. This date gives me time to improve myself a bit more... And to get ready for the new great event! But I still wonder: is anything heard about "Heart Asks Pleasure First" release? Is Tuomas planning to treat us with this delicious thing or to keep it until the first album's single?

  107. Dear Nettie!
    That's great news! I'm lookgin forward to hear the new album! =D

    Kisses from Brazil

  108. Wow, Tuomas writes fast O.o 9 songs already??

    That's great news, though ^.^ Can't wait until the album comes out. How come the date keeps getting pushed back? It's making me anxious...

    As I said, though. Can't wait!

  109. Looking forward to it. Loved DPP and can't wait to hear what comes next. Want to thank you all for leading me to the whole symphonic metal thing--if it weren't for Nightwish I would have never known this music existed. Thank you thank you thank you.

  110. Oh, my god!
    Can't wait for the album
    Hope you will come back to Romania.
    Have a nice day.
    Hugs :)

  111. Hi Anette!
    Thank you very much for this information. Yes, yes, yes. ;D Now I'm excited too. I can't wait again. :D
    Hugs and thanks. < 3

  112. Great news! Thanks for telling us!

  113. Hello Anette ...
    What wonderful news! I can not wait to hear the beautiful words that Tuomas writes, and together with the melody and his wonderful voice will thrill me as much when I moved when I hear DDP, I love you so much, kisses ...
    PS: I can send you a message in your Email?? if so my email is (

  114. Hello Anette!
    Thank you for the info.
    All NW fans in Brunei are really excited upon hearing this news.
    Can't wait !!

  115. Such a LOOONG wait!! But I'm sure it'll be worth it!! :) I am so anxious for new NW material :D...and most of all, a new tour to go along with it! I can't wait for you guys to come back to the USA.

    WT might have a new album out by the end of this year if it goes as Sharon said, and then the next year we'd have new NW. And also new Kamelot this year! Awesome! :)

    Please keep us updated as you learn new things and are allowed to share them ^_^

    <3 Lauren

  116. hi!

    It's a very good news!!
    thank you very much anette :D

    Strongly the new album!

    Have a beautiful day XD



  119. HI ANETTE!







  120. Yes!!! I can start the countdown until 2011. Guess I should try to find some other bands to enjoy until then, haha.

    Such good news.

  121. Thanks, u brought me a good news.
    But its so far,2011 fall.
    Is it correct?mistake 2010 fall no?
    haha,anyway i just wait until then.

  122. wow!
    Great news!! All the guys here in Brazil are so happy for see it :=)
    WE LOVE NW!!!


  123. Truly Maddening Awesome News!!! fresh tunes......URGH the wait'll
    be killer. Best of Luck with pre-production getting it together.

    lots of love,

  124. Oh such a wait. But I know it will be all that more special when it does arrive!!
    Thanks for the update Anette.

  125. Awesome! Can't wait for the new Album, I'm so happy you guys got along so well and soon are making your second album with you, Anette!
    You rock, no matter what some people say! ;) I'm really excited, take your time to relax first and make the best of it! ^^ It'll be worth the wait! =)

    många omfamna från Nederländarna (just hope that's right, hehe)

  126. YEAHHH!!! I'm looking foward your new album! And come back to Bilbao, please, we enjoyed your show a lot in 2007 :)

  127. hey annet dont forget to put the nightwish midsummer party again in youtube the last was GRATE!!! ok i wish you the best and pls take care of you!!! HIP! HIP! ANETTE! HIP! HIP! NIGHTWISH!

  128. HI anette pls put the nightwish midsummer party again in you tube the last one was awesome that was funny! ok pls do not worry about the insults that run across the internet! take care your FAN! HIP! HIP! ANETTE!!!!!! HIP! HIP! NIGHTWISH!!!!!!

  129. Nightwish - Nightwish - Nightwish!

    The best to you always ;D


    Juliano \õ/

  130. Hi Anette, looking forward to see the new album. I think it's about time. three years without an album is too long.


    Hugo Oliveira