Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday music;=)

Ok, friday and party time!!!! Tjohoo;=)

Today we do Rob Zombie!!


(video borrowed from


  1. Hi Anette!
    It`s definitely a party time. I have a birthday today. Thanks for posting this very nice song. And I hope to get some cake today! Have a nice friday and hugs from Finland.

  2. Oh, Rob Zombie, YES!!!!! Thanks for posting! :))
    And knowing you're into vampires too, i have something for you:
    It's Toto Coelo's Dracula's Tango, and it's so funny!!! :p



  3. Hello Anette =)

    Thanks for this Friday Music =) Rob Zombie is amazing! I also like the song "Foxy Foxy". I didn't know Dragula Song but it's always nice to discover new song.

    Have a beautiful day,

  4. Curious song! I've never heard Rob Zombie, I know he has directed both new Halloween saga movies (very poor remake...).

    I've been forgetting for a couple of days to recommend you this song. I'm not used to listen to Leona Lewis but in this song she just shines! It's the official theme for Final Fantasy XIII, new game (yay!). Here:

  5. I had never heard any of his songs, but I definitely love his movies. Hav u ever wacthed halloween?


  6. Heeeeeeeey!

    JA! Great song! Great Guy! I like Rob Zombie very much!
    Especially this song is awesome :)
    or how ABOUT "Feel so numb" and "Superbeast"
    those ones are great songs too ;)

    Tahnk you for posting Dragula :)

    Smnile a lot Dear!
    Love and Respect
    yours ChRiS^^

  7. That's great to know that you know him! I like Rob Zombie.
    Besides a singer, he has directed some movies like Halloween 1 and 2, I don't know if you have watched these movies.
    I didn't like them at all, but they are pretty nice and scary. :)

  8. Hello to you Anette, Hope you have a lovely weekend planned!!

    I wanted to ask you a question!! First I will explain why....Today I have been thinking alot & I was thinking that just for one day i would like to be a child agian, like i had this really strong overwhelming feeling for as an adult can sometimes be so draining on the soul...I miss spending hours in the garden playing on my old wooden swing & wearing my little dresses & red shoes

    My question to you is do you have a favourite childhood memory that you could share with us A memory that makes you smile & long to be a child agian just for one day???

    Hope that wasnt so deep, i wrote it on my facebook status & out of a 179 friends nobody had anything to say which i find strange am alone in thinking this....i cant be!!!!

    Also this is the reason that I love the song "Meadows of Heaven" it brings back these memories so clear for me...i cannot hear that song with my eyes want to cry

    Big Kisses

  9. Anette, did you hear already that Dark Passion Play has sold five times platium in Finland? :) It means 150.000 sold copies but it's just the number of copies stores have ordered. But still, I'd dare say at least 130.000 people have bought the album. ^^

  10. Good Morning Anette , rob zombie rocks!!! did u know he's making another album which i think is coming out soon, the album is called Hellbilly Deluxe 2 ...i dont think theres one song that i dont like from him..thats how awesome he is...well have a great weekend!!
    "huggs" Tracy (upstate NY,US)

  11. Haha, you know when I wake up, your
    blog is the first thing I check.
    So to see "party time" written, really put
    me in a good mood already! Haha.

    Oh, Steff and Anette- I want to thank you both for your advice. I had some
    coca-cola yesterday and it helped a lot!
    But then a couple hours later
    I drank cranberry juice and my stomach
    started hurting before I went to bed,
    so I had some hot tea with no sugar in it and
    that helped. But today I'm still home
    from school with stomach pains.
    But either way thank you both for your advice!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  12. Hi Nettie , thank you for the song , nice title ^,..,^
    And it's really cool
    Wish you a nice day

    Lots of love


  13. Haha, it´s a cool song - thank you for posting.
    Have a nice day.

  14. @Katie T.: glad it helps. Cranberry juice with an upset stomach is not a good idea, though, better to stay away from it until you feel good (like everything with lots of acidity in it)...
    Hope you'll be better soon!



  15. Hejsan, Nettan! I never heard about Rod Zombie before... But it's nice! I'm gonna search for halloween too! ^^
    Puss ^^

  16. Hi Dear!

    Not bad that song. Reminds me of what we are celebrating here in Germany at the moment. It's called "Fastnacht" or "Karneval" Think in English it is "Carnival" (maybe). Many people are wearing costumes and some of them are awake from thursday until wednesday nearly the whole time drinking and celebrating.Children are collecting sweets and in big halls there are a lot of partys with loud fast music and usually with a lot of alcohol (even that alcohol is officially forbidden on those partys because of the fights it often caused) . And there are several parades on the steets. Do you have something like that also in Sweden?
    Have a nice time, Anette! hugs,

  17. Hello Anette!

    I'm a huge Rob Zombie fan; both of his movies and his music. 'House of 1000 Corpses' is one of my favourite movies.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!! I'll be spending it doing work for my University course. No rest for the wicked, as they say ;-)


  18. Hej Anette! I'd like to congratulate you and the boys for DPP has sold five times platinum here in Finland :D
    -Dismal Wings-

  19. @Steff Well I only drank the juice
    because I felt better, then after
    I started feeling sick again
    I knew that was why. Thank you so much!

    By the way, Anette you haven't heard
    or decided anything more of your solo
    album have you...?

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  20. Hei! Bare undrer på en sak...skal du på Sonispherefestivalen 7.august? Tenkte at det er/är vel noe for deg/dig, Nightwish skal vel ikke spille/spela noe på den tiden heller/häller om jeg/jag har forstått rett/rätt? Jeg skal dit, håper/hoppas (?) at du også/ och så skal det! :-)

    Varme hilsninger fra/från Lotte Amalie i Norge :-)

  21. Hi Anette,
    "Rob Zombie - Dragula" is a really good song ;=).
    Have you ever think to write here, on your blog, about the disappointment provoked by the loss of a friend? (when someone lose a friend, he become sad...) I'm really curious about what would you say about it.
    With respect,

  22. Zip..Zap..Zowie...Zing it is another FRIDAY to rock on with and about...a par excellent choice my dear Rob's a fave.

    Bear hugs and well to much love to go with them,


  23. Well,...Zip Zap Zowie Zing it is another FRIDAY to rock on and about with a Rob Zombie tune like Dragula... par Excellent choice indeed to start off my Frantic Friday.

    lots of Love,

  24. Tjena Anette! Blev kontaktad via facebook av en gammal kompis, Linda Ohlsson (numera Fredriksson, bodde i Åstorp - kommer du ihåg henne?) och hon berättade om din karriär. Skrattade gott när jag läste om din oboe-träning och skrålandet vilket jag så väl kommer ihåg! Vill bara lyckoönska dig och säga att det är skitkul att du kommit så här långt! Kramar från f.d Hyllinge-bo - Petra Hjalmarsson

  25. Just a small gift for you!

    I hope you like it =)

  26. Lotte Amalie: Hej! Nej, vi ska repa med Nightwish precis då så jag kan inte åka på den festivalen. Men jag hoppas du får riktigt kul!

    Dri_collector: Thanks, its beautiful;=)

  27. Hey Anette!
    Rob Zombie's very cool... He has a new album!
    Thanks for the post.
    Hugs & love