Saturday, 6 February 2010

Pain of salvation

I voted 6 times for them;=)

Unfortunately they didnt go straight to the big final, but to a so called "second chance" so they are still in the run to win;=)

We´ll see if they make it but it doesnt matter cause they are such a super great band;=)


  1. Good evening, Anette :)
    Since you've told us of the band Pain of Salvation I listened to them and I must say they are really good!
    I hope with you that they'll make it :)

    Lots of love <33

    PS: I have a question..Who was your favourite singer or band last year in the Eurovision Song Contest? (if you can remember^^) ..I really liked the guy from Norway who won :) would be great if you would go to the Eurovision Song Contest someday :D ..I'd vote for you one thousand times and Sweden would win..haha :D

  2. Nice, I really hope that Sweden will do well this year. Time for another Scandinavian Country to win.

    Denmark chose our song tonight, its a bit of an old styled Eurovision - mixed with a bit of a modern twist.
    Its called " In a Moment Like This" And is sung by Thomas N'evergreen ( he is huge in Russia) and a newcommer Chanee.

    I will link a video to it, as soon as I find one of a decent quality.

    Have a nice evening!

    Hoperully they will do well too

  3. Hi Anette, how are you ? :)
    You're one of my favorite singers :)
    Have a good evening

  4. I have to say I absolutely LOVE Eurovision. Every year we have a party for it and watch it with some drinks, it's always a great night. I love Eurovision. It's so nice of you to vote from Pain Of Salvation :) Lets hope they get through.

    Thanks for the update on Tarot's album, cannot wait to hear Marco's voice again and those Tarot boys are amazing.

    Well enjoy the rest of your Saturday night :)

    All my love and support,
    love Kellie

  5. Wow, 6 times!!!! I'm impressed....
    Since the song i've heard this morning was quite good, i cross my fingers that it will work for them... Still, i hope that the one who will go straight to the final is not one of these cheap Lady Gaga clone, i'd feel sorry for Sweden if it'd be the choice.....



  6. You seems to be a great fan of this band huh =) I understand this very well, as you know hehe ;-)
    Is amazing when your favorite artist win something or his carrer get better and better. And also is sad when someone criticize your favorite artist without know anything about this person. You know that this artist have talent or is a good person, but even that have always someone to criticize something. What to do about that? Unfortunately nothing, we just can ignore that kind of persons, right =)
    I wish all the best to the Pain of Salvation, I hope that win =D
    Have a good night dear swedish singer, have sweet dreams ;-)
    Hugs and best wishes from Brazil =)

  7. Hey Anette! Good job on voting so many times! :D
    I hope they make it to the finals anyway, I don't know what this "second chance" means, but it doesn't sound too good :( I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them anyway.

    Have a good night, sleep well and please let us know about the results tonight!:)

  8. Lägg av.. menar du allvar??
    Jag ska göra vad jag kan för att dom INTE ska ta sig till The Big Final! Hihi..
    Förresten, skulle Du vilja vara med där?
    Får väl spara frågan till lämpligt tillfälle..
    Jag tyckte MF sög riktigt FETT ikväll.
    Tacka vet jag Lordi, Wig Wam och Heat.
    *stor fet lördagskraaam*

  9. Wow. I didn't know you were into PoS. *thumbs up*
    They are without doubt the best band out there.
    Much love for Daniel <3 He's a great singer and performer. Nice guy too.

    I'm hoping they'll get the chance to represent Sweden at Eurovision. Road Salt is a lovely song.

  10. 6 times, way to be supportive girl!

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  11. Hi Nettie! I was having a lot of troubles with my internet..Unfortunately, I use just a 3G connection with my phone, because Argentina doesnt have a total and complete support of bradband in my zone :(
    That's too bad they didnt go to the finals, but anyway I listened to them and they are truly artists! I'm also happy about the Tarot album! That's a very good new.. Ok Nettie, I tell you also that me and my friends we're going to play Wish I had an Angel soon as a Nightwish cover! I'll be in Keyboards and back vocals! of course I'll record it and publish it in Youtube!
    See ya Nettie, take care!
    MY blog!!! CLICK HERE!

  12. Hope they get this second chance, the song you showed us was really nice!
    Kyssar och Kramar, Nettan! :D

  13. I'm happy to hear they still got a chance. Go PoS!!! :)

    Big hugs for you and them! Good luck PoS ^^

  14. I found a clip of the winning Danish song.

    Allthough not my favorite, I hope it will still do well.

    Have a nice morning. :D

  15. I wish them a good luck! Hope that the second chance will go well =)

    Have a nice day



  16. Hello!
    I watched Melodifestivalen as if I do every year. :) I have to admit that I didn´t like Pain of Salvation so much but maybe I should listen to them more.
    Both my favourites went straight to Globen - great!! :)))

  17. hey :)

    Lets hope the best for them :)
    but as you said! it doesnt matter
    cause they are super either way :)

    wish a wonderful evening to you
    Sleep well
    With love and Respect
    Chris :)

  18. Oh, you have also that second chance thing in Sweden too. I thought it's only in Finland.
    Too bad that they didn't go straight to the final! :(
    I would vote too in these kind of music contest thingys but I have so low budget that I can't. So it's a shame that I can't affect on these.

  19. PoS!! Daniel has the best voice!!
    I love him!