Thursday, 23 December 2010

Day before the day...

Good morning!

It´s the day before the day and me and Nemo have been up for quite some time. I am quite tired as you can see;=)

Nemo´s lying on our floor playing with his toys and I am drinking my coffee in the cosy and dark morning;=) We have the lights lit and the fake fire and now it´s warm and nice here. Outside it´s white, dark and cold and it feels just like a x-mas should;=)

Today it´s the day for wrapping up the x-mas gifts for the kids and doing those last shores before x-mas eve. I need to go and get some more gifts - to mum, her husband and for Johan. So let´s hope I find something good for them in the afternoon. But first some exercising and breakfast.

Enjoy this day before the day now and I hope your x-mas stress is long gone!


  1. Good Morning Anette!

    I wish you a happy christmas-time and a good healthy and lucky new year!
    yours, Lisa

  2. Good morning dear Anette :)
    My xmas stress is gone. I have all the presents for my family together. This year we even have a white christmas with lots of snow.
    I wish you and your family a very nice christmas and a great new year 2011. :)

    Lots of hugs and greetings from Germany

  3. Hello, dearest, and thank you for keeping us updated on everything in your life around this lovely time of the year!
    I am really happy for you and your family, spending such nice, cosy time together, just celebrating and cherishing these special days the way we all should. I hope my life will be like yours sometime in the future, having my family and my children, serenity and peace and gratefulness.
    So, I hope you'll have a wonderful day from now on, finding the gifts you're looking for and going back to the warmth of your home and getting some rest. =)

    I won't do the Christmas wishings now, cause it's not the time yet! But soon!

  4. Hi Nettie
    I wish you and your family a merry Christmas!
    I'm also celebrating tomorrownight with my boyfriend and his family.

    I have a little question. Instead of studying this morning I was listening to music :-) and I've recorded a little a video of me singing a song. I've posted it on YouTube. I want to know what people think about it. And also very important: what professionals like you think :-)So if you feel like listening to it, here it is:
    You can absolutely say it if you think my voice isn't good at all. I think it's a bit good, but not much..
    And I hope I'm not embarassing myself to much :-D
    Kram! Daphne

  5. Good Morning Anette! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. I finally finished my christmas shopping yesterday. All thats left are a few random gift cards so no biggie! your tree looks really cool. Now, go work off some of the mandatory cookies and have an awesome day! I should be doing the same but I'm lazy! lol

  6. Change my bag color or not?
    Hi Anette:-)
    Okey, I have become more confident now about my baggage for Sweden.
    Just one doubt: yesterday I bought a pink bag..they had no purple or violet or lilac-which is the color I like- so I couldn't compare all the colors.
    This is the bag I have now but of course I can change it if I want:
    My Pink Bag
    The doubt is: isn't pink a bit more for spring mood? Actually the pink bag is from Carpisa's spring collection. But to change color would be a bit stressful because I dont know if they have it available before I leave.
    Ahhhh, things can be so stressful sometimes!
    What would you do?

  7. Hi Anette!

    Xmas stress is mostly gone now, my central heating broke a few days ago, but it's fixed now! :) Now we can look forward to a beautiful white Christmas!

    Hope you and the boys have a very merry Christmas! :)

  8. Hi Anette, now finally i'mmin holidays until january 10th! I'm so happy! Tomorrow i will have a lunch with my relatives, my parents today they went to buy the fish for tomorrow. As the tradition wants for the Christmas eve we don't eat meat. Do you have this tradition in Sweden too? I'm so curious to gift for your mother, her husband, Johan, Nemo and Seth. Will you post the pics here? Enjoy the day and take care!


  9. Good Morning =)
    I love those early mornings when the world is still mostly sleeing around me and all is quiet and still, it is unfortunate that us Mothers get to see it usually at the expense of much needed rest but these years are over so fast that when they are gone we wish for them back.
    Your tree is beautiful, and your Santa and Mouse just precious. I used to have a Rly Poly santa nd an elf that would guard my tree but after the love of 5 children they had to be retired as they were falling apart at the seams.
    I will be wrapping gifts today as well, I have to make one last minute shopping trip as well to get gifts for my Sweetheart and my parents as well as a few small items for my children. Also to get some things to make some Christmas tarts later on today.
    I hope you and yours have a wonderful day today!

  10. Little adjustment: I've already deleted the youtube video of me singing a song. After posting it, I went to school, and after school I listened to it again, and I think it's too embarassing :-D
    I love to sing, but I don't have such a good voice. I'll just keep on singing for myself :-) So anyways.. Merry Christmas again, enjoy the holidays!

  11. Hi Anette :)
    It's almost here! I'm so happy that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. And I can't stop listening to christmas carols in the iTunes and staring at my tree.

    By the way, that's a nice orange star by the window, cool! :D

    I have to share this with you and with all the readers, it's a new version of the carol O Holy Night, made by the cast of Glee. I love it and it really warms my heart every single time I listen to it, so here it is for all of you, hope you like it :)

    Best wishes for all of you and a big Christmas hug ^^

  12. Hello once again, sorry for commenting so much in one go! I just have to say it looks so unbelieveably cosy in your appartment with the lighting and decorations, =).

    Also, your glasses are awesome! I really love them, not many people could pull them off but you certainly can, =).

    Merry Christmas! Take care, Jas.

  13. Anette,

    Good luck on the Xmas gift search! :)

    Take care,

  14. That fireplace looks very nice, and it sure is child friendly :)