Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Photos from yesterday

So, here are the photos from yesterday:

Woke up at 05.00 after appr. 3 h of sleep... sooo tired but after some coffee (3 cups;=), concealer and rouge I looked a little bit fresher;=)

Had painted my nails red the day before

A fast tooth brush and away to the train that left 6.12 towards Copenhagen airport:

Outfit were white sweater, necklace and fake leather leggings from H&M, belt Gucci.

Sat on the train reading a new book from Marian Keys and listened to my Iphone.

When I arrived to the airport and had went through the security, I bought myself my favourite Danish fashion magazine - Costume.

Went through the stores and found some nice things for Nemo that I decided to buy when coming back to the airport in the afternoon.
I flew with Finnair and I love to fly with them. They are always so nice and service minded and I feel safe flying with them;=)

Arrived in Helsinki and went to Hilton hotel that are just beside the airport and met a guy who wants to produce my album;=) Sat down and talked about music, visions and listened to some new songs I have made after the demo was finalized. Decided how to go ahead now and then after appr. 2 hours I went back and checked in to my home flight. The plane was delayed so I strolled in the stores and bought a nice thing for Nemo in the Moomin shop

A little baby book for him to read;=)

I also bought some finnish sausages and mustard to Johan. He is finnish and love these sausages and mustard;=)

Sat down in the Finnair lounge for a while and ate some meatballs and relaxed before we finally, 40 minutes to late, got up in the air.

When I arrived back in Copenhagen I got into a children clothes store and got some really nice clothes for Nemo. I just love Burberry so I had to get some things there;=) A jacket and some nice knitted things. I´ll show you a bit later;=)

That was my day and I am so happy that it all went well and I came home safely! Nemo was so happy and he has been so close to me all night to see that I am still there;=) Now I wont go away for a long time so he can relax.

Ok, time for my morning exercise but I´ll post Nemos new things later. Enjoy the day!


  1. Hi Anette!
    Hope you had a safe flight back and forth. :)

    I love reading Costume. Sadly I'm always broke, so I "borrow" my mum's copy. Great magazine!


  2. Hi,

    Damn girl 3 cups of coffee O.O now i know why you have problems with blood pressure.

    Glad you had a nice and safe flight. i love Burberry too:) their coats are just brilliant.

  3. Oh, you look so pretty!!!!
    I am happy that the trip was fine.
    I am looking forward to your CD.

  4. Hey Anette! I'm glad you had a good safe trip! I look forward to hearing the progress on your solo album! I'm sure it will be great! Enjoy your day!

  5. Good afernoon Anette,

    nice to read your report of yesterday! How long time did you take to get in Finland? I guess that it has been a bit tiring and i undestand you that you were still asleep. How many minutes late it was the plane? The late of the trains and the planes it's a thing that it get me nervous. I hate them!

    Have a nice day and enoy it!

    Big hugs

  6. Oh, Anette, even though having slept not that much you look very beautiful on the first photo. Dark hair for sure make you look a lot younger, and your wonderful eyes are shining ;)
    and you're also so slim!

    I thought Anders Bagge was going to produce your album; I guess things have changed since you decided to postpone it due to pregnancy?..
    Anyway, I long to listen to your solo work ;)

    I guess, if everything goes well, you'll start recording it pretty soon?

    Have a nice evening


  7. Anette you look so pretty :)

    but 3 cups of coffee.. Oh dear.. :O Well I do some gentle exercises (for example: squats while i'm brushing teeth, raise some light weights for few minutes and then i feel awake XD and ofc I drink a cup of cappuccino/coffee if i need it ^^) So, don't drink so much coffee :)

    I'm glad you came home safely!

    And a question: Will your album be rock/metal or something else?? if you can please tell me. :)

    And yeah.. this is not important but this is my blog about you and NW so if you'd like to see it I would be very happy (and blogers if you can and want to please follow me):

    Enjoy your day!

    Kisses and hugs from Nives ♥

  8. You woke up after sleeping just 3 hours?! How could you leave the bed? If I would have gotten just 3 hours of sleep I would have been such a zombie that you haven't seen before :D

    I'm glad the the trip was productive! :)
    I didn't know that Johan is finnish? (Well I know that it isn't my business.) Does Johan speak finnish to Nemo?

    Take care!

  9. It seems you did a lot of shopping, huh? That's nice, and I liked your outfit too.
    Have a nice day! xxx

  10. Wow, so the solo album's maybe coming up before the next Nightwish album?Or is that just work in progress?really looking forward to it!

  11. Evening Anette:)
    Your lookin' just lovely in the photos Anette. A vision of beauty you are to me, without fail. "sigh"
    Looks like you got some nice shopping done while you were away for the day. Haven't been to a Burberrys myself in years. I only shop at Kmarts anymore with your credit card........only joking soooo don't kill me!

    lots of love

  12. Hi Anette!
    This photo with toothbrush rocks, haha! I love you :D I'm glad you had a safe flight and everything went well :) The Moomin book for Nemo looks nice, I love Moomins :D Today I went shopping with my mum and was trying to find some Moomin clothes for my little brother, but there was only Winnie Pooch everywhere.. Maybe I'll find smethning in online shop. But I found something for myself.. "Tales from Moominvalley" book :D And also bought a dress, cause on January we will have a pram in school ;)
    Sleep well

    Hugs to you and boys

  13. Dear Anette,

    that has been a full day!
    I got tired only by reading everything you've must have some super-power to be able to do all those things during just one day!
    And luckily with all the shopping you did, you didn't get bored while waiting for the flight at the've bought some really cool things.
    Thanks for the pics!

    Tomorrow I also have a travelling day, cause I'm going away with my friends to celebrat the new year, and I already want to wish you, to your boys Nemo, Seth & Johan & all the rest of the family a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR with lots of health, love, joy and success!
    At the end of the year I want to congratulate to you and Johan once again for your lovely baby and wish him Happy 5 Months Anniversary, which I know, will be tomorrow!

    Kisses & hugs from Transylvania,

    P.S can't wait for your solo & the new NW albums!

  14. I loved that photo with a toothbrush in your mouth! ;))) Nice to hear that you're working on with your solo project. Good luck! - And I drink a lot of coffee, too, when I haven't slept a lot... 3 cups at least. ;) I guess that's one thing we Finns and you Swedes have in common... coffee drinking!

  15. Good evening dear,

    are you awake at this hour? :D I have a question about your cooking: i know that in sweden you eat the reindeer. In which way do you cook it? With any sauce? About Johan that is a chef, can he cook it? :D I've heard a lot about it and now i'm curious and i ask it to you that you live there.

  16. Hello Anette, I'm glad you had a successful day, I am really looking forward to hearing more about your solo album!

    You look beautiful in the photos, despite being really sleep deprived. I love the way you wrote such a detailed account of your day, even down to a photo of you brushing your teeth! I very much enjoyed reading this, =).

    Take care!

  17. Croatian idiot: Hi! My solo album wont be metal or rock, it´s very different from that;=) I think it will show another side of me and my voice and I look forward for you to hear it. Take care!

    Arianna: Yeah, they eat reindeer here i Sweden in the more northern parts. It can be cooked in many different ways, like a stew for example. It´s also eaten in Finland and then they serve it with mashed potatoes and a mushroom sauce.

    Vesna: Yes, my solo will be out before the NW album;=)

    Sonia: Johan is born in Sweden but with finnish parents so he sees himself as finnish. He speaks both swedish and finnish with Nemo but finnish with his mum, dad and sister.

  18. Thank you for answering my question Anette. I can't wait to hear it :)

  19. Good morning dear Anette,

    then is that like i've thinked and as Johan told me a time ago, that you favoutite food is bloody steak with mushroom sauce. Thank you for answering... you are so nice as always! :D

  20. I read that your new album isn't metal. I am very happy. This is really great news. I can not wait to hear it. Please write something more about it. When is the approximate release date? Are you going to give performances? Will you shoot video?

    I know you can not say too much, but write something a little bit. Please, please...

    Thank you for the joy that you give me.

  21. Mumin! :D Vår stolthet<3
    Och Muminbutiken i centrum är faktiskt fantastisk! :) Synd att det inte finns någon här i östra Helsingfors :(

  22. Hello Anette !!
    What a busy day !!
    You look beautiful in the pics !!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your day with us !
    Your album must be a blast !
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  23. Hay Anette,
    I'm realy bored so I went reading your blog and realy need to comment this one! My aunt wokred at Hilton hotel in finland! I also have realy old Moomin stuff somewhere in the house. Well have a lot of nice day's!
    Kisses from Holland