Monday, 13 December 2010


Good morning!

Today we celebrate Lucia here in Sweden. Saffron buns and ginger bread cookies are what we eat today and in many work places and schools there are "Lucia" celebrations.


  1. Good morning,

    we don't celebrate this day but today is shorter day of the year. That sadness! :(

    Enjoy your day!

    Big hugs

  2. Hi Anette!
    I don't know anything about this day... I think we don't celebrate here haha
    Hey!Today is my birthday :D

    Have a nice day

  3. hello anette !

    How are you?

    Lucia it's my name ! we say lucie in french
    I do not know for celebrebration, thank you for sharing!

    Have a nice day! xoxo

  4. We do this too in Denmark. Which you probably already know ;)

    Happy December.

  5. Hej Anette :)

    I wish you a happy Lucia celebration. And i have to say, your sunday evening post was lovely to read, and great photos as well - thank you. :)



  6. Hi Anette!

    Here was -18 degrees this morning, a bit too cold for me.
    Some people here celebrates Lucia, but that is not my familys tradition. How ever I like the Lucia song, its very tender.

    Have a nice Lucias day

  7. Hi Anette! :D

    I've never heard of this holiday before.. had to read up on it :) I saw the saffron buns in the article about it, they look delicious! Are they bought in stores, or can one make them herself? :)

    Have a great day!


  8. It's a beautiful tradition. :) We had it in Finland at school, but I can't remember any cookies. :P Here in Norway it's celebrated every year with Lucia and cookies.

    I've learnt a song called "Tenn lys" while I've been here, it's a beautiful advent song and I always start to cry when I hear children sing it. It's on YouTube, too, I don't know if you've heard it

    ...very beautiful lyrics but it's much more touching when children sing it with their clear voices!

  9. Hi there! I knolw I haven't come here lately, but I've been sooooo busy. I've missed you and your voice so much, as all my friends from Brazil!!!!

    Just came here to tell you ( in case you don't know yet) that Within temptation is going to release -or at least show us some teaser- of their new song this afternoon. I just remembered you like them a lot and came here to tell ya! Hope you like it, I'm pretty anxious.

    Big kiss and hugs for the boys there.


  10. @Marina happy b-day :)

    Hey Anette,

    We are celebrating Lucia too.. In my class I have a girl named Lucia (it's actually Lucija) and I know so much more Lucias XD It's common name in CRO ^^

    Have a great day! :*

  11. Hey Nettie, how are you?? I hope you feel better =)
    In my country, we celebrate Lucia.
    Btw. Here's the pic I made for you. I hope you will like it

    Big hugs to you and the boys


    Ena :*

  12. Lucia är en mysig högtid. Jag ska iväg till Luciaföreställningen i Domkyrkan ikväll. Det är esteterna på min gamla skola som håller i det, det är alltid kul att se hur musikaliska dem är. Men det är så otroligt populärt så vi lär få köa i en-två timmar, vilket känns jobbigt i de -8 grader vi har här för tillfället. Men jag ser i alla fall fram emot det.

  13. Hi Anette ! "Lucia" is the first name of my mom lol. Have a great evening ;)

  14. I am a new follower! YEAY!!! Hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

    Emma Michaels

  15. Hey Anette, we do not celebrate this here in the UK, but this morning I had lunch with my Norweigan friend and she was saying that today in Norway they make and eat saffron buns and have a day of celebration. I asked her, "is the celebration for Lucia?" and she was surprised I knew. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't read your post this morning!

    Happy celebrations! Take care.

  16. what exactly is being celebrated?? anyway, all the candles look nice. hope you have a good day.

  17. and btw, has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like michelle pfeiffer?? at least to me you do. you're really beautiful, just like her, :D

  18. Hej!

    We don't celebrate Lucia here in Finland, or atleast I have never celebrated it. Usually every city chooses a Lucia for each year but that's all.
    I celebrate this day because my x-mas holiday kinda started today! Yeehaw! :)

  19. Hej Anette!
    Today in Milan, in the Duomo, there was a Swedish choir, wich sang some typical swedish Christmas songs and it was amazing! I really felt my love for Sweden! I hope we may know each other, I would like to tell you the beautiful things I'm learning!

  20. my name is Lucia and it's not a very common name here in Romania. unfortunately that also means that very few people know I have a name day :P but my mom remembered, hehe.
    nice to see there are people celebrating this name so.. hugely in Sweden :)
    cheers Anette

  21. Good evening Anette,

    this evenig having dinner and talking with my parents about my cat i had in my in mind a question that i wanted to ask who have cat in home. When we feed him, dry food or meat he is a bit squeamish, he sniff and then he revolves around and sometime don't eat. XD I want to know if your cats they do it also. :)

    Have a nice evening!

  22. Good evening Anette:)
    Happy Saint Lucia Day Anette, not that I know to much about it though... excuse my ignorance. Here in my country its not the tradition it is in Sweden, or so it would seem.
    Enjoy the evening, and take care!
    lots of love

  23. Hi Anette!
    Unluckily, we don't celebrate Lucia here :( The way how you celebrate it in Sweden is great - the procession, lights and everything ;) I have to see it one day! Well, to celebrate this ady I just took two candles and light it in the evening.. It's so nice in the room with them :)
    I wanna ask you if you could write a recipe for the ginger bread cookies Seth baked? In school we will have a meeting before Christmas and everyone must do something to eat so me and my friend thought we can bake this cookies.. ;)
    Sleep well

    Lots of hugs

  24. In Poland Saint Lucy`s Day was a day of magic and impure powers. People was securing their houses from witches and ghosts.
    By the way we have also remembrance of 'the state of war' today. Streets are full of militiamen which remind us about really hard times in our history. It`s look so appallingly. In my city I could also listen some anticommunist music.

    Greets and hugs ;)

  25. Good afternoon Anette : D

    Uau , Lucia it's my name o.o

    Happy Saint Lucia day !
    Best wishes for you and for all your family !