Friday, 3 December 2010


Happy friday everyone!

Started the morning with some paper work to my accountant. Always so boring with paper work, but something that needs to be done now and then.

My breakfast/lunch today is the same as every day: scrambled eggs. I take 2 eggs and 1/2 dl cream and mix together. Then into the frying pan with some butter and middle low temperature. A bit of salt on it and then stir all the time so it doesnt burn. Yummie! (and bacon is super to add if you want)

Time for a walk outside soon but before that, some friday music;=) Have a great friday!
Take that with Robbie Williams, finally;=)


  1. Good Morning Anette.
    Your breakfast looks lovely, making me feel hungry now.
    I'm really happy today, got myself a job so means shopping spree in London hahah. Today full of busy, sorting out things for our Mr. H.

    Enjoy your walk, there is just too much snow here to go walking which is a shame as it looks so beautiful.
    Take care and love to all


  2. Hey Anette,

    i just had luch with pasta and tomato. In Sweden did you usually have a breakfast with scrambled egg? In Italy we used to have it with milk and coffee or with cacao.

    I liked some song but i'm not lover of them. I alwayas prefered backstreet boys.

    I hope you had ejoyed your walk! What about the temperature? Here finally sunny has come out. Have a nice day and take care!


  3. Good morning Anette,how's everything?
    hmm scrambled eggs is so good! Do you always eat them for breakfast? Here breakfast is usually buttered bread with coffee and milk! And I personally like to eat some cereals too,like granola and brazilian nut mixed with some orange juice! hmm yummie! :)
    Hope you enjoyed your walk,despite the cold!
    Here is summer,so very hot days,and practicly no wind,wich makes us feel the heat even more,but waking up with the sun shining everyday,so full of life and lighting up our day is so amazing, that we forget about the heat! hehe;=)
    Hope the boys are well!
    Enjoy your day!
    love & hugs from Brazil,

  4. I will try to do those eggs for my breakfast, they sound delicious!

    Have a great day :)

  5. Hei Anette.

    I spent today baking cinnamon buns from my 'Moomin' Recipe-book. They look, smell and taste delicious and very seasonal with those Christmas spices.

    Tomorrow we'll start putting up our Christmas decorations. I love this time of year!!

    Instead of buying Christmas presents for people, this year I'm baking some yummy treats for them and making little gift baskets full of food. I can't wait to get on with that.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Good afternoon-evening Anette:)
    Sorry to hear you had a boring time of things this morning. At least it not every morning that way.

    We call that Brunch here, its a combination of breakfast, and lunch and usually served after 10:00 or 11:00am. Just finished my brunch, a Belgian waffle with butter, maple syrup and powdered sugar. They are sooo good!

    Thanks for the Friday music:)
    Have a great evening, and enjoy!
    lots of love

  7. Hello Anette !!
    You breakfast looks great !! Im hungry now :D xD I dont eat scambled eggs for a long time,i have to ask to my mum to do it :)
    In Portugal we ususally eat cereals,or coffee,milk,toast and cake. But i eat cereals everyday !!
    Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe and the video !!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  8. Hi Anette!

    Today i listened DPP at the same time i knitted a blanket to my frien who have breast cancer. And same time i think over how are you doing. I noticed that it's been a while of my last visit here! I'm very happy that you update your blog so often.

    We (me, my husband and our 3 daughters) are going to Röskö at Sunday to celebrate my mother-in-low's 50th birthday. I'm so excited to see where NW's new album has been created!

    Now i have to go to read my 3 year old daughter some book :)

    Best wishes,

  9. Hi, dear Anette!
    How are you? How is your family? :)
    This scrambled eggs look delicious! It's look like some meal I sometimes eat for breakfast, it's call corn flour or polenta! It's very delicious, you can eat it with milk! I like it! :)
    In sunday is the second Advent sunday. Can you believe that for almost two weeks it will be Christmas! I can't even imagine, time is really fast! In Croatia, we also have four candles and every sunday we light one.
    I often visit your blog and I read what are you writing, but I don't post so often, because I don't have enough time! For example, this week was very hard in the school and i needed to study a lot! But, it passed good! :/
    So, have a nice evening and enjoy in talent show! (Is it tonight?)
    Lot of kisses and big hug from also cold Croatia ;)

  10. Anette! Hej!
    Ok, I need your help, hope you may help me!
    Today at Swedish lesson, we tried to translade the receipt of Saffransbröd (and something else which is called Vetedeg-grundrecept, that I think it's the base of the sweet).. Could you give me the English receipt? The Swedish version is too difficoult for me xD
    A big hug!

  11. Haha, I love Take That. It's my major guilty pleasure...amongst others!

    Just about got tickets to see them at Wembley Stadium! It's going to be amazing. :D Can't wait. Take if you like Take That then Anette?

    Best wishes, Ryan.

  12. Scrambled eggs are also good if you put in some garlic powder and lots of cheese, if you're able :D I learned that from a friend and tried it one morning. It's tasty!