Saturday, 4 December 2010


I have received so many gifts from many of you and I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you! There are not enough words for how it makes me feel to know that you have put so much effort into sending me beautiful cards, gifts for Nemo and Seth, jewellery, candles, books and so much more! And all the letters and cards where you write to me makes me cry every single time. I really dont know how to say thanks to you all so that it could be enough but I really hope you ALL know that I appreciate what you do and the beautiful persons you are!

Here´s photos of the gifts so everyone can see the beautiful things you all send;=)

Lots of love and hugs from us all;=)


  1. Morning Anette
    That's so sweet of you to post pictures and your thanks to everyone.

    I hope you have plans for a lovely day. I ws awake all night with teething baby but we are going shopping for Christmas decorations today.

    Take care
    Love Carol

  2. Good morning dear,

    finally you've posted our gift! I'm very very happy to see in the pic my litle card and that you got it! Do you like the music in the card? :D Don't thank us, if we do that it's because you are a very special person.

    THANK YOU for giving us the chance to keep in touch with you! It's a most beautiful thing that you could do! Love you and hugs

  3. Hej Anette!

    wow alla presenterna ser så fina ut. Jag har själv inte skickat något, men om jag hade gjort det så skulle jag nog säga att du inte behöver tacka.
    Du gör så mycket för oss fans redan när du skriver den här bloggen. Det du gör är väldigt unikt och jag blir alltid så glad när jag vet att jag kan skriva till den person som jag beundrar mest i hela världen :)
    Så det är du som ska ha allt tack, tack för att du bryr dig och tack för att du ger oss den här unika upplevelsen :)

    Massor med kramar!


    ps. du var med i tidningen idag och det gjorde mig så glad :) och din lilla pratbubbla, eller vad man ska kalla det, var bredvid Jay Smith så det gjorde det hela ännu mer awesome :D

  4. Wow - lucky you Anette! What gorgeous fans you have. I'm coveting those Kinder chocolates for Seth.. ;-)

    Have a nice weekend

  5. Hello Anette ! Your message is so nice :-) I see the little Pluto we send with oceane , I'm happy to know that he is at the good place ! You make me feel so good with your music , and i wanted to thank you as i can ! I hope that nemo will like it ! kisses from france , thank you !

  6. Hej Anette

    You really touched me with your lovely post. And it's so nice to recognize the things i sent in the second pic, as well as the baby's teddybear in the forth... :) Did you liked the wraping bags i've found for you?
    And thank YOU. <3

    *Big hugs*


  7. Hey Anette! As many before said, you don't need to thank us, since you deserve all of our love & little presents.
    I gave you a portrait of you (this one: when I had the chance to meet you in Mantova, back in March 2009... Did you keep it as well? :)
    A big hug
    Maria Laura

  8. Hi Anette! You make my day bright with that!
    So, now I'm sure you have our package (with fabien le français) what do you think about what you got for us?
    I send you,
    -the plush Pluto (don't know if it's he's name in Sweden...) from Disney,
    -the necklace with skull (cameo) (wich I really hope you love it !!),
    -the little box for jewellery,
    -the kinder for Seth (you didn't eat it btw :p),
    -the thing (don't know the word) to make ice like stars...
    -the scarf (I hope you like it, when I saw it I thought (that's Anette's style)
    -And the photos...

    I think that's all!

    So as Fabien said, I'm really happy to see our gifts are at the good place! I'm waiting for that since March so really happy to see the pics !!

    Have a good day

    Love & Hugs

  9. Hii Anette ^^

    Aaaaw so cute! You got so many awesome things, but you really deserve them! I love that baby book by the way!

    Also saw that you got two dutch birthday cards, the one with the kitten and with the puppy dog ^^.
    I am still working on something to send to you, as I want to make it all special, but when I send it i'll let you know =).

    Lisa <3

  10. Hey Nettie, I am so glad that you got my chocker. I am soo happy it did not broke during the trip :)
    I am still in Germany and I will be here one more week. Here is soooooooooo cold,,brrrr
    Big hugs to you and the boys ;)


    Ena :*

  11. Hey Anette
    Thought you might like to read Tuomas' message on our website. Beautiful words as always.. however makes it difficult to translate

    Take Care

  12. @Carol: i don't why but the link you posted it doesn't works. Anette it works at you?

  13. Good evening Anette:)
    YAAAAA for Anette and family!!! YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!
    lots of love

  14. Océane: yeah, I loved the gifts and the chocolate are now eaten by Seth today;=) Pluto has been a good friend to Nemo for a week now, they lie and cuddle together on the floor every day. So soft and nice to cuddle. And I must say I especially loved the photos you enclosed. Thanks so much!

  15. Anette, i've immediately understood that you are a really special person for me since the first time i got in touch with you.

    Please don't change that beautiful person that you are! Love you and hugs.

  16. Hello Anette !!
    Im sooo glad that you like the gifts,you deserve them !!
    Im kinda sad because i didnt sent you nothing,yet !! I talk with my mum,but sometimes she doesnt have enough atention to me,but i promise that you will receive something from me :D
    Its sooo nice that you took pics of the gifts !!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  17. Hey Anette!

    Wow that's a lot of gifts :)
    Recently I've been looking at your pictures on filckr and found this one:
    I absolutely LOVE your leggins. Ive searched for them in very store I could think of! Please tell me where you bought them, they are so nice!!PLEASE! :)

  18. Oh my god. Anette.. you are soo.. incredible !!! Thank you sooooo sooo much ! I sent you the little b-day card with the bird in the first picture and the Sweden card in the 4th, i sent it from Sweden.. I never thought that it would arrive !oh it makes me so happy.. I began to scream and my mom got tears when she saw that I'm soo soo soo happy !
    Anette, its the best thanks you could have given me... thank you..
    youre so wonderful..and I promise you, I'll send you my package soon !

    I love you - forever
    Laura from germany ;=)

  19. Oh, so beautiful and nice gifts you have received!
    I'm so sensitive that I almost cried when I read your text :)

    You keep on rocking girl!

  20. Oooh I'm so happy to read our little Pluto is a good friend to Nemo, we choose it cause as you said it's "so soft nd nice". Perfect for babies!
    If you have a photo of them (in wich we don't see Nemo's face!) I'll be really happy!

    About the photos, yes I thought you might love it!

    So really happy to see you're happy too =)!

    Have a nice night, it's late now!

    Love & Hugs

  21. Dearest Anette,

    Aww, it warmed my heart to read this post. You are so thoughtful and sweet to take out the time to collect all of the gifts together and take photos. Truly, I cannot thank you enough for keeping us so updated, your Blog is one of the first things I check each morning. It always warms me to hear from you :). I have just recently returned from a long Thanksgiving vacation, so I have not posted on your Blog in a little bit, but I have been reading your posts each day :). Well, may you sleep well and have sweet dreams tonight, and may you have a beautiful and peaceful morning tomorrow.

    May God Bless you and your family.

    With all of my love and good thoughts,

  22. Anette, you shouldn't be surprised that you've gotten so many gifts. You have a lot of people that love you. :)

    I've just written you a letter, and I'm going to send it as soon as I go get a little gift to add along with it. I tried my best to express how much I look up to you. :)

  23. Anette,

    I'm happy you have so many fans who love you ! Those gifts are beautiful!

    Something realy amazing happened just a few minutes ago ! Here in Chile we're having our Teleton, an event to raise money for the children who have some disability. And we have to raise like chilean pesos (about 32 million dollars, something like that).. and we made it, we raised more than chilean pesos !! It's so beautiful ! You know it has been a really bad year for us chileans: earthquakes, tsunamis, then what happened to our miners... It's so amazing to know that our country still can do it, we still can help, we still can complete our goals, we are the champions of solidarity, and I'm so proud to be a chilean ! Those kids really need our help, on the TV they showed some videos of those kids, and they were so beautiful, I could not stop crying in front of the TV...
    I absolutely love my country & I'm proud of it !

    Don't know if you have something like our Teleton in your country, but I hope you have, because this events are the ones that make us proud. It's a beautiful thing to help & give love, specially to kids.

    So yeah, I told you because beautiful things like these have to be known all over the world..

    Take care Anette..
    Hughs and kisses,


  24. Good morning Anette,

    did ever answered (not her in the blog) at one gift that you got? I always thought about that and i've wanted to ask you. :)

    Have a nice day!

    Big hugs

  25. Het Anette, this morning i've posted here. Where is my post? What's happens?

  26. Anette,

    Wonderful photos! You got some really awesome stuff!
    Didn't know we could send you stuff...gonna have to do that...

    Take care,

  27. Hi A -

    Its so nice to know that the gifts are so warmly appreciated !

    It is a pleasure for us all to know this.

    It is great that we can repay you in some small way for keeping in touch with all of us.

    My very best wishes to you all Peter x