Thursday, 16 December 2010

White christmas

So we will have a white christmas here. The snow has returned today and it´s a bit of a snow storm outside. Not so bad as I thought but quite some snow;=) We will stay inside today and do some cleaning and washing clothes and I´ll also order some x-mas gifts from internet. I really dont like christmas when it comes to the stress of gifts and luckily we dont have so many to buy gifts for and the ones I do need to get gifts for, I can order from the net. Practical when you dont have the time or energy to run around in the stores.

I must say that I am more the person to go away to a warm country for x-mas but this year we´ll stay at home for the kids sake. But next year I think it´s time for Thailand or something again. It was the best x-mas for years to lie by the pool;=)

Let´s enjoy some music now! A little bit of Evanesence and then the new song with Within Temptation:=) Enjoy and have a nice day!


  1. Hi dear Nettie, how are you?' I hope that everything is ok =)
    Thank you for those songs, I love them sooo much.
    I wanted to ask you know when will be the 3rd season of True Blood??

    Big hugs to you and the boys
    P.S. Kiss little Nemo from me :)


    Ena :*

  2. within temptaion's new song is wonderful. their new album will be amazing. evanescence too

  3. Yeah, we have a little snow storm here in Finland too. It's not big, a little bit more windy and snowy weather.

    I gotta say that I so disagree with you :D There's no way I could ever travel to a warm country for x-mas. I need the coldness, snow and winter for my x-mas. But hey, I'm from Finland so that explains a lot :D

    Although I have never been in a warm country. The only country I've traveled in is - surprise surprise - Sweden. So I don't have any experience of traveling to some warm country. I could try it for x-mas, but right now it feels very strange thought.

    Well, everyone of us has different traditions and styles. And that's just great :)

  4. Good morning Anette!

    Here also we have snow, this morning it was frozen but when i ws coming home it was melt. Now is snowing againg... STOOOOOOOOOP!!! XD I agree with lying at pool or at the beach. Do you prefer the beach or swimming pool? I prefer the beach and in the summer i often go there, in 30 minutes or more i can reach it.

    I like evenescence and as you already know within temption. They have a beautiful ballads as my immortal, hello, utopia, all i need and farewell. Which are your favourites? Mine are those that i've written here.

    Have a nice day too!


  5. Hi Anette,

    Stay warm and think of this message as a little ray of sunshine from California!

    Hugs from my sons as well, they love you too! (Named the cat Anette)

  6. Hi Anette :)

    I'm so jealous! I really want a white Christmas:) I know snow is troublesome, but white Christmases are beautiful :D
    Whenever I need to buy gifts, I usually resort to the internet:) It has a much bigger selection, lowers the stress of finding something by a bit.
    I love the Evanescence song! It's one of my favorites of their's :)
    The Within Temptation song is amazing! I'm a little confused about the video, but it's good:)
    I'm so excited, I found out today that Within Temptation are going to be in Paris in November! Now to just get my hands on some tickets :P

    Enjoy your day Anette! Or rather your evening!


    P.S. I never commented on the photos that you posted with your new hair style, so I thought I'd just quickly say, it looks amazing! I honestly like this color more than the old one:) It's brighter and you look so pretty!

  7. Hej där! =)
    Vi har oxå snö där jag bor, en jäkla massa snö. Jag älskar vintern, men jag håller med dig om att det skulle vara gött att åka utomlands över julen. Inte för kylan, utan bara för att få komma iväg lite, och slippa all julstress ... xD

    Bra låtar du la upp! Jag älskar WT:s nya låt =) Den kanske inte är deras bästa, men den är bra!
    Och Evanescence gillar jag oxå och har alltid gjort. Tycker dock att "My immortal" är deras bästa, och finaste, låt. Men "Going under", den är awesome den oxå! =)

    Ha en bra dag//Saga

  8. hello!

    what do you think of the new song from WT?
    I like it, maybe a bit commercial, but it will be great live!
    Sharon still has a pretty voice, I can not wait to hear more

    Have a nice evening!

  9. Hi Anette !!

    Hope that your day was nice even if the snow storm didn't let you go out =)

    Here in France, the cold is always here...But i really think that a Christmas without any cold is not a real Christmas =P But i understand you when you say that you prefer spend Christmas in a warmer country because you used to live a cold country since you're born, it's understandable =)

    Today, i finished to buy all the Christmas gifts for my loved ones ! It's so cool i love to do it, a really good atmosphere with my bf even if the cold is a little bit aggressive, i always have a good feeling everytime i buy a gift for someone, especially at Christmas =)
    And i finally found the gift for my bf, because we won't spend Christmas together because of our respective family, so we have to offer our own gifts before Christmas with a good dinner =)

    These days, i have a lot of exams and on Sunday, i will be in vacation !! I'm so looking forward !! =P

    Wish you a very good evening near the fire place =D

    Lots of hugs !!

  10. I hope you enjoy your white Christmas! We could possibly have one where I live in the US too, but I guess I won't know until next week. Christmas in Thailand would be fun though! I've never been there before, but it sounds beautiful :).

    I love Within Temptation's new song! I'm so excited for this new album. I hope there are more symphonic songs on the album though. I don't know if I shared this with you before, but here's a beautiful song by In This Moment called "The Promise."

    I hope you enjoy it :). Have fun Christmas shopping!

    <3 Lauren

  11. Hello!

    I wish we were having snow here. I would love a white Christmas, I feel like then I would be more in the holiday mood. It seems to have snowed at least a little everywhere in my state except for where I'm from.

    I can't imagine being someplace warm for Christmas, although I'd take sun and heat to the dreary rain we're getting here!

    That Within Temptation song is beautiful... haunting. Thank you for sharing it!

  12. Anette,

    Great Evanescence song and I really love the Within Temptation one! Thanks for sharing those!
    I wish we had a snowstorm over here at the moment! I love 'em! :D

    Take care,

  13. i wish i could have a white Christmas!! that's one of my favorite Evanescence songs, although i hardly ever listen to them anymore. Within Temptation looks pretty good, maybe i'll start listening to them.
    take care, have a great Christmas!!

  14. Hey,

    very nice songs indeed :) And i just watched the video of " October and April" , such a calm and beautiful song!

    Enjoy your evening!

  15. Ah~ Anette Olzon, Amy Lee, and Sharon den Adel. . . some of the best singers out there. Hope you have a nice Christmas for the whole family, Anette. It's pretty white where I live in North America too. . .and really cold!


  16. Hi Anette,

    In Pennsylvania it's cold right now and will probably snow in a day or so. We are definitely going to have a white Xmas and I just love the snow during this season. Our great mother is the most beautiful during this time of the year and it's a good feeling to have when your celebrating this holiday. Well, keep your spirit alive and have a beautiful winter solstice and a happy yuletide full of joy. And may you continue to have the brightest blessings coming to you and your family..

    Hugs Zulma :-)

  17. Good evening dear Anette,

    i will spend my evening to watch tv, i was undecided if watch mona lisa smile with Julia Roberts or turbolence but in the end i've decided to watch the last. Did ever watched them? One question about the subjet... which is your favourite actor or actress?

    Have a nice evening!


  18. Hello Anette !!
    Well,here in Portugal we will have a very cold winter,but without snow :S
    The weather is usually rain,or with many clouds,wind and cold,but today it was sunny,but it was SOOO cold !!
    Today me and my sister went to the Shopping for christmas,and we buy some nice things,but i still dont know my gifts :D
    I hope you have fun in your Christmas shopping :D
    And enjoy your snow days ^^
    Thanks for sharing the video,i dont like WT or Evanescence,but they are great musicians :D
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  19. here in italy we have snow :D
    yey today it was -7 in the early morning

    to an italian this can mean a Sudden painful death :D


    I like from evanesce whisper the most , it's my fav from them :)

  20. Hi Anette!

    Great songs! Evanescence and Within Temptation are both amazing!! :)
    Here in Ireland they say we're gonna have a white Christmas, it's gonna get cold over the weekend then snow next week, so I hope it will last until Christmas, because I haven't had a white Christmas where I live before! :)
    Also, on your previous post about your hair, I think it looks beautiful! Just wanted to say that! :)

  21. Hey Anette!
    Well today was the first day of snow here in Greece but unfortunately for me(since i love Snow)i dont think that its going to snow a lot more...too bad!
    Anyway,The songs you posted are both great!
    Have A Great Day!
    How are the recordings going?we haven't got an update for quite a lot of time.

  22. Hi Anette!

    Like I always say, I wish it would snow here! The weather here is so unpredictable. Yesterday it was fairly warm in the afternoon, and it dropped 40 degrees within a few hours! It's crazy. Hopefully it snows on Christmas here. That would be awesome. :D

    Also I love the songs you posted. Evanescence and Within Temptation are two of my favorite bands. I love them so much! And I love Within Temptation's new song! I'm so excited for their new CD coming out in March. I know it's going to be amazing! :) I'm assuming you're going to get it, yes?

    Best wishes,


  23. Hi Anette !
    In the Poland, there's really cold ! I don't remeber so much cold November and the first days of December. Even this is not the worst, the worst one is the terrible cold wind what come to us from ... Finland ;-)I hope that we will have white christmas, too, but the weather in Poland is so much capricious like Polish people. : D I remember lots of time that 2 first weeks of December there was snow and next at 20 December it just disappeared !
    About those songs - I really like Evanescence and WT. I it said lots of time in the coments. But Where is the edge is really great song and I love it ! Can't wait for The Unforgiving, it will be great, I'm sure.
    Goodnight, Anette !

  24. Hello Anette! I seriously LOVE the new WT song, cannot wait for their new album!

    Seems the snow is returning in Helsingborg (lucky)! It would be lovely to have a white Christmas where I live. I am moving back home from London on Saturday and I am so excited! We also have lots of snow forecast so hopefully I will have my first ever white Christmas, =).

    Hope you and the boys are alright, have a lovely day. Take care,

  25. Morning Anette:)
    No snow here so no White Christmas yet for us in NYC, however temp wise its been more than cold enough to.
    Shared thoughts about the gift shopping .... and yeah to some extent some gift giving can get a little crazy, but still gotta love the reasons why | it doesn't get done at least by me:)
    Thanks for the good music!
    Ok sooo have a nice that is!
    lots of love

  26. Hejsan Anette! Here in Brazil, we're having those over 40ºC days now and then, it's not that good for those who are still working...

    And since you are talking about music, I was looking for the lyrics of "Open Your Eyes" that anti-bulying project you were in, but I couldn't find it, and it's not that easy to understand everything :(
    Do you know where I could buy the CD or find it in other place?

    Have a nice day :)

  27. Hi!
    Here in Czhech Republic snow came back too.
    And here is good music too:
    Bye Bye Beautiful!!!!!!

  28. Hi, Anette! The within temptation's song is amazing and I'm expecting their new album. Evanescence too.

    It's the first time that I post a comment in your blog... I really love your voice, your attitude on the stage, besides, you're really beautiful... I liked when you painted your hair of black again, but I personally prefer you blonde. But that's not a problem, you're still amazing!

    Tonight, I watched the music video of The Rasmus - October & April, and it's so beautiful, you singing makes me cry and I always feel good when I listen your songs...

    Sorry for the bad english, I'm brazilian, and I want to see Nightwish here so much!

    Just a question, in the new album from the band, is there a chance to something old music from Nightwish appear in the studio version, like Sacrament of Wilderness, Ever Dream or Ghost Love Score?

    Thanks for the attention! Good night and have sweet dreams!

    P.S: When the next tour will start?

  29. Great songs Anette! Happy holidays <3

    with lots of love -

  30. Hi, Anette :
    I'm jealous,the snow there, it's beautiful where you are, here where i'm there's no snow :(,and it's good to know that you like Evanescence & Within Temptation, that's another reason to Love You!!!, why don't you ask Amy Lee, if you can sing with her?? shes about to release her new album,and it will be really cool if you can sing with her,both have amazing voices,and both are in great bands,and wow, i cant imagine how both will hear singing along!!!,when you're going to release your solo album?, and i can't wait to hear next NW album, If I Love ''DDP'', I'll Love This!!!

    Wish You A Merry X-Mas, and A Happy New year!!!
    Greetings From Mexico.and Send U Hugs & Kisses.


  31. Anette, hi I'm from Brazil.
    I also love Evanescence. How about a partnership with Amy Lee in the new Nightwish album?. I'm sure it would be amazing, and you would be doing the joy of many, many fans. You have many fans in common here in Brazil. Talk to Tuomas,:)
    Even more.