Sunday, 26 December 2010

Todays song

Today I discovered a new amazing singer, Katherine Jenkins, and she has done a cover of one of my favourite songs - Bring me to life with Evanescence;=) I bought her album and it´s really good!



  1. I love Catherine Jenkins :) she was in Doctor Who yesterday and it was great!

    Best wishes!

  2. Hey Anette, that's beautiful song! I like her so much, she has wonderfull voice. Do you know where is she from? It's a new singer?

    Thank you for posting the video!


  3. I've found this wonderfull song sang by Katherine and Andrea Bocelli that i've always loved.

    Maybe you know him. Two beaufitul voices that thay sing one beautiful song... it's no could be better! Do you know this song?

  4. And the same that you've posted but live:

    Great performance!

  5. Hello Anette !!
    She's really good,i prefer her voice is softer than Amy's voice. But i dont know very much about Amy's voice xD But both singers have good voice and they look nice.
    But for me,there is only one perfect singer...You Anette :)
    You are an inspiration to all the girls,you have a beautiful strong and angelic voice ^^
    Now im hearing : HIM-Venus in our blood,a really great song :)
    Thanks for sharing the video !!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  6. amazing cover, her voice is awesome :)

  7. Hi, Anette,

    Lovely song and a very beautiful voice! Thanks for sharing....



  8. Hey Anette! Thank you for posting this, I love Katherine Jenkins. I have just watched her perform live on the TV so it's nice to this song here. She is so beautiful and has a stunning voice!

    @Arianna: She is from Wales in the UK, =).

    Take care, Jas.

  9. Thank you Jasmine for the answer! :)

  10. She's pretty big on the opera scene in the UK and Ireland, she was in an episode of Doctor Who yesterday aswell! :) A very good cover in my opinion, very operatic, I like it! :)

  11. Listen to this song and let me know what you think you about it:!

    I think that are no need about words. *_______*

  12. Thanks for sharing the video, Anette! I saw her in the Dr Who christmas special last night - awesome in both instances.

  13. OHMYGOSH, she was on Doctor Who the other day ;)
    She has such a good voice!!! ^_^

  14. omg she is just awesome her voice is lovely she was recently on the doctor who christmas special

  15. Anette, You Should Sing With Amy, 2 of the most amazing & wohderful voices i ever heard, singing together?? Fantastic, it's a great song, or you could made a cover from evanescence too, Amy's must see that you like her songs.and your an inspiration for me, i dont sing, but i play piano and, im learning ''The Poet & The Pendulum'' it's a Bit Difficult, but i can do my best to play it, but the song that i love to play from ''DDP'' is ''Amaranth'' & ''The Islander''.. I love them..

    greetings from mexico.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  16. Love this song and I like the new version now! Katerine did a great job! I'm impressed! ;)
    I have one idea for you and guys! Why don't you make an album where you Anette sing a old Nightwish songs? For example, I heard yesterday Come cover me with you Anette and I really liked it! I didn't know that you performed this song on the tour. So, I was very impressed! :)
    I think you should to do this! It's just an idea! ;)
    Have a nice day!

  17. Oh, I fell in love with her voice (and with Katherin—É herself :D) after episod of Doctor Who *___* (spoilers!)
    'Abigeil's Song' is truly masterpiece, I cried like a baby)

  18. i know this song!this song is for one fim-vampires