Friday, 24 February 2012

Green morning

Today I start my morning with a green mud mask in my face and a green smoothie for breakfast:-)

Here's what I have in my smoothie: Chocolate flavour triple protein Raspberry yoghurt Low fat milk Fresh blueberries Banana Spirulina Yum yum! Soon my dear boxing routine with Lise! Enjoy your Friday! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Good morning Anette :******* hug and kiss for you my queen of the best remember!!:):***..Anette please Come to Serbia plssss <3<3<3 :** Serbia love you <3 :*...

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  3. Hi Anette! :) have a great day! Lots of love from France <3

  4. That's a good start in the morning. I don't like green but I think masks are the best way to relax, I love them.
    I hope you'll have a good time with Lise and enjoy the boxing. =)
    Happy friday to you, Nettie! =)

  5. I do not usually like to drink ingredientis mixed with many things sometimes get a strange taste, but this is q your drink is really tasty?

  6. Good morning Anette,
    i'm ready to go at my work.

    Have a nice friday!

  7. Hello Anette !!
    Haha one of my friends puts a chocolate mask on my face,but the green mask i never put before =)
    Your drink looks weird for sure but the flavors must be delicious !
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  8. Well,I suppose that squeal looks something about like that but cause I haven´t saw that,I don´t know that better - and actually I´m not interested either.Smoothie I haven´t picked up some while but instead that I have interested for one for now to drink pear lemonade,that tastes little like to cider.

    I have decided to try for now to eat mostly bun than chocolate,I would ratherly eat chocolate but that´s not maybe to good.By amounts on what I would eat that,so little like bread.Hah hah

    So,I didn´t even knew that The heart asks pleasure first was Hartwalls outro and little while ago when I red about that song,I just wondered that what is that.After some listenings before the end comes point on what starts to feel little too bad,I don´t know am I ready to face that ´´missile´´ again - well,this may doesn´t last long.

    So,good late night continue - soon to sleep here...

  9. Anette, you are making me think I should do something like exercise and eat healthy foods. Your enthusiasm is wonderful :)