Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Sun has set and I am on the train back home. It's been a successful day cause I found 2 new stage outfits and they are wonderful, I think;-) hopefully you will like them too! I got one dress from this place - By Malene Birger:

Window shopping were also fun today and what I did the most:-) here's some photos for you. I hope you have enjoyed my instant blogging today, I will do this during the tour too.

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  1. Hope you had a nice time there!
    It was fun to see all the updates! :)


  2. LOVED your intsant blogging! Did you travel and shop alone? Can you go about strolling by yourself safely in peace without being recognised? When my son and I stayed at the Hilton for the Gibson and Key Club shows, we only said hello to each of you once because IMO you all deserve to just be yourselves and not be harrassed. I am a very passionate Nghtwish fan, BUT I also respect you all immensly! I had no idea you all would be there, it is my hotel of chouse for LA and West Hollywood shows. I live just far enough North to make a day trip a bit too long...

    Thanks for the wonderful sites!


  3. Dear Anette...You are so "crazy"(in a good way of course)Were you taking pictures in every dressing room???Hehe!
    Thank you so much for these blogs today..All these photos..
    This is a small reason that makes me believe that you are such a nice person..!A sweetheart..

    Have a great night!
    Take care
    Kisses from Athens!!

  4. Good evening Anette,

    So glad to hear that you've had such a nice and successful day :). Thank you so much for all of the pictures you've shared with us; I've really enjoyed seeing them. I really love the corset and snake leggings - they looked really nice on you. I loved your instant blogging - so nice that you can conveniently share photos with us even when you're on the go :).

    Take care and enjoy your evening, beautiful!


  5. Hej igen!

    It was so nice to read so many bloggings at once. It felt like we were shopping there with you :) Not like stalking but like having fun :D

  6. Hi...the outfits are awesome! Glad you're enjoying yourself!

  7. Hello Gorgeous Anette! Glad to see you are well & enjoying your shopping & sharing with us :-)


  8. Hi Anette!
    I know you have some tattoos, so I have a suggestion - could you make a post about them? What you have and where, and the story behind each picture. If it's not too personal, of course. :) I don't know if you have done this already, but anyway. P.S. Can't wait to see you and the boys next week :D It's going to be awesome! Cheers!

  9. Hi Anette ^ ^
    The clothes are wonderful, and the clothes were perfect for you ♥ And it's beautiful streets, shop windows there and of course the scenery =)
    Kissing here in Manaus, Brazil =D

  10. Hello Anette. I just wanted you to know that you inspire me a lot both musically and in fashion.
    I really wanted you to see what I did, I was inspired in your recent photos.


    Have a g'day. Hope see you here in Brazil soon! =)

  11. Hello Anette! It's always a pleasure to read your blog, thank you for posting and photos!
    And there's one week to release of the new Nightwish single, can't wait to hear "The heart asks pleasure first"!
    Best wishes from Russia!

  12. Hello Anette !!
    Home sweet home =)
    I'm glad to know that you had a successful day ! Shopping is always hard but it looks like you had so much fun with it :D
    I can't wait to see those 2 stage clothes,and of course we will like them ! A true beautiful women can wear everything and look good with it,and you are one of those :)
    Your instant blogging was great,I've never seen a celebrity doing this kind of things with the fans,it's a very good feeling for us,because we (fans) "love" someone that we don't actually know,it's a different kind of relationship and the person we are fans of usually never pays too much attention,but you can make us feel like we know you too and that you care about us,and that's so nice from you,i admire and respect you a lot !
    I love all your outfits ! Thanks for the other pics as well,beautiful places =)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  13. Looks like you had a lot of fun, Anette! It will be interesting being able to read about the tour as it's happening :) Nightwish seems to have been in the spot light quite a lot lately with fan Q&A sessions, your blog, and Nightmail restarting. Hope you're all taking breaks in between!

    So I know that you didn't like the cruise that much but my thoughts about it got posted on our company blog yesterday. Feel free to take a look :)


  14. The Swing top (pic 2) is beautiful on you! Great choices there. Thankyou for the pics. Love the window shopping and the fountain. Lovely.

    Deleece x

  15. Hi Anette,
    Thank you so much for the photos and your reports. I like it to hear from you :-)
    I like your instant blogging.
    big hugs from Austria.

  16. Yeaaah! That's really cool and extremly kind of you! Thank you, Anette! :)

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