Monday, 27 February 2012

New nails

Just home from Sandra at Posh shop after having my nails fixed and ready for Finland and Russia gigs:-)

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  1. Looks very pretty with these sweet little stars. Like it! =) <3 <3

  2. *-*
    Beautiful nails ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Hey Nettie!
    I think I'm back with my daily comments. I had found a job (for free as usual), but I didn't feel confortable as art director, so this morning I left. T_T
    Wow, I love your nails (and the ring)! I bite my nails sadly. I'm a bit jealous but I know I couldn't play the piano with long ones so it's kinda ok. Talking about playing the piano...
    I learned about the Nuclear Blast Contest! Wow that's cool! My favourite Nightwish youtube pianist is competing, so I'm here to support him. \°_°/ go go \*o*/
    Ehm, I'm not sure I can say the name so I won't. I hope a bit of cheerleading is allowed. I consider him a great pianist and a kind person and he deserves to be listen from you guys. And if he wins you can complain on how much I annoy you both with my comments! Ok, I'll go to play a bit too...
    Have a great everything!
    With love <3

  4. Oh lowely nails! How much did those cost?

  5. Hello Anette !!
    Woow ! Great i love them :D My mom also loved them,she said to me : You could do to me some nails like that haha :)
    They look great on you,and your ring it's beautiful !
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  6. Nice nails Anette! I love getting my nails done too - though sadly I am landscaping at the moment so my nails look like a disaster.
    Deleece x

  7. I love the nails...and um, something else on your left hand made me run and get my sunglasses! Beautiful? Was that a a gift to yourself or are you now betrothed? I think you two make a very respectable rocker couple. And you make cute babies too! I was so happy to see Tuomas with Johanna in LA! She is such a pretty lady, and I hope she is as gentle as her vocal makes her out to be. Even in California I hear rumors about them. I wish for Tuomas' world to be as wonderful to him as he is to us. I have such awe of the musicisianship you all have! Oh crap I'm rambling again! Nightshift...Travel safely, and enjoy yourself. OK enough of me!

  8. Dear Antte,
    Once again wonderful nails!!

    Have a great day!!
    Hugs from Athens!!

  9. Well,Russia is quite familiar to me though now about ice hockey and figure skating but maybe more at athletics (to mention some Totmianina,Marinin,Plushenko and Isinbayeva),little difficult to say.What comes to Russia otherwise then if would come chance then I could think to go stop by there but with some experienced ones and - to who I could trust...,not otherwise.

    At cities why not St.Petersburg but mostly yes Moscow,although though feels quite distant.Grandeur state as I have thinked on my mind many times and I may have heard that sometimes too.Along the border of Finland and Russia I have droved little distance but in principally wasn´t meaning to go to other side either.

    So aa,yesterday went so late that didn´t had to open computer at all and today I was quite tired,snowworks and out air feels to be little challenging combination - plus other works and things to add to that.By nice add on my car is again couple little faults but looks quite little anyway,but damn I say when should leave to little trip...heh.One fault may has been there quite some time already.

    Ok,quite soon to sleep here