Saturday, 24 November 2012

A beautiful blog...

...that I really love to look into is this:

She writes in Swedish but you can just enjoy her beautiful photos, like I do=)


  1. Yeah..beautiful photos, and some extraodinary, unusual. Thanks! ;=)

  2. Hello Anette !

    How are you today ? :)

    I just read you profile on the right. What you do is really nice !

    I have a question if you want of course : It is because of the bullying and the pressure you had when you were entered Nightwish that now you seem relieved and so peaceful ? You don't have this pressure anymore, isn't it ? What's the odds ?

    Have a really really good day and take care ! ;)

  3. The photos are beautiful ;-)
    Maybe I will sit down tonight, when my headache´s gone, and try to understand the words. My Swedish is bad, but I do understand Danish when I read it, so maybe...
    I wish you a very great Saturday!
    Love, Betty

  4. Wow she's doing a great job :D

    Haha by the way I opened some of polish sites when you can find some music news- polish press and so on read your blog haha!
    They quoted something about your solo album- it's nice that you are supported in Poland in media :)

  5. I promised - a photo of my pie:

    Hope this link will work)


  6. Just took a look @ Caisak and have to say she does have some very beautiful pictures, quite amazing. ;)

    Although I don't speak Swedish I did use Google Translator... *sshhh don't tell anyone Anette, Kay:)* I'll definitely favorite this blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great afternoon Anette!

    Hugs and love.


  7. Hi Anette

    Really nice blog thanks for the link ;-)
    Enjoy your day

  8. Hi Anette,
    First I want to thank you for your reply yesterday.
    The blog is interesting and with beautiful photos.

    I have now seen your new blog and I think it looks really great. The 3 photos of you are amazing.
    I also think the idea of ​​the blog not to do longer with the purple background very well. For me this will be the blog that has nothing to do with the past of NW. Black - white, that is a very good idea.

    Now I wish you a beautiful and relax weekend. Enjoy it.
    big hugs and love

  9. Hey Anette,
    I've never written on this blog although I've been following you for so long. I think you're great ^^
    About this post - if you like browsing some interior/exterior home ideas, you may enjoy this one:

    I wish you a very nice evening ;)