Saturday, 24 November 2012

Todays music;=)

Happy saturday and time for todays music;=) Today we dig all different music from my iTunes and here ´s some of what we´re digging, me and Nemo. And today its time to celebrate all the lovely and talented women out there!

Agneta Fältskog - Wrap your arms around me:

Jennifer Holiday - And I am telling you:

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston - When you believe:

Vanessa Williams - Save the best for last:

Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand - Tell him:

Tarja Turunen - In for a kill:

Katie Melua - Nine million bicycles:

Christina Aguilera - Hurt:


  1. Happy Saturday Anette. :)

    Such an excellent collaboration of names im seeing. I recognize a few of these as they're on my iPod.

    I will listen to them very soon after I return from the gym in abit. Gotta stay fit! :D

    hugs and love.


  2. Wow, all these women sing so well. =)
    Have you heard the song Memory? It's the musical Cats.
    I always imagined you singing it.
    Here is the video:
    I love the pain that this song goes.

  3. And of course...our lovely and gorgeous - Anette Olzon ;=)

    Thanks, dear, for nice music!

  4. Great voices!

    Anette and everybody, are you guys following the American X Factor? Daaamn, the kids have such amazing voices!!!

    Here are some:
    Diamond White:
    Carly Rose Sonenclar:
    and Arin Ray (this guy rocks! A pity he was eliminated this week):

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  5. In for a Kill is one of my favourite songs by Tarja!! :D
    I wish you a good week end dear Anette!!!
    Lots of love from Germany

  6. Hay

    I had a kind of musical today and they painted me green so I came home and my face was still green! So I toke a shower and now I'm reading your blog and eating kruitnoten(something dutch which I don't know the translation from) I think today is going to be the day I'll stop harming myself so bad. If I still want to do it I'll just bite on my tounghe and play with hair ties.

    I just love this music you put in your blog<3

    When I grow up I want to live in sweden too because its not to warm/cold there!

    Omg my phone wallpaper is just adorable!(you and Emppu! I think you two were good friends)

    I need some questions for a thing from school and I hope you can anwer it. It is about 9/11:
    1. What do you think about 9/11?
    2. Where were you when it happened?
    3. Did it scare you?
    4. What do you think about the islam?
    5. In what do you believe?

    I think my teacher would love to read something from a famous woman!

    Love you!

  7. I can´t belive myself I can see Tarja on your blog. Nice. Do you like her What lies beneath or My winterstorm albums?

  8. TARJA and Agnetha <3 love both of 'em ;)<3

  9. Hello Anette!
    You have good taste, but you forgot another talented woman. You forgot yourself ;)
    Have a nice day!

  10. Thanks for sharing these :) I always like to see that you are interested in many different kinds of music, and they are all great!
    I am wondering if you have heard of Rajaton? They are an a capella vocal group and they are just amazing! If you have time I think you would really enjoy watching a video of them:
    Have a great day Anette! :)

  11. Hey, this are great songs ;-) Nothing to listen to each day, but still nice ^^
    Usually I don´t like female singers, they just can´t reach Ville Valo and Jyrki 69 and so on, but some women really are great singers. Tarja, for example, or Debbie Harry from Blondie, the singer of Delain (forgot her name), Amy Winehouse... But in the end I always favour male singers, don´t know why ^^
    Have a nice day!
    Love, Betty

  12. Hi anette I m new in the blog but always read it ,and I stayed happy that you decided keep this page, I hope soon see you again with a new project in my country ( Brazil). Ohh it is a eclectic and good list of singers ,of course my prefer is Tarja but this is my opinion, and have you ever met Tarja some day ? Congratulations for the bolg I loved new description ,haha - Sorry my terrible English Enjoy the Saturday

  13. Have a wonderful Saturday, Anette!
    Beautiful and touching songs, thank you for posting them. I haven't commented a long time but I read all your posts))) You're wonderful person that is doing a great job! Especially in questions of bullying. When I'm broken it always gives me strength to stand up! So, thank you very much!!
    I'm waiting for your new songs and solo album.
    Love you so! <3

  14. Hello nice music^^.
    Today i have listerhing all the Time the Starlight Espress douple Live CD from 1989.
    It is a special one. The CD was created to commemorate Annemiek Kloek.

    The Musical has change the show between the years. But it stay as the best Musical ever, then it was my 1st (5 years):D.

    Have a great weekend!


  15. Hi Anette!

    Incredible songs,singers and videos! thanks for shared this with us :D

    By the way, I noticed you changed your profile information and I like it!

    Have a nice day!

  16. Hi dear
    Thanks for the share ;-)
    My favorites songs are
    Tarja Turunen, Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera ♥
    I already meet Tarja she is nice and I hope to meet you someday too :-)

  17. Hi,

    this is woman i listen to a lot recently:
    Marina and the diamonds - Power & Control

    i just love her songs:)

    have a nice evening

  18. Christina Aguilera's "Hurt" is a lovely song, what do you think about covering it one day? ;)

  19. Hello Anette!

    How are you? Great music. You like Tarja? She is a great singer. I would asked you whats your favourite book is?

  20. Hello Nettie!
    How is all? Nice selection of music! :D
    Well, I've been reading your blog from the very beginning, so you can consider me an "old" reader! haha
    I've been thinking about putting gel nails and I know you used them!
    Do u recommend it?
    And I read somewhere that u spent some holidays in Majorca Do u understand Spanish? :)
    PS: I promise to post more comments here!

  21. I never heard that song of tarja :O it's a great song thanks for share it anette ^^

  22. Thanks for sharing, like "Lines" said before I surprised to see a link about Tarja. But it's really nice from you because she is an excellent singer like you dear Anette.
    Also, thank you for Celine Dion, my boyfriend hates this singer so he was crazy to listen this music ;-) Moreover we have a TV show about her in France tonight so he is really sad because I'll probably watch it =D

    Have a nice evening !

  23. You have such an amazing taste in music. ;-) those are all such good songs!
    Have a good day!

  24. Hi dear Anette,
    thank you so much for these great songs. My favorites are Tarja, Agneta Fältskog and Katie Melua. But one great singer I miss: Anette Olzon ;-)
    I hope you had a great Saturday.
    Have a nice evening.
    Hugs Gitte

  25. Nice music ! BTW I like your new lay-out from you're blog2. It's not as dark anymore, positive thoughts! So I say try it for a while , you can always change it , when you using it.Greetings from the Netherlands , Karin.

  26. Hi Anette! I miss you! I hope for your new project! It was a surprise to see In For The Kill in list! would be great to see your voice and Taja's voice together! Kisses!! I love you!

  27. HI!!!
    I know all this songs but i never heard Katie Melua - Nine million bicycles and i am so in love with this one now! Great video! Thanks for sharing:) Enjoy your saturday evening!

  28. Hi dear Nettie, how are you?
    Lovely songs! Especially Christina and Tarja. As Serafim said...YOU are also one of the women who are talented and special.
    Very soon, you will preform your solo songs,how's the feel? :)

    Wish you a lovely evening


    Ena :*

  29. Hello Anette,
    thanks for the music. Wonderful women who sing great. Where are you?
    By the way, I'll say to you, that I love your other blog. When will you change the blog?
    Have a nice weekend.

  30. Hello Anette, I love Agnetha, she was so lovely and awesome at the era of "Wrap your arms around me". By the time your voice reminds me of Fridas voice. Have a nice evening. Crissi

  31. Tarja, GREAT choice!

    Kisses from Brazil dear! :)

  32. GREAT!, I know all those songs :P
    I never thought to see Tarja here, I love "In for a Kill", great choice :)

    I love the fact that you don´t close yourself to hear just metal or rock music, is wonderfull to see that you listen all kind of music...

    my today music was a lot of Tarja and Alyson Avenue (I don´t know why xD) and a little of opera and classical music :)

    so, I want to tell you...
    I´m designing a t-shirt model about you (because that kind of t-shirts dont get it where I live) and i was thinking that would be cool to send you one, but I don´t know how or if that´s posible.
    I really want to send you one, but if it can not be would be ok...

    thanks for read and I hope you are Well and having a good time as your family too.

    Greetings from Yucatan, Mexico :)

    -Angel Alamilla

  33. Oh,Vanessa Williams!I've been a fan of hers since I was 12.She's a great actress,a talented singer,but,most of all,a very inspiring woman.I'm sure you two would get on very well!She always tries to see the bright side of things,just as you do.
    And I'm always happy when you mention/show your love/appreciation for Tarja.It just feels good.It makes all those "X singer vs Y singer" silly wars disappear.
    Hope you're having an amazing day!

  34. Wow, a lot of music today! I like it :)
    Love Whitney, Mariah, Christina, Celine and Tarja --> beautiful voices :)
    Thanks for music, something different for hearing today ;)
    Greetings from Croatia

  35. Great singers here! Yey, Tarja is here too, In For A Kill is one of my favorites songs.
    I always wondering what my favorite musicians hear. Do you hear Therion? They're Swedish like you. (:

  36. Hi Anette.

    I like especially the two songs. From Tarja Turunen and from Christina Aguilera. From Christina Aguilera song known for a long time, but mainly I have to thank you for the song from Tarja. It's beautiful. Much thanks again and I look forward to the next song.

    PS: So you go on a solo career and if so, when maybe I look forward to the new CD? :)

  37. You forgot one talented woman her name is Anette Olsson

  38. Hi Anette, you 're a fantastic singer. I love Agnetha as you. Your voice and charisma is similar to Agnetha. And both also love heavy metal music. I agree with the message above. In addition, you are a great person. All the best for you. With love from Argentina. Gabriel