Saturday, 24 November 2012

A wonderful day:=)

Oh, today I´ve had yet another nice day and it feels like my life now is just going in a very positive direction=) Nice and I thank for it and embrace it;=)

Me and Nemo had a wonderful, relaxed day at home where we both took a nice bath in the morning. Nemo, like me, loves to bath, and he always have so much fun and of course the bath room is soaking wet afterwards, but that´s ok=)

Then in the afternoon I lit up all candles and also decorated with some new ones, like this heart shaped one. Its a nice white heart shaped form which I filled with 3 big candles and when I took the photo it looks like a beautiful shiny heart, beautiful;=)

Then I took a book I started reading a while ago and put myself in the couch with my head against the window and the beautiful afternoon sky and just relaxed
I love the shape of our windows and they were one of the reasons I bought this place. They are so wide that I can sit there and watch down on the street and the people outside;=)

Then for dinner I made my own kind of Spaghetti Bolognese - Anette´s Bolognese;=)
Very yummie and I add carrots and cream to mine.

My outfit today is this: black top from Gucci and army jeans from Zara:

A cosy and relaxed day at its best and tomorrow me and Niclas, my dear friend and former colleague in Alyson Avenue, are heading to check out a studio we are thinking of buying;=) Exciting!

Enjoy the evening and when it´s time for it - sleep well!


  1. Hello and good evening dear Nettie :)
    No need to worry, take your time to fix the comment problem :)
    You look lovely as always and on the third picture you are absolutely adorable!
    Big hugs

    Ena :*

  2. The candles look great!
    I like the spaghetti! I also like your clothes!

    Love you!

    Sleep well!

  3. I love your smile on the last pic...
    sleep well dear Anette.

  4. You look good on them Zara Jeans:-) sleep well! Sandro

  5. Good evenening dear I love spaguetti too it's so yummi ;-)
    Really beautiful outfit today ;-)
    Enjoy your eveving and sleep well dear have a sweet dreams
    So now I watch the simpsons in my tv ^^

  6. Ohoh there's a problem in the "copy/paste" as we can't read everything :/ anyway I read it on the other blog =)

    Your spagetti looked so yummmmmiiieeeee! =)

    And I really love the third photo, so beautiful =)and WHAT a nice smile!

    Love and Hugs

  7. Hej Anette!

    Yayyy, det låter ju jättebra. Om du är glad, så blir jag glad :)
    Vilken härlig dag ni verkar ha haft. Jag och familjen har städat här hemma, tråkigt men det måste göras.
    Vi hade alltid morötter i vår köttfärs här hemma också ett tag, vet inte varför vi har slutat med det :/ jag försöker göra det själv ibland, men det blir aldrig så gott som när min mor gör det :D

    Hoppas att allt löser sig med den andra bloggen. Du kanske kan be någon om hjälp om du inte hittar problemet?

    I alla fall, ha en fortsatt mysig kväll!


  8. Be calm the problem will solved soon, patience haha i like army jeans its cool

  9. your smile is so beautiful!
    I've seen a photo where you were sitting in that window. It seems to be very cozy.
    It's been so long since I read books. I read only the school (geometry, Portuguese, sciences ...) During the holidays I'll read some. What do you recommend for me?
    I think I'll make a spaghetti too. Bolognese Anette seems to be delicious hahaha =)
    Hugs, i love you.

  10. The heart candel is so great. Where did you buy it?

  11. Good evening,
    Oh I have woundering me. I couldn´t find the comment Window.

    Have a very good night.


  12. I can't look at the spaguetti photo because it's 19:24 PM and I haven't eat anything since lunch time! haha
    I had a nice day myself too, not a big deal, just came home from work, eat lunch at grandma and sleept like a pig untill 6:35 haha I was so tired and for the first time my body was asking for a little sleep, the whole week was crazy but I like it!
    You look adorable as well, I have an army jeans too but I don't use too much, it's my gig jeans haha I wish i could use candles and stuff but is too hot here =( i think it's adorable and really good for the decoration but i might buy one just for the smell haha , i always thought your windows are great, nice you can see everything from there!
    Have a nice evening you and the boys, hope everything is ok and i'm really happy after reading your post, good to know that everything is going well for you and you're in this positive mode! hope you continue that way, put the shadows and remains from the past behind you and carry on! love you and sweet dreams to you my love! <3

  13. Anette I bought those same jeans ^^ <3

  14. Anette of my life: You have to get really bad for stupid comments. You're an angel, an angel who left a wonderful Nightwish vacioen because you gave birth to your band you saved her!! You're a goddess and we are millions of fans who teamamos! You light!! I did this for you.

    Anette I love you!!

    For you my angel !!!!


    For you my Angel Anette!!! Whit all my love for you :)

  16. Hi Nettie, glad to see you're doing well and you look really cute. I love that top. It really suits you :)

  17. Love the shirt! It looks really nice on you. But that spaghetti looks soooo good... it's making me hungry all over again.

  18. Hi dear Anette, I like this atmosphere with candles and so on, too :-) and - good idea with your second blog :-)so, my mum makes very similar spaghetti bolognese :-D have a nice day!

  19. I must say I am looking forward to hearing your new music. Also I found this mashup of Gangnam Style and Storytime.

  20. Happy Sunday Anette! <|;-)

    What are you and Niclas specifically looking for in this studio ? I hope this means you'll be recording again soon! :)

    Please take some photos of the studio and share them with us! I'd be very delighted to see some.

    Best of luck Anette. ;)



  21. Hi Anette! I must say, before anything, that your spaghetti looks delicious..MMM
    I listened a while before a song that reminded me a lot of your voice as it sounded on Alyson Avenue.. It was nice to realise while listening!
    The song is this one :
    I must repeat that you seem beautier in any post since you left Nightwish, and younger too..It was an enormous dissapointment for me the behaviour that the band had to you, but I really miss seeing you in the videos of the last concerts, even if Floor is doing a nice work :)
    By the way, I have a question for you : Rest Calm is one of my favourite songs from Imaginaerum, and the same thing for a lot of fans of the band..Why did you play it just two times ?
    A big hug, and have a nice Sunday ^^

  22. Hello Anette,

    Greetings from Singapore! :) Even though you've just set up a new blog, I wanted to comment here because I've been reading this blog since like, forever, although I've never commented before. :) Haha. You know what, if you're tired of the purple layout you can change the layout of this blog, rather than make a new one! :D

    Anyway I'm glad you had a great day! That spaghetti looks delicious, and you look gorgeous in your outfit :)

  23. Again food... how about you make a cookbook? Or just give me something of your food?

  24. ~*FYI*~
    Hi Anette, so nice to see that your still blogging with your fans yet. I'm truly sad about your departure from "Nightwish" for whatever reason. I had high hopes in meeting you in person during the tour. I got really excited when I found out you guys were coming to Puerto Rico during the tour. That is where I currently living. Oh well, if it's for the better than so be it but your voice in that band will be missed dearly. I just wanted to drop by and say hello and wish you the best in everything and I will stay in touch within your blogs from time to time... Lots of love to you and the family.

    Love Fernando

  25. Hello Bella!
    I wanted to tell you that last night I went to Nightwish concert in Buenos Aires and the truth is that I miss you!
    I had so many dreams to see the ticket when I gift my husband, I went with so few expectations.
    Clearly the band plays very well but have had to change the code because you sang songs that do not fit into Floor so instead of seeing Imaginerium tour, we saw great successes of NW.
    Looking forward to hear you live sometime in Argentina, please get a record label to sell your album here. you have a beautiful life with your family!

  26. You have such a lovely house! Looks so cosy <3