Friday, 23 November 2012

Just home...

... from driving Seth to football practise and then that boring big grocery shopping and when I came up to our door there's a flower delivery with these wonderful flowers waiting for me from Johan:-)

Oh, what a wonderful Friday!!! Thanks dearest:-)

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  1. so romantic. These flowers are very beautiful =)
    yes, I'm still here hahahaha
    I like going to the supermarket, but I hate queues.
    I once saw a picture of you in a supermarket queue. I think the same day you sang there in your country this year. I thought '' Wow, do not leave her alone or in the market. '' haha =)
    hugs, i love you.

  2. Oh WOW that is SO sweet of him!
    A wonderful way to finish a boring day =)

    Love and Hugs

  3. Oh that is so sweet of him! What a wonderful guy. ;-)

  4. Wow that´s so sweet of him! So beautiful flowers :-)

  5. That is so sweet of him! He is really caring :)
    The flowers are really pretty!
    Big hugs to you


    Ena :*

  6. It is so romantic ;-) Johan is real men! For us,girls, it is so important and nicely :)

  7. Hello Anette,
    it´s very, very nice of Johan to send you those beautiful flowers :=)

    I've just noticed that you've got your "about me" changed a lot.
    I like what you write here about you and your blog :=)
    Have a nice evening and sleep well.

  8. Oh, this is really so lovely from him :)

    Have a nice evening Anette <3

  9. *---* That's really sweet and romantic!
    Johan is a realy awesome husband! =D
    I think that's exactly this way that the woman you love must be treated, because these are flowers to another flower...
    I'll for sure do this to my wife when I get married!

  10. Hello Dear Nettam! GOOOd, this is SO romantic! He must be a true gentleman and you're lucky to have him! I never received one romantic present.. Neither a letter, romatic words... Nothing... But I hope someday find someone that will do this from me, and more... Live is long and I'll be waiting! xD

    Hope you a really nice weekend!

  11. oh, so romantic! you are lucky girl :-)

  12. How lovely is Johan <3

    U're so lucky nettie

    Have a nice evening.



  13. Wow, it's so sweet !
    He's a great man :)

  14. I like this being a positive blog! You are so right Anette. We need more positivity in this world. And all those things people are writing in the net. It makes me feel really bad and so angey sometimes. How dare they? !
    And I have ro tell you about my situation , I was so unhappy a year ago; a shitty job, ( with a lot of talk behind people's backs, and in the whole a negative feeling, everyday... My marriage was also really bad, and I was so sad all the time. And now: my marriage has ended, which is a good thing, I am releived. My children are somehow okey with it( I hope). I have a new job, in a whole different "world" . I was a gardener and now I am studying to be an assistant in schools ( elevassistent på svenska) . And I am so lucky to also do my workpractice in a school, and I work with 8-year olds. Best job in the world!
    I am a few years older than you, so you can imagine this haven't been easy... My year has beeb a rollercoaster, feelings and my whole being has gone up and down, but I have survived! I am happy :) I don't get as much money as before, but I really realised, that it is much more important to feel good about myself: therefore I am also a better mom to my children. And that feeling is also good:) I have only one life, and I want to be proud of it. The future is not so dark anymore, it is light and full of colours:)
    Thank you Anette for this happy blog:) I hope we all can really make a difference!
    P.s.Och ta hand om din Johan, han är ju helt ljuuuuvlig :)

  15. waa johan is so sweet he gives you flowers
    so romantic *_* you guys make a beautiful couple I wish you the best :)

    Have a great weekend anette^^

  16. *_* what a sweet surprise!! And you deserve so much love, Nettie! You must be a wonderful family :) I really like the colours! I've just finished to make some bisquits which recipe is german, with a lot of butter xD but they taste soooo good. Next time I'd want to make those muffins you made and gave us the recipe ;) ...oh!1I'd want to ask you know Kanelbullar recipe,the original one? (because I've found different versions on the internet)..have you ever made them? :) I ate them three years ago in Stockholm and fall in love!!!! have a nice evening ;*** kyssar (jag kan lite svenska :) )

  17. How romantic! Seems like someone really is in love!

  18. You have such a great man. So hold on to him, ok? :)

    I sincerely hope this next comment doesn't upset you or bring up any bad memories.

    I went to see the movie Imaginaerum today and I have to say, you looked and sounded so beautiful <3 Thank you for being a part of that experience.

  19. Anette I love your new "about me" in your blog profil ♥ thanks Anette

  20. Dear Anette!

    I've just read this article and I want you to read this too cause I know that you usually buy clothes from Zara. So, it will be interesting for you

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  22. OMG that's sooo sweet, it's great to have someone that loves you and he also seems like a great guy :D
    Small things can make everything better, that's why we should value them and for most of us girls, receiving flowers, candy or simply "I Love You" from someone we love is amazing. Seems like you found Prince Charming, I'm still waiting mine :( but he will come around, I know that 8D

    Have a nice evening and beautiful dreams <3 xx.

  23. it is nice and romantic :-) Johan did well!
    I'm so happy for you ;=)
    Have a great evening and then good night ;=)

  24. Ooh, how sweet Johan is. Very hard to find a man like him nowadays, but you deserve =)..even the Heaven is less for you, angel.
    I loved the flowers and your outfit today was so good, you looked very beautiful in anyway but in black, you are gorgeous *-*.

    Have a beautiful night.

    Love, Carol

  25. I'm jealous! ;-)

    The small gestures are better than the words.

    Have a nice night, filled of loveflowers! ;-)


  26. sweet of him! :D The perfect way to end a stressful day ^_^

  27. And now time for the "nighty night ritual"!

    Sorry if you know this photo but its hard (impossible?) to find photos from yesterday evening:(

    And an extra one for Nemo wich he'll may find funny =)

    Sleep well angel! I have to go to bed now as I have to wake up at 3:45 to go to work!

    Love and Hugs

  28. awww how sweet :) hes a keeper :)

  29. Oh, how romantic it is!!!
    Good to see that men of this kind still exist! :):)

    Good night lucky lady! :)

  30. Oh how sweet Jonas is! I wish ill get someday boyfrind like that!

    Tomorrow i and all my cusins will go to my grandmother! Im the youngest and im like little baby to them...

    Sleep well my dear angel!

  31. Hello Anette :) Hope you are fine?!

    Today i went to see Imaginaerum movie and i like to say that ONE HELL OF A MOVIE!! So great <3 U were sweet..and little bit scary in Scaretale ;)
    Horror circus!

    Like to say that hope u are fine after all. Thanks for the two great albums with Nightwish <3 So much joy in those, help through bad days.

    Keep up the good work, i listened your MySpace demos and liked a lot. Hope to hear whole album soon? ;)

    But be well and hope to hear from u :)

    -love Tony-

  32. That's lovely, Anette. Lots of happiness for you both :)
    I wish to get some nice surprises like this one day.


  33. That's so sweet...beautiful flowers
    It's raining like crazy here in Canada also cold...
    I haven't seen flowers for awhile lol
    I should get some :P
    Have a wonderful weekend Anette and everyone....!!!

  34. Hei Anette.

    Så søtt og romantisk av Johan å sende deg blomster :) Ha en fin helg!

    Klem fra Dotti :)

  35. Dear Anette :-)

    I think you are so kind to open a window into your life. Its wonderful to see the photos you take. Its like we haven't lost you completely.

    I have some sad news to share and I hope to not make you too sad. My beloved, laughing eldest son, Tom, died a couple of weeks ago in an accident and I am trying to piece my life back together again. I have two more beautiful boys to love, but it is still very hard. I need to be strong and find some magic to surround myself with so I feel like I can be happy again.

    Hope this doesn't make you too sad. Just wanted to share it with you, since you share so much with all of us.

    Let everyone realise what they have, and that life is already perfect.

    Take care, and enjoy your dear family.

    Ali xxooxx

    1. I am so sorry Ali. I wish you a lot of strenght. Your boy will always be in you. In your heart. In everything you do. In time that will be a nice warm feeling, but to that feeling is a long journey. Sorry, I had to reply to you... Big hug.

    2. Hello, Alli.
      I know what you're feeling. I also have lost someone that is very important to me, then I know this pain...

      But, I agree with Karin. He'll be always be in your heart, each moment of your life. I know it's incredibly hard to overcome this, but I know you'll do it!
      It's still a recent wound, but believe, everything will soon be ok.

      I wish you all the best, and strenght.

      And, I hope this reply is no problem for you .

      Have a nice day, Ali. Be strong, and remember: you can find your son always you want to. Just look into your heart, and there he'll be. =D


    3. Hi Ali,
      I'm very sorry for what has happened to you. I wish you and your family a lot of strength and wish you all the best with all my heart.
      Have a nice weekend.

  36. Hi, dear Anette!
    Now I'm baking a pie with jam..and i guess it will be really tasty. I'll try to share a photo with you later ;=)
    Oh and btw..I like your new "about me"! Really well written!
    Enjoy your day! ;=)

  37. Dear Karin, Andre & Gitte,

    Thank you so much for your kindness. I really appreciate your replies. It means a lot. I agree. I need to find the strength, and my Tommy will always be in my heart until the end of time.

    You guys are wonderful! Ali xx