Friday, 23 November 2012

Todays outfit=)

Here you go, todays outfit:
Black jeans from Topshop, black top from Gucci and over that a tee from Zara. Studded bracelet and an orange bracelet
 And yeah, Nemo loves to run into my photos;=)
 Since its friday I´ve coloured my eye brows and also wear more eyeliner around the whole eye today=)


  1. Oh oh there is a ghost on your first photo!
    I think he wants to share his outfit too! Hehe :)

    Love the make up!

    Love & Hugs

  2. You look great, and I'm loving the earrings too! A rocky-elegant touch to the outfit.

    Haha, I can see from the picture that Nemo's hair is super light - a real Swede indeed!
    Have a great Friday! ;-)

  3. hi dear Anette. you look absolutely beautiful as always! Nemo has grown up so fast! how old is he now??
    Hugs from the grey Buenos Aires!

  4. Hi dear Anette, you look perfect! and , Nemo is very cute and active child :-D have a nice evening with your dear ones :-)
    ou, and if I can ask you, where is Seth? thanks!

  5. Hello dear Nettie, how are you? I hope all is ok :)
    You look lovely as always! And I see there is a little rocker who wants to show his outfit too!
    And I have heard about the "Cosmogenesis" . I will check it for sure :)
    Big hugs to you


    Ena :*

  6. Hi, Anette!
    Your outfit is so nice and you too;=)Nemo wants to say "hi" to us? Anette, can you share more his photos?
    Yiii, I'm very like children=)They are so cute=) All "my"(Godmother grandson, son of my cousin,...)children adore me=) And me too=)
    With Love,

  7. Awhhh,, Nemo is so cute!! :D

    I just thought about the fact that my little brother is born in the same year AND month as Seth... (first of July 2001) haha


  8. Wonderful makeup ;-)I like when eyes coloured in black colours! It is cool ;-)
    Have a nice evening! :)

  9. Nemo is just f*cking adorable! Why is he actually running there? It is soooo cute! When I was that age I had the same hair colour as Nemo but I dyed it and now my natural colour is dark brown with a blonde glow.
    I love your makeup!


  10. Haha Nemo is so cute! Makes me laugh that he likes to run through your pictures,hehe. ;-)
    And you absolutely amazing as always dear.
    Hugs and have a wonderful day!

  11. Hi again Anette!

    hahahaha Nemo is a cute little boy! =)

    I like your outfit, is easy but lovely and cosy, and as always say: black is better!

    Take care and enjoy your sunny day/ afternoon!

  12. Anette, I'm missing you in Nightwish, you captivated me with your sweet voice. I'll expected your solo album. You've lost weight... And is very pretty, as always. Own, and Nemo is so cute running! Best of lucky in your new journey.

  13. awwwww Nemo! so cute :P
    and u look as beautiful as ever :)

  14. Hi Anette you are looking beautiful as usual! Nemo is so cheeky :)
    You are so inspiring! I have a picture of you pinned up on my art easel with a quote my mum wrote 'always look ahead, there are no regrets in that direction' I thought you would like! :)

  15. hello my dear, I hope you're well.
    Nemo is growing fast.=)
    Have you decided what clothes will use the festival? I'm so anxious.
    Oh, and another thing. I had not seen what you told me a few days ago. You said such beautiful words. You are a strong person and I admire that in you. I know I do not need to protect you, but I hate when stupid people talk bad about you, and yes, they say that to annoy me. hahahaha =)
    And about the album, hope you find a great label. Have you been thinking what will be the style of music?
    Now get going, I have to study. I have an assessment at school tomorrow. I hate it! It's so tiring to go to school on Saturday.
    Have a great day my dear.
    Jag älskar dig. Kramar =)

  16. Hi Anette,
    beautiful outfit. It's so nice to see the little ghost called Nemo running through your pic ;-)
    Wish you and your family a beautiful friday...

  17. Nice outfit!
    I liked your new blog descpiption. Your blog is one of two most positive places in internet (the second one is : it's about my little pony :) )

  18. Happy Friday Anette! U look pretty:) And your son Nemo is cute:) Have an awesome Friday:)

  19. hey hello nettie (: ! how are you in this day? i have to say , nemo is adorable!! xD every day pass and you are more beautiful!
    I want to tell you this, i love the descripcion of your blog
    it's great that you help to other people and even more with the case of bullying and injustice, not every day someone can read words like yours, and what else I can say? I am flattered that my idol cares about people and be humble!, You are amazing!
    People come to say bad things? but who can be so stupid to come with bad intentions, do not worry about those people, they do not have better to do than pick on someone who is stronger than them , You are much for those people!. So I hope you have a beautiful day n_n-martin

  20. Hello Anette,
    you has a very very big wardrobe;).
    I haven´t not to much modern clothers for a new look every day. But many Mediaval dresses;P.

    Anette, Nemo is your personal runner. hehehe
    And i think he were like Starlight Espress too. I have write a blog about yesterday.
    If you want to as a good night story ;)

    have anice evening with your angels.


  21. Hello Anette. Today you look especially beautiful.
    I have to say that the previous post about working in places where we are not comfortable is very interesting, in my case I spent three months working and felt that my coworker and I was jealous for that reason did nothing to talk about me with people, he was afraid to be expelled to fill me in his place, I hope it does not happen again.
    Lately I feel sad, I think everything I do is wrong, I feel that on a desert island would be happy. I guess we all have days of downturn.
    Always glad to read your blog and to comment.
    Happy Friday Anette :)

  22. Nemo is so lively and restless! Does he like photos? I guess most children do.
    Your outfit rocks!

  23. Anette, You look amazing as always You do. Simple rock chic. I really like your little ghost.... he's co cut.
    Recently I did not write too much but I do not feel well. I've always had problems with kidneys, and recently my problems came back again.
    I hope You have nice weekend. Regards,

  24. Hello Anette!

    You look great! Nemo is so sweet. He love his mom ;-)

  25. Hello, Anette.

    Hahareally cute from Nemo ;) Hope you have a great weekend.
    Oh, and the clothes you are wearing are really cool !


  26. Awhh,I'll never get tired of saying it:Nemo seems such a cutiepie!Adorable little thing.
    And,as usual,you look just gorgeous.I'm being so repetitive,I might just shut up.
    Love you&hope you're having a nice Friday evening!
    (Actually,it always feels weird for me to say this,because here in Italy we go to work/school on Saturdays,too.Except for tomorrow,because there's a protest going on..of which I'm very glad,since I'd have had to skip school anyway,to attend a Lacuna Coil's gig!)

  27. You are always sweet and beautiful.

    Miss you a lot Nettie



  28. Ohhh, Nemo is so cute! haha
    This photo was funny hahahaha
    And, nice outfit! The bracelets are really cool! =D

  29. hahahahahaha!
    I think Nemo wants to show his outfit too :D

  30. Nice outfit today Anette ;-)
    And so cute Nemo ^^

  31. I really like your outfit, but Nemo's is better :P hahaha He wants to show us his beautiful clothes ;) Anyway he's very tall.
    I miss your voice so much :( Can't wait to see some videos from Helsingborg arena :D
    Take care!

  32. hi Sweet, i love your t-shirt, and Nemo and grew so fast, I still remember when I read that you were pregnant, children are a blessing for us, although I am not mother, but I hope to have one day.

    Good sleep and beautiful dreams

    Raffaella - Brazil

  33. Hello! Pay attention! You have a little ghost on your photos. Your apartment is haunted! ;-)

    Have a nice evening!


  34. Laetitianne; Hi! Yeah, a very cute and fast little ghost;=) Sleep well!

    Raffaella; Thanks;=) yeah, time sure flies! I am sure you will have your own little wonderful children one day;=) its a blessing!

    DarkQueen; Hi! Yeah, he is a very tall boy;=) I have had to get new clothes now again since he just grows and grows and grows;=) Take care!

    Isa: Hi and thanks=)

    Rainy; hi! yeah, he got a new sweater yesterday with cars on it so it must be that;=)

    André: Hi and thanks=)

    Gabriella: Hi and thanks=)

    The dead unicorn; hi and thanks so much;=) Oh, you go to school 6 days a week then? Wow! Kids here are spoiled then;=) And enjoy Lacuna and say hi to Christina if you see her=)

    Jade: Hi and thanks=)

    Sarah; hi and thanks=)

    Magda: Hi! And sorry to hear you´re ill;=( I know the kidneys can cause a lot of pain and sorrow so I hope you get better soon!

    Kaoru; hi! yeah, he is a very active little boy;=) And yeah, all kids seem to love cameras;=)

    Alvaro: Hi! I guess we all have those days when we just want to go away and hide somewhere.And its ok and normally we feel a little better in some day or more. I hope you feel better soon;=)

  35. Cool outfit and a lovely ghost! :)
    My son is the same, he doesn't have time to take a rest! Haha! :)

  36. Beatrix: Hi and thanks=) yeah, its fun to see how much energy they have=)

    Lostinatale: Hi and thanks=)

    Nalon:; Hi! yeah, I guess he has gotten my "running" genes=) and thanks, I read the blog and it was really nice and happy you had a great time;=)

    Martin; Hi and thanks so much for your kind words,=) And yeah, you know, those people will always be like that and many of them get angry and against what I am doing just because they probably have been bullies themselves;=) Enjoy the day now;=)

    Rivka:Hi and thanks=)

    Streame: Hi and thanks;=) That site look so colorful and warm=)

    Gitte: Hi and thanks=) Yeah, he like to be in the picture=)

    Mathews: Hi! I will probably have a black long dress;=) And thanks, its great when people stand up for me and don't always just see with their "fanatic" glasses on;=) So for that I thank you! And school on saturday?? What country do you live in? Do you have 6 days of school or? Here they only go monday to friday and still kids complain=) Enjoy the day!

    Rachel; Hi and thanks, thats as great quote;=) Thanks so much and enjoy this saturday!

    Dermot: Hi and thanks=)

    Fernanda: Hi and thanks=) well, I am like Lady Gaga, we gain weight on tours,=) So now when I am home without stress and the food I like, all is better and the body feels better;=) Its hard to get good food on tour in a bus;=) Take care!

    July! Hi and thanks=) yeah, its really a simple outfit but still with the print on the tee and the little silver things on the sleeves it raises the outfit. So small things make wonders=)

    Brianna; Hi and thanks=) And enjoy this day u too and hugs back;=)

    Sabine: Hi! Nemo is like his mum, a runner;=) He loves to run! And the blond hair is the mix of Finland/Sweden;=) Both me and Johan have been white blond in childhood and my son Seth also was white blond but now a bit darker. I think its quite common here in the Nordic countries with blonder hair when we are kids and then it goes a bit darker the older we get;=)

    Alina: Hi and thanks=) black is always a great make up;=)

    Elize: Hi! Oh, thats a nice coincidence;=) Seth was gonna be born July 3rd but I went 8 days over time so he finally came july 11th;=)

    Tanya; Hi and thanks;=) I will show bits and pieces of my kids but no faces. Take care now;=)

    Ena: Hi! Yeah, I am sure he wants to join us in the blog;=) haha!

    Radoslava: Hi and thanks;=) Seth is living every second week with his father so this week is his fathers week;=) He´ll be back here on monday again=)

    Arianna; Hi and thanks;=) He is 2 years and 4 months old now so time flies;=)

    Elmas;: Hi and thanks;=) Yeah, he has totally white blond hair;=)

    Océane: Hi! Yeah, he seems to want to be in the picture every time now;=)

  37. Hi Anette, I love your hair now, don't think you should be black again blonde really really pretty

  38. No need to thank. Who loves someone, protects that person. And I love you.
    I'm from Brazil, and my school has classes on Saturdays. But not all schools. Today I had an evaluation activity and I'm so tired. I hate geometry!
    And a long dress and black looks great. You look beautiful in black. He also covers the arms? You used a well and I found it very beautiful =)

  39. Oh my god Nemo is so cute.I love kids :)
    You are beautiful Nette.Your outfit is amazing

  40. Anette you're awesome! can't wait for your solo album!