Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hi guys!

Today I´ve started to blog in my second blog so follow me there if you like;=)
A new, clean and fresh blog and I like it and hope you do too!


  1. Hello dear,

    I watched it, and loved it! (I can't place comments there on my phone.. it's probably messing with me AGAIN)
    Well, I'll add the site for my fav pages. Are you going to continue on this blog as well? (If not I can make the other one my homepage..haha)


  2. I will follow you of course!
    And if you need any help with the blog design, I would be happy to help. I am planning to study web design and I can make something for you if you want :)

    Ena :*

  3. I did not see a spot to comment on that I missing it somewhere? :/

  4. ok, well I'll be there, I found beautiful =) But I could not comment on the other blog.
    My dear, have you thought about making a twitter account? It's great! And for you, as a singer, is also a great source of disclosure.
    But I want you to continue with this blog. I love this place.
    I love you

  5. I like it, though my eyes will have to adjust to such a bright blog, haha :)
    It seems guests of the blog can't comment on the entries though? Is that something you will change? :)
    And does it mean you won't blog here anymore?

    Hope you are well!


  6. Hey, Anette
    Looks very nice ;-) I´ll miss the whole purple thing, but I will get over it xD
    But I don´t seem to be able to write any comments there... I mean, I totally understand if you don´t want us to spam your blogs, but it would be sad.
    But I think the layout fits this happy image much more than this purple one ;-)
    Love, Betty

    1. Oh, you've got the same thing? Well, that's good. Then it wasn't my phone what was f*cking with me. Hahaha

  7. Hi dear!

    Really great new blog of yours! :)
    Have a nice Saturday evening! ♥


  8. Hi Anette, I like the new blog a lot. It's bright and cheery just like you. But like the other posters, I didn't find anywhere to comment. I hope you'll add that for us.

    Have a great day :=)

  9. Hi all,

    I hope I solved the comment problem now, but let me know if it still doesn't work;=) its the first time I do my own blog so thats why there can be some little problems but they will all be solved;=)

    1. No worries :)
      I am following you on the new blog :)
      Hugs ♥

    2. Hello dear Anette!

      I've just wanted to write you why it is not pissible to write comments on your other blog which I like very much by the way. I think the problem is still not solved. :(

      Good luck with it! And go ahead!

      Ps: In your photos of the windows, the deeper blue is the see? *___*

      Have a lovely evening! <3

  10. Haha it's quite amusing that everytime I refreshed the page, there were new comments. Hhaha

    And I'll check. =]


  11. why can I not write a comment on your new blog?
    So I make it here :-)
    You look beautiful in your outfit. It seems you had a funny morning with Nemo. You spaghetti - yummie - I would like to eat.
    I hope I can write a comment on your new blog soon.
    Wish you a nice evening.

  12. hi, with me the new blog doesn't work...
    Make I something wrong???

  13. Hey hey!
    I feel sad to quit this once as it been "home" since ... wow 3 years now!
    But its also good for you, as its seems "a new life" has started, so a new blg is nice too =)
    I love the idea of you to change from time to time the photos in the header!
    You talk about "black and white" but I only see white and grey so maybe theres another bog?

    And OF COURSE I'll follow you there too!

    Love and Hugs

  14. It still doesn´t work...
    I remember how much work it was to do my blog, it always takes so much time ^^ I barely change anything because I just don´t really know how to do this xD
    Good luck with your blog ;-)

  15. Does it mean you will end this blog here and keep on writing in the new one?

  16. Hi, ok thanks for the link and I follow you again of course ;-)
    But this blog is delete?

  17. I still can't comment on it. :-(

  18. Hej Anette!

    Tyvärr, ingenstans att kunna kommentera än, men du får klicka runt och ändra designen lite. Blogger är ju inte jättesvårt att använda, tycker jag i alla fall :)

    Ha det bra!


  19. Hi Anette,
    I can say only, Wow!
    That actually looks more like you.
    Only your pictures are a bit ... strange put together.

    Maybe the orange in the middle?:/

    Have a nice Evening and a great sunday.


  20. Wonderful blog , but you will use both ?? I could not possible comment yet
    Enjoy the day!

  21. I'd love it and I realy like the pictures but I still can't put any comments.:(

    I like it! You also can delete your older post here and chane the colours and stuff?

    Love you! Btw it goes quite well today. I didn't hurt myself!:D

    Have a nice night!

    1. Sabbie,

      I'm so proud of you! <3
      Stay strong, my dear!

      Xxx loveu<3

  22. I think it looks really good. Might need a couple more touches in the layout, but I really like the new look. :)
    I couldn't see how to post a comment there either, but I like the little voting features. :P

    The purple has a kind of warm tone and homey feel that I like, but I agree that it's getting a bit tiring. Maybe now you can change it up a bit more often? That could be fun. :)

  23. Whatever you want to do my dear! already following!
    But you gonna delete this one or you just gonna stop writing in here and use the new one?
    Hope you can fix the comment thing! =)

  24. The white and grey does go together very well, however it is quite minimal, also in your header, first of all, you are so beautiful ;), second of all though, the white writing you used clashes with one of the photos you used, can't see part of the A in your name, so you may want to fiddle with that a bit, slight grey, or a very light shade of a nice colour could work for you and not clash with the brighter parts of the photos you used :)

    I might have more to say for layout when I've finished designing my own blog, but right now I'd say if you can, use strong contrasting colours,keep the colour of your headings, that looks really nice on the white ;)

    And one last thought on it, if you have photoshop might like to try cutting yourself out from the backgrounds in your photos to blend onto a new background, possibly black or any other background you like, could create a much cleaner and more professional looking design for your headers :)

    Anyway I'll just shut up now, I can go on for a long time about stuff like this, but I am a student designer :)

    Take care

    P.S. Comments are not working for me either, no Idea what the hell's up with that.

  25. Hi dearest Nettie :)
    I saw that you are doing the second blog yesterday totally by mistake.
    And I'm happy you're trying to do this on your own :)
    I can't comment it there so I'll do this here...
    Black and white layout is really good, simple, so yeah I think it can stay for now :)
    The header is a bit... Funny for me as a graphic maker (not professional), so I think you need something what looks more "official"- but as you said, you'll add a new one so it's totally fine :)
    Of course if you want, I can do something just for fun- maybe you'll like it and post it one day? :)
    ( I have done that a few days ago- looking a bit like a header so it's like a sample of my work ;))

    1. I was actually thinking of making the same offer, as I'm also a designer (not a professional yet, but on the way there).

      I was going to suggest using Helvetica for headings, but just a good font that looks really clean and at the same time cool and classy is really good and looks really professional anyway :)

      Your work sample looks pretty nice :), not quite a header, but this is one of my many joke works I do of musicians as a sample of my stuff

      Keep up the good work though buddy ;)

    2. Thanks :D

      I know it, you've posted it one day on blog :)
      Need some practise, but I know it'll be only better :D

  26. Hi, Anette! What's going to happen to this one? Are you going to keep updating, or delete it instead?

  27. I have to say, I don´t really like the other blog, but whatever. It is your place, not mine, so I am ok with it, do what you want. I still will read your blog, even if I don´t like the design. Don´t worry :)

    Have a nice day our dearest Nettie :)

  28. I see that you decided keep your name :)i like the idea of a new blog but we can´t write a comments in the blog 2 :( so are you thinking close this blog?

  29. Don't like the white blog Anette - sorry. I think your fans need to comment on your posts. Also i think you need a little bit of colour. x

  30. Hello Anette
    It seems very good idea you want to do another blog, I can not comment :-(

    For me personally, I like this blog to the new blog, but of course, you're the one who decides! are your rules


  31. That's great! I will follow you there as well.
    But I agree with Nana. I prefer design on this blog than design on new blog because I am used of this. But this is really something personal so it doesn't even matter;)

    Have a nice day!

  32. just added!!! hugs and have a nice day!! =)

  33. Hi, I'm sorry you're not in the group Nightwish, without you it certainly will not be such.
    Have a nice day, George Czech Republic. :-)