Monday, 26 November 2012

New blog;=)

Hi my dear ones!

I will write in my new blog from now on and will of course keep this "old" blog open for anyone to read in, since so many years of comments and posts are way to nice to throw away;=) And let´s see if the new blog will survive, but for now, I feel I want to use the new one so here´s my new blog



  1. Hello Anette!
    This blog brings back many good memories and so sorry that I do not use it more. But you decided to have a new blog so here I will follow your new blog of course.

  2. Hi, I'm already following you there. Thanks for keeping us updated, since it's always good to know you feel happy :D Have a nice day :)

  3. Hi Anette! I like your idea found new blog, and I think that your old is pretty good , too :-) so good idea!

  4. Hej. Kul! Självklart ska jag fortsätta följa även på din nya blogg. Lycka till.

  5. Ufff, this blog brings me nostalgia, but the good kind of it, of course :-D
    Still, I've already followed and started checking your new blog just as I used to do with this one, so practically nothing has changed!

    Have a great day!

  6. Hey,
    i am following you you on your new blog :)

  7. I can't comment in your new blog.. :/ There is no other option like "rating" wih 'interesting/cool/fun' ..
    Well, I just wanted to say that you have a really lovely voice!

  8. Tycker ju att du e såååå söööt !!!!

  9. Dear Mz Annette Olzon,

    I just found out that u have left nightwish!
    I'll be in tears for a while cos of this, i really loved ur sweet voice. ur 1st album was gr8, then the 2nd was was even better!!!!!

    Any way, all the best for u and ur kids!!

    Nicholas Drakotos, from Canberra Australia

  10. You have the voice of an angel, and I'm so sad you're not with Nightwish. This is so much their loss - you were the best part of that band. I eagerly await more music from you - please don't make us wait too long! I hope the holiday season finds you and your family well and wish you much happiness, health and prosperity in the future.

  11. Good time Anette! Your sensual voice bring me hope for a bright future. Thank you for your love=)

  12. ANETTE!!! extraño tu dulce voz!!! espero escucharte de nuevo, con una hermosa cancion :D

    saludos y fuerza desde argentina

  13. Hello Anette

    I'm already following you there!

    I love your sweet voice!

    Greetings from Guatemala city

  14. Love you anette !
    so good performs with nightwish : bye bye beautifull... This song is reaaly made for your voice <3 ^^

  15. Oh, my dear Anette!
    Leaving Nightwish is so sad… :´(
    I loved your voice and your pretty face :)
    Those songs are forever…
    All my best wishes are with you!
    Greets from Germany <3

  16. I became a fan with Dark Passion Play. I think you are an amazing singer. I will continue to be a fan. I'm awaiting your solo album!

  17. Anette you are a beutiful woman an a great singer gonna miss you voice :) <3

  18. Anette,
    I ran across a picture of you as the absinthe fairy and was so captivated I wrote a poem for you-hope you like it!
    Green Goddess
    She comes this moonlit night to me
    Perchance a dream? or reality?
    Sweet breeze of desire whispers soft this night
    Subtly fans a flame; Her eyes hold mine

    What mystery her gaze does hold!
    What passion from it does unfold!
    Surely reaching for the stars
    Whose light beams from those limpid pools

    Kiss of absinthe on her tongue
    Two hearts start beating as if one
    Jasmine’s scent wafts from her hair
    In rapturous reverie entwines

    Sweet caress of finger tips
    Slowly parting dewy lips
    My love this moment I will give
    This warm sweet moonlit summer’s eve

  19. Hi Anette I miss you sooo much ! Nightwish was awesome thanks to you ! You are a wonderful singer and a great person. I will probably watch the movie Imaginaerum tomorrow, I'm looking forward to see you ! I wish you all the best dear Anette and hope to hear from you soon.
    Cinthia from France

  20. Hey Anette,

    I was buying tickets for Nightwish until I saw that you won't be singing.. is it a pauze? or are you leaving the band forever?

    I hope you come back cuz Nightwish is nothing without you! you are amazing!

    sweet hugs

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  22. Hi Anette,

    As a long-time Nightwish fan, I REALLY admire your courage and strength to sing for Nightwish after Tarja's departure. Dealing with mad masses is quite a difficult task.

    While I did not think your voice fitted most of Toumas' songwriting, I must confess I was amazed by your beautiful voice in "The Crow, The Owl and The Dove", coupled with Marco's vocals. When it started playing in the album... I just felt that all the madness, anger and grief that all the other songs brought up were just... washed away.

    May it be for a suggestion for your future projects!
    Stay strong and good luck for whatever new life you are going to start! :)

    Best Regards!

  23. Hi Anette, Your voice is absolutely beautiful, I'm going to greatly miss seeing you with Nightwish. I saw you in the UK when you did the Dark Passion Play album and it was absolutely fantastic! I would love to have a signed picture of my favourite all time ever Nightwish Singer who was part of my all time favourite album. or even just an email back saying hi :) - Rob :) x

  24. Hey Anette,love your voice,love your new album,I listen only to Nightwish when you where in it,don't like Tarja and Floor,you where there best singer they ever had,keep going on with making music
    Greetings from Holland
    Jan van Beek