Friday, 6 November 2009

Another week;=)

Hi everyone,

I am home again, I flew home already late yesterday but have been busy today with things to prepare for a party at my house tomorrow evening;=) My bf has his birthday so we´ll celebrate that.

As the other fridays, we´re watching Idols again and today they´re performing their choice of "the best song in the world". The songs they performed were for instance: In the ghetto with Elvis and the Show must go on with Queen.

Its for me hard to decide on 1 song since there are so many great songs that have been written. But here are some of my all-time favourites:

- Bohemian Rhapsody with Queen
- Nothing else matters with Metallica
- Fields of Gold with Sting
- Fragile with Sting
- Dont give up with Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel
- Imagine with John Lennon
- Heal the world with Michael Jackson

Well, I could rant all day...;=) Sooo many nice songs there have been and will be. Music is wonderful;=)

Do you guys have some favourite all-time song/or song?


  1. Wooow! :D soudns like uyou had a very bussy week :D
    Mmmmm Favourite All-Time Song?
    Mmmm there are different parts of a song
    Like lyrics would be Feel the rain on your skin (i dont know who sings it but its an exelent song)
    and melodically would be ... mmmmm i dont know ... ATM its "don't funk with my heart" - Black Eyed Peas

  2. I'd choose Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah". I'm sure you know it, because... well, because it's beyond words.

  3. One of my favourites songs are Nigthwish' "The poet and the pendulum", the whole Once album, " Ever dream" "sacrament of wilderness" and the brand-new "The heart asks pleasure first", Epica's "Martyr of the free word", XIV Dark centuries' "Runibergun" and Sibelius' "Finlandia op. 27" and "El vals triste"

  4. I forgot to mention Mozart's "Requiem" and the gregorian song called "Dies Irae"

  5. Hmm.. At the moment I'd go for 'The Last Amazing Grays' from Sonata Arctica's new album, but The Poet and the Pendulum is one of my long-lasting favorites too, and 'Snow' from the Red Hot Chili Peppers has been my favorite song for ages.

    But at the moment I need sad songs like Tears in Heaven, and songs with a meaning like the meaning of The Last Amazing Grays..


  6. Hm, it's hard to choose...but I guess The Earth Song by Michael Jackson.It always,every single time, brings tears to my eyes. And the other one is 'Izlel E Delio Haidutin'.The song was sent outer space :) It's Bulgarian proud and it sends shivers my spine every single time.Hope you like it too :) If you want I can translate it for you ;)

  7. I think I can't say only one song as the best, but, Dead Boy's Poem is a song that means a lot to me, also Angels Fall First, because of personal reasons...

    That is one of the hardesd questions in the world =S

    Love you!

  8. Hi Anette!

    I have many favoutite songs like thatQ
    Johnny Cash - Hurt
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
    The Moody Blues - Nights in White satin
    Leonard Cohen - Dance Me to the End of Love
    the Magnetic Fields- All my Little Words
    Pink Floyd - High Hopes
    and many greek songs like the songs of Haroula Alexiou. You can take a taste of an interview and some songs in thw youtube video, it has subs

    Happy Birthday to your bf!


  9. And Replica by Sonata Arctica ofcourse, how could I forget that one *head meets desk* I love that song from the moment I heard it.


  10. Hello Anette,
    Welcome back!
    I have some Fav. all time songs.

    Status Quo - In The Army Now.( I dont know but since I was little I do love this song)

    Madonna - Like A Prayer. (same store as by status quo)

    That were the songs I know now. When there is a new one I remember I say it.

    Lots of Love,
    And enjoy your evening.


  11. I would have to say Totos "Don't Chain My Heart" as my favourite. There is also this so very sad song to me i always listen when i meet someone special and feel like i'm loosing her..well you know what i mean. It's Rachael Yamagatas "I'll Find a Way"

  12. My favorite song of all time is "the poet and the pendulum" with Nightwish!!! :D You are the greatest singer of all time! I am listening to Nigthwish every day, no matter what :)

    I hope you all will come back to Norway soon!!
    Love from Norway! :)

  13. Good evening!

    Oh, indeed it's very hard to decide what the best songs in the world are. I have sooo many favourite songs in every style of music from Metal to classical music. But my all-time favourites are:

    Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
    Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
    Nothing Else Matters by Matallica
    Only Hope by Mandy Moore
    Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
    Wind of Change by The Scorpions
    and No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) by Queen.

    Have a nice evening and a good day tomorrow.

  14. My favourite all-time songs...
    Kamelot's "When The Lights Are Down"
    Kamelot's "The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)"
    Emilie Autumn's "Prologue: Across The Sky"
    The Birthday Massacre's "Blue"
    Pain's "Follow Me" (love your vocals on this song! <3)
    some Nightwish: "Dead to the World" & "The Poet and the Pendulum"

  15. Räknas Nightwish sånger? :) Nej men jag har svårt för att bestämma mig, det finns så många bra låtar som gjorts. Många personliga favoriter i många olika stilar. Den ena kan vara bra i en vecka, sedan inte bra längre. Jag kan verkligen inte bestämma mig. Världens bästa låt genom tiderna? Är det vad man tycker just nu eller var man kan tänkas tycka om flera år...

    Mitt svar på frågan blir nog, oj det går inte, det måste nog bli, shit detta går inte >__<. Men några riktigt bra låtar som har en extrra plats i mitt hjärna är : The Islander - Antar att du vet bandet ;)( det var nämligen så att jag och min nuvarande pojkvän har en fin historia med den låten, en halv natt men en gitarr några vänner och godis för att sammanfatta), Lagoon med samma band ;), Nothin else matters - Metallcia, Taking over me - Evanesence, One Day - Hans Zimmer (och såklart det mesta av honom).

    Nu kom jag på en favorit till! Ifrån Tarzan soundtracket. Two Hearts av Phil Coillins. Kan kanppt höra den untan att gråta.

    Blev lång och kanske ointressant kommentar, men jag hoppas och önskar att du tar dig til att läsa, även om det kanske blev lite ointressant. Jag hoppas även att du har en riktigt bra helg :)

    Många kramar ifrån Nessi

  16. Nightwish- "Escapist"
    Alyson Avenue- "Another Night"
    I'm currently addicted to
    "October and April"! Hehe!
    I like Tarja Turunen's version of "Poison"
    and her song "Minor Heaven", and
    her song with Martin Kesici,
    "Leaving You for Me"

    I also like Kate Voegele's version
    of "Hallelujah" :

    Jason Walker- "Down" :

    Halestorm- "I Get Off", "Familiar Taste
    of Poison", and "Love/Hate Heartbreak"

    You should totally listen to those if
    you haven't(obviously not "Escapist"
    or "Another Night", you know how amazing
    they are!). But they're all beautiful
    voices and awesome songs!

    Favorite all-time song:
    "Cadence of Her Last Breath".
    I think it sounds so cool
    and I loved your voice.
    Favorite all-time singer: YOU!!! :D

    Well Happy Birthday to your bf
    and have a good night!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  17. OCH jag glömde Only hope med Mandy Moore, fy skäms på mig. :(

  18. Hi Nettan!

    How are you?
    Well, that's a tough question ... I'd say Ever Dream by Nightwish, of course =D.

    Hugs <3

  19. Hello Anette!

    Well I think I have too many favourite songs that I considere the best...But it is really personal and here are some :

    In your eyes from Peter Gabriel

    Bitter Sweet Symphony from The Verve

    On the Turning Away from Pink Floyd

    Amaranth from Nightwish

    Thriller by Michael Jackson

    Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2

    and etc...etc...etc..

    Finally, Happy Birthday from me and my man to YOUR man!!! Have a great evening!!! I am sure you will do great things for his party!!!

    Take care and hugs!

    Sophie in Montreal

  20. Hej Anette!
    That's a good question... ;-) Like you, I could go on forever with the list of my all-time favourite songs! But here I go with some songs which, for many reasons, have touched me deep in my heart:
    (in chronological order)
    - Yesterday (The Beatles)
    - What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
    - Walking in the Air (Howard Blake)
    - Another Day (Dream Theater)
    - Shadow of the Moon (Blackmore's Night)
    - The Poet and The Pendulum (Nightwish)
    And the list could go on... ;-)
    Have a great weekend, and happy birthday to your boyfriend! =)

  21. Hii Anette =)

    Weeelll, now you ask... I have just bought the new Sonata Arctica album (out already for a while i know ;p) and I heard this song called
    'No dream can heal a broken heart' and I just fell in love with it!
    especially the added vocals of Johanna Kurkela =)

    Also of course Nothing else matters and Bohemian Rhapsody are great.
    But I still think i'll hold on to Ever Dream, Feel for You and Ghost Love Score as my fav's (Century Child is my favorite NW album)
    But I also love Escapist and The Poet and the Pendulum with you on them very much!

    Ah well, enough talking now ;p
    Have a nice night and a great party tomorrow!
    Lots of love, Lisa <3

    (btw, is it normal that after the first time bleaching from black the hair turns a reddish blond??)

  22. Music is wonderful indeed =D

    some of my all time faves are:

    Space-Dye Vest - Dream Theater
    Still Loving You - Scorpions
    Hijo de la Luna - Sarah Brightman
    Ghost Love Score - Nightwish
    Zombie - The Cranberries
    Honor Thy Father - Dream Theater
    Sea of Lies - Symphony X
    Pathetiqué - Beethoven
    Fantasie Impromptu - Chopin

    and which are your all-time favorite albums?

  23. Hello, Anette!
    My favourite all-time song is
    "Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainwright
    I prefer his version. This song was with in hard times and helped me to overcome those difficulties.

  24. Great choice of songs, Anette!

    This is a hard question because there are so many great songs I love.

    Of course, I have many fave Nightwish songs, my all time faves being Ghost Love Score and Beauty of the Beast.

    Others are:

    Ordinary World - Duran Duran
    True - Spandau Ballet
    Layla - Eric Clapton
    Hey Jude - The Beatles
    Riders On The Storm - The Doors
    Imagine - John Lennon
    Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
    Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
    Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
    Paranoid - Black Sabbath
    Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
    If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley
    Black Night - Deep Purple
    Music Was My First Love - John Miles

    and so many more that I can't think of right now.

    Have a good night!

  25. I've a lot of songs I like.

    The Rasmus - Time To Burn
    HIM - Heartache Every Moment
    Amália Rodrigues - Barco Negro
    Madredeus - O Pastor

    What you think Anette? Have you heard portuguese music? Portuguese bands like: The Fingertips; The Gift; Moonspell; Madredeus, etc...

    I advise you! =)


  26. my favorite songs is:
    Disturbed - Stricken
    kamelot - Ghost Opera
    Mudvayne - Forget to Remember
    Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
    Nightwish - Amaranth
    Anette Olzon - ...... (one of your songs) ;-)
    And many many more
    I hope that you have a great night. I am anxious to see your new album. For sure will be great =)
    Dream with the angels
    All the best for you
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  27. Lets see.....
    The Corrs - Runaway
    Shakira - Ojos Así
    Celine Dion - My heart will go on
    The Cranberries - Electric Blue
    Madonna - Frozen
    Roxette - Listen to ur heart
    Dido - White Flag
    Within Temptation - Stand my ground
    Nightwish - Ghost Love Score and Ever Dream
    Nice list!
    Lots of love

  28. Dear Anette,

    have a nice party tomorrow! Happy Birthday to your bf!

    well some of my all-time favourite songs are:

    Sweet Child o' Mine-Guns n' Roses
    Ever Dream-Nightwish
    Running Up That Hill-Placebo
    City Of Blinding Lights-U2
    Broken-Seether feat. Amy Lee
    Cadence Of Her Last Breath-Nightwish
    Feel For You-Nightwish
    Closer-Kings of Leon
    How To Save A Life-The Fray
    Cantec De Dragoste(in english "Love song")-Vama Veche
    Once Upon A December-from the Anastacia soundtrack

    and like at least 100 more ......

    Good Night! Sweet dreams!


  29. Hi Anette, welcome at home! The song that you've posted are amazing. I love bohemian raphsody and nothing else matters! My favourite are:

    1) Still loving you - Scorpions
    2) I will remember - Toto
    3) The river - Bruce Springsteeng
    4) Another brick in the wall - Pink Floyd
    5) Aqualong - Jethro Tull

    I hope you like theese songs!

    Have a nice evening! Big hugs

  30. My favorite all times:

    Mr.Big:Green-tinted sixties-mind
    Led Zep-Stairway to Heaven
    Cinderella-Don't know what you got
    Britny Fox-Long way to love
    Wintersun-Sleeping stars,Winter madness
    Thunder-A better man
    Johnny Crash-Hey kid
    Tyr-Hold the heathen hammer high
    Norther-Mirror of madness
    Ossian-A szerelem országútján(On the main road of love)
    The last two are hungarian bands:)
    Sorry...i wrote a lot...too lot;)
    Good night Anette and sleep well!!
    And: Happy Birthday to your boyfriend!!!

  31. there are sooo many! of course my favourites are mostly nightwish songs, and since the hartwall show i can say that meadows of heaven has become my absolutely greatest all-time favourite: ) and thanks for that..^^

    hugs: )

  32. (I forgot Abandoned by Kamelot, and Oasis by Tarja)

    Love, Lisa <3

  33. Favourite all-time songs, that's a hard question... :-) But I will make a try:

    "Terra's Theme" by Nobuo Uematsu
    "Moskau" by Dschinghis Khan
    "Zombie" by The Cranberries
    "The Power Of Good-Bye" by Madonna
    "Gothic" by Paradise Lost
    "The Sound Of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel

    Of course almost every song of Nightwish and Theatre of Tragedy. :)

    Have a nice weekend, Anette!

  34. My very favourite song is Ghost love score with you as singer, you always make me cry when I heard you singing it and especially "Redeem me into childhood Show me myself ...." I don't know why but the way you sing it makes it so special! THE BEST SONG EVER !


  35. Hi Nettie ! :)
    Following you every day, what a pleasure !

    If I had to choose one of my very favourite songs... Well, I Guess, it would be Avril Lavigne's Innocence. This song is just... beyond words... ! But I gotta say that all Nightwish s songs are my favourite, I just CAN'T live a day without listening music and Nightwish... is the bigger part of my music !

    By the way, the song I am now listening the most is October & April. It's some kind of magic... :')

    Love & Hugs from France !

  36. Hey Anette :)
    I didn't know you were back already. Glad that you are safe home.

    Aww, I love Nothing Else Matters from Metallica. There are some nice covers around there too.
    Apocalyptica has a cover of NEM done with cellos, so beautiful. The Rasmus also did a cover of this song.

    My favourite all-time songs are:
    Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
    Dido - Thank You
    Erika - I Don't know
    Gun - Word Up
    Juanes - A Dios Le Pido
    Magic Box - If You
    Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
    Michael Jackson - Beat It
    Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever
    The Corrs - Queen Of Hollywood
    The Corrs - Radio
    The Corrs - So Young
    The Magic Numbers - Forever Lost
    U2 - Stuck In A Moment

    There are lots of more, it's so difficult to make a list.
    Oh, and of course, all my favs bands songs. They are what I really love to listen.
    I listen to Breaking Benjamin, Brother Firetribe, Leaves' Eyes, Nightwish and The Rasmus all the time and every day.

    A happy birthday to your boyfriend. Have a great party time!


  37. Bohemian Rapsody is a song i singed when i was 1 or 2 years old XD
    I was listening very much Queen, i loved BR and Radio Gaga

    Have a nice weekend Anette =)

    Kiss from italy

  38. One of my favorite pieces of music:
    A composer named Lauridsen has an incredible piece called, Lux Æterna, it is absolutely amazing. There are five movements within the piece (the running time is about half and hour), I suggest listening to them by candlelight, I always get goose bumps. Try it, I think you won’t be sorry! ☺

    Love, Stefanie from San Francisco

  39. my fav songs are
    tides of time - epica
    opheliac- emilie autumn
    i like ir. lacuna coil
    come what may - moulin rogue
    eterna soledad - enanitos verdes

  40. Woah, that's a pretty hard question, I've got to admit ;)
    Hmm... There are many great songs out there, but for me, Dead Boy's Poem is an extremely emotional and beautiful piece of music :) I don't think any other song managed to move me like Dead Boy's Poem did. It's just perfect in every way possible, and hearing it live was like a dream come-true. Thank you for that ;)

    I also LOVE a song called Cure by Tristania :)

    Happy birthday to your boyfriend! Have a great party tomorrow :)

    Kisses & hugs to you :)

  41. Njääh, it's so hard to name the best song. Of course I could write here all the Nightwish songs. :D Well, here's some kind of list:

    Nightwish - Ever Dream
    Leaves' Eyes - Farewell Proud Men, Into Your Light
    Disturbed - Down with the sickness
    Pirates of the Caribbean theme music
    Scorpions - Still Loving You
    X-Perience - A Never-Ending Dream
    And here comes that kind of song that I'm a bit shamed of :D but this was the first band I ever liked, bought cd's and t-shirts
    Spice Girls - for example Wannabe. Pure girl power ;) Well I was about eleven years old when I listened Spice Girls :D and nowadays hearing some SG song makes me remember some very nice things from my childhood :)

    Have a nice birthday party with your boyfriend!

  42. Happy Birthday to Anette's BF!! :)

    I have many all time favorite songs one of them being Queens Bohemian Rhapsody also. From Nightwish Ever Dream and Ghost Love Story are something I never get tired of. And thank you for reminding me of Kate Bush!

    Have a great weekend!

  43. Hei Anette!
    Yes you're right, music is wonderful ;)
    Bohemian rhapsody's a very beautiful song.
    But my favorite songs ever, are and will always be The poet and the pendulum and Kuolema tekee taiteilijan i really love your interpretation of Kuolema;=)
    and other songs i love are
    Nothing else matter reinterpreted by Apocalyptica(but also the original of metallica)
    and Don't cry of Guns n' roses...
    there are a lot of other songs i love, i can't name them all ;=)
    However i just listened to October and April and i think it's a very great song!!!
    Have a great time at the party! happy birthday to your bf

  44. Oh my, I absolutely LOVE "Don't give up". It's one of my beloved songs EVER.

    I have soooo many all-time faves, Anette. I'm possible to pick right now but I will tell you one title; Enya = May It be ^_^ (I love all os her songs anyway :D)

    Hope Your boyfriend had a great birthday!!!!

    Sleep well!

    Karo E.

  45. Hello dear Nettie , how are you??
    Happy B-Day to your BF!
    My fav song?? The Poet And The Pendulum followed by Ghost Love Score! Such powerful , emotional and strong songs!
    And Metallica's Nothing Else Matters is great too. My mum adores Metallica. And Show Must Go On is great too =)

    Wish you a good night and sweet dreams!



  46. Hmmm... Very hard question. But I think my favors are at this moment:

    NW: Meadows of Heaven
    NW: Ghost Love Score
    Robbie Williams: Angels
    Heart: Alone
    Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms

    But my todays music is The Baseballs!! :-)

    Have a fun party!


  47. Heal the world with Michael Jackson

    Den är jättevacker.
    Lyssna/se videon till Earth Song, den är sjukt bra!

    Tror faktist Ghost Love Score är den bästa låten jag hört.
    Det finns så många med Nightwish...

    Bohemian Rhapsody sjöng ju Team Cans från Mora på Körslaget, dem är rätt bra på den ;=)

  48. I understand, so hard to choose only one fav song :P
    My fav songs are always changing but the ones that will last forever are:
    Nightwish - Ghost Love Score, Ever Dream, Dead Boy's Poem, Swanheart and The Kinlslayer and doesn't matter who sings them =)
    The Corrs - Long Night
    Epica - The Phantom Agony, Tides of Time, Kingdom of Heaven and The Obsessive Devotion
    Disney Movie Pocahontas - If I Never Knew You (Beautiful song)
    Kamelot - The Human Stain
    Celtic Woman - You Raise Me Up
    Andrea Bocelli - Romanza album =)
    Pain with you - Follow Me (I can hear it over and over again and never get enough :P)
    And a lot more...I won't mention more, they are too much because I love music; besides my family is the most important thing to me in the whole world :)

    Good night!
    Love U*

  49. I forgot: Happy Birthday to your bf and I wish you lots of hapinnes and fun =)

  50. Jag säger bara "Än är det drag" med Thore Skogman! :-)
    Hans hårdrocksplatta är en riktig klassiker! =KÖP!!

  51. Nightwish - Ever Dream, Swanheart
    Janis Joplin - Summertime
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
    Meatloaf - Bat Out of Hell, I Would Do Anything For Love
    The Doors - House of the Rising Sun
    Bob Marley - Natural Mystic
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside
    John Frusciante - The Mirror
    Nick Cave&Kylie Minouge - Where the wild roses grow
    HIM - all of them, no exception!
    Manu Chao - Luna y Sol, Welcome to Tijuana
    Nathalie Merchant - My Skin
    Gregory Lemarchal - Pardonne-moi, Mon ame s'envole
    Withney Houston - I am nothing, Queen of the Night
    Sarah Brightman - Scarborough Fair
    Olivia Lufkin - Space Halo
    etc etc etc

  52. Oh than welcome back home, dear!

    What a busy woman you are )) how do you manage to cope with everything?)
    All my best greetings and positive wishes goes to your Mr Bf :) Have a wonderful party tomorrow))

    and speaking about fav songs...mmm..

    RHCP - Otherside
    James Morrison - Pieces Don't Fit Anymore
    Little Mermaid OST - Pat of Your World and Under the Sea )
    Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World
    Happy New Year - ABBA (you can listen to it all the time, it's such a kind and...light song)
    Senza Catene - Amici Forever
    Mama and Isabel - Il Divo
    Wishing on a Star - from "The 10th Kinfdom" OST
    Another World - Anthony and the Johnsons
    Seemann - Rammstein
    One Voice - Billy Gilman
    I Surrender - Celine Dion
    El Tango de Roxanne - Moulin Rouge OST (I know it's originally sung by The Police but MR version appeals tome much more)
    and Come What May be Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman
    Buddha for Mary - 30 Seconds to Mars

    I guess this list can be endless but I'll stop now )))

    sleep well and have very sweet dreams, dear!)

    with love,

  53. Hi Anette!

    Before answering the question that was asked, I would like to say that:

    WAW .... your bf has birthday tomorrow??
    It's my birthday too !!!!!!!!! yuppie!! 26 year old!!
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    sooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and TO YOU !!!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


    One the musics that I like is:

    1 - "Can not take my eyes off of you" - Frank Valli (this music will always be on top of the list ...)

    Without saying the great artists we have here in Brazil and are not disclosed by the media world ... But that's another story ...

    But is so hard decide musics, or to do a top 10, for example ...

    I love musics ... how you say:! Its hard for me to decide on 1 song since there are so many great songs that have been written. "

    Kisses from Brazil! ♥
    Great Weekend !
    Take care!

  54. You have a really good taste! hehe...

    My favorite song of all time is The Poet and the Pendulum.
    My favorite lyric is Beauty of the Beast.

    I also love Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), November Rain (Guns N' Roses) and Octavarium (Dream Theater).

    Love from Brazil!

  55. Hello my angel!

    A very difficult question! I love so many songs and it's hard to decide, but lets go!

    Nightwish - Ever Dream (with you singing)
    Nightwish - The Poet and The Pendulum
    Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks
    Guns - November Rain
    Coldplay - The Scientist
    Metallica - Nothing Else Matters! (me too)
    Oasis - Dont look back anger
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (me too again)
    Foo Fighters - Walking After You
    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
    U2 - Pride
    Evanescence - My Immortal

    This is enough. hahahaha

    And I love to hear you singing!!! All day long!
    Never stop the music!!

    Kisses my angel!!!

  56. Hi Anette =)
    how are you?
    wow sounds like youve had a very busy week :O
    hmmm favorite songs well thats hard cuz i have a lot of favorite songs lol hmmm but my absolute favorites are:

    A Day Without Rain- Enya

    Only Time- Enya

    Orinoco Flow- Enya

    Ghost Opera- Kamelot

    EdenEcho- Kamelot

    Winter Born 77- Sirenia

    Ghost Love Score- Nightwish

    the poet and the pendulum- Nightwish

    The islander- Nightwish
    lol i actually love the whole Dark Passion Play album its absolutely amazing! :D i love the way you sing the songs ^^
    i am currently hooked on "october and april" i love that song its so beautiful :)

    The whole April Rain Album by Delain but my two favorites are April Rain and
    Stay Forever

    Dream Yourself Far Away- Krypteria

    Legend Land- Leaves' Eyes
    =) lol wow a lot of songs i listed but um those are just a few =D
    i wish your bf a happy birthday!!!=)
    i hope you have fun and enjoy the party =D

    ttys Anette ^^

    lots of hugs!!!=)


  57. Hello Anette,

    Well.. I like many many so much of music
    but i have my "own" playlist

    You don't understand me - Roxette
    Caribbean blue - Enya
    Send me an angel - Scorpions
    and so many gospel music

    Have a nice weekend
    kisses and hugs from brazil

  58. Poet and the Pendulum= the Best it is one of the only songs that gets my emotions rollling and the vocals sound so Angelic especially that part called "the Pacific" and it just goes to show there are some pretty good VOCALISTS in the world(example: Anette Olzon)

  59. Both times I saw Metallica live, they performed Nothing Else Matters, both times, I was brought to tears(which NEVER happens with me)

    You Give Love A Bad Name-Bon Jovi when I'm feeling nostalgic.

    Another Hero Lost-Shadows Fall

    The Poet And The Pendulum, Forever Yours, Ocean Soul, Beauty Of The Beast, Wishmaster, Bare Grace Misery, Fantasmic, Dead Boy's Poem, Creek Mary's Blood(Yes, I LOVE Nightwish, favorite band besides Metallica)

    Happy birthday to your boyfriend,

  60. I have to admit: I'm absolutely in love with The Poet and the Pendulum!!!

    A lot of people said the same, I know but its just a PERFECT song.
    Everyday I love it more and more and more.
    Well, there's a lot of great songs.
    But Nightwish is the soundtrack of my life.
    Dead Boy's Poem, all the Century Child songs, Higher than Hope, Romanticide, Gethsemane, Swanheart, OMG! Everyone!!
    And from other bands... I cant chose just one.
    I cant live without music!
    And you're one of those angels who make me believe in life :) Thank you!!!!

    Well, Happy Birthday to your bf.
    I'm sure is a great person

  61. My heart will go on from Celine Dion (Titanic theme), for me it's still the most beautiful and soulful piece of music ever written.

    Hughs from Brazil

  62. Hey dear, how you are? Hope good (L)

    Oh, Fragile and Fields of Gold are awesome! Melodious and calm songs, and Sting is one of my three favorite British singers.

    I love Nothing Else Matters too, James Hetfield sing with much feeling all the time. Bohemian Rhapsody is not my fav Queen song (This should probably be Radio Ga Ga).

    But here we go:

    - Follow You Follow Me, Illegal Alien and No Son of Mine with Genesis
    - In The Air Tonight and Long Long Way to Go with Phil Collins
    - 10th Man Down and Cadence of Her Last Breath with NW
    - The Unforgiven II with Metallica

    This is a pretty difficult question to answer. From time to time I change my very favorite songs, but I think that some all-time are these.

    PS: You are amazing. Your musical taste is really wide, and of good quality. I like it. So, I can give you a hint?

    Listen the "phase Collins" of Genesis, my favorite ever, and the solo carreer of Phil Collins. Recommend two albums: Invisible Touch (of Genesis), and No Jacket Required of Phil Collins. And of course, hope you like :D

    Anyways, a thousand of hugs, take care =**

  63. All time favourites are always hard to choose, but I'll try my best.

    The Poet and the Pendulum - Nightwish
    Ghost Love Score - Nightwish
    Beauty of the Beast - Nightwish
    Tell me now (What you see) - Moya Brennan
    Tides of Time - Epica
    The Last Amazing Grays - Sonata Arctica
    Memento Mori - Kamelot
    Anywhere Is - Enya
    Victoria's Secret - Sonata Arctica
    Tides - Tarot

  64. Hmm...well quite many I think. There really are a lot of songs I like soooo much.
    These ones I probably will never get fed up with.
    Michael Jackson - Beat It
    Annie Lennox - Into the West and Love song for a vampire (from Bram Stokers Dracula, love the movie!)
    Pain - Follow me and Just think again
    CoB - Angels dont kill
    Breaking Benjamin - Forget It
    Emilia Torrini - Gollum's song (yeh, Im a Lord of the Rings-freak)
    Evanesence - My Immortal
    Nightwish - Ever Dream, She is my sin, Eva, Sleeping Sun

    I could go on and on with the list and Im sure Ive forgot some songs but well, what ever :)

    I took some pics this morning because winter finally came here. So with this picture, , I send you snowy greetings from Finland :)

    Hugs, Essi

  65. Oj oj det finns så många men några av mina favoriter är

    Sabaton-Art of war
    De flesta Nightwish-låtar
    Hammerfall-At th end of the rainbow och Glory to the brave
    Bon Jovi-Livin on a prayer
    Altaria-Unchain the rain
    Sting-Fields of gold

  66. Stormbringer by Deep Purple =D
    one my favourite songs ever!

    i rather not say more, as i might be a long list ^_^

  67. 1. "Viva la vida" by Coldplay
    2. "Ghost love score" by Nightwish
    3. "Morgenstern" by Rammstein
    4. "Butterflies and hurricanes" by Muse
    5. "Violet hill" by Coldplay
    6. "The poet and the pendulum" by Nightwish
    7. "Enter sandman" by Metallica
    8. "New born" by Muse
    9. "Life in Techicolor II" by Coldplay
    10 "Politik" by Coldplay

    I hope the party is good.

  68. Well, the best songs ever written is all written by mr. Tuomas Holopainen and performed by Nightwish. There is not one song in the world who can compete with your music.

  69. always i listen nightwish - while your lips are still that made me love you so much
    and nightwish - the islander..


  70. hmmm svårt att välja...
    dom låtarna som betyder mest för mig är nog:

    Nightwish: Dead Boy's Poem, Poet And The Pendulum, Angels Fall First, Ghost Love Score, Nemo
    Tarja Turunen: Boy and the Ghost, You Would Have Loved This
    Kamelot: Mourning Star (ända sedan du tipsade om den här låten på bloggen så har jag inte kunnat sluta lyssna på den)
    Arch Enemy: I Will Live Again, The Day You Died (texten i den här låten är väldigt vacker och den betyder så mycket för mig)

    Om jag slulle välja en låt genom alla tider så skulle det nog vara Mozart - Requiem.
    Den är helt fantastisk!

    Ha en bra dag!


  71. Hey Anette :)

    How are you ? is everything fine?
    you had a great time at the studio?! that is cool^^
    So now have a wonderful time back home .
    Happy birhday lots of fun, luck and happienss to your bf :)
    celebrate a lot and have a amazing time :)

    So, the thing with the all time faves....huh thats hard to say ;) but i guess i can name some songs^^

    here we go... :D
    (they are listed in no particular order ;))

    Amorphis - House of sleep
    Nightwish - Meadows of heaven
    Queen - The show must go on
    In Flames - evil in a closet
    Metallica - Unforgiven 2
    Der W - Ein lied für meinen Sohn(means: A Song for my son)
    Europe - Final Countdown
    Frank Sinatra - My way
    Bon Jovi - Its my life^^
    Michael Jackson - Earth song
    Falco - Out of the dark
    Sido - Danke (means: Thank you)
    Nightwish - Ever Dream (your version)
    The Chocolate Soundtrack
    Alice Cooper - Poison^^
    Ozzy Osbourne - Desire
    Amorphis - Her alone
    Ludwig van Beethoven - Für Elise

    So i think those once are enough for now ;)
    thank you very much for asking and showing your intrest in us :) means a lot :)

    have a wonderful time
    smile a lot

    biiig huuugs
    Chris :)

  72. uh!! I have so many favourite songs...
    I could say "Ghost Love Score", "Sahara", "Nemo" and "Meadows of Heaven" (Nightwish), My Immortal" (Evanescence), Jillian (Within Temptation), "Tides of Time" (Epica) which is a ballad from their new album and I recomend it to you, it's great =) and it has become one of my favourites recently. Well and I could write soo much more songs such as some by Kamelot, Tristania... well, some songs from every band I listen to hehe

  73. Dear Anette,
    thanks for the posts. I also like the songs you've mentioned above very much. One of my favourite songs is "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley.
    And I also like nearly 100% of all NW songs! And I also love Tarjas MWS. And I am sure that I will like your new CD!
    Best wishes,

  74. hello anette! I also like metallica, is one of my favorite groups also those with guns n roses welcome to the jungle, I love the beatles also with his song across the universe, but I really like one of my favorite songs is the meadows of heaven is precious, and many more .. I love NW is my favorite band. thanks NW anette and thank you very much for giving us good music. kisses from Spain Natalia.

  75. Such a difficult thing to narrow down but i think my top 3 are

    Ghost Love Score - Nightwish
    Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
    Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

    Quite a few just behind those though!


  76. I have so many favorite songs, but at the moment it's probably Sonata Arctica's "The Last Amazing Grays", "The Cage" and "San Sebastian", Sixx AM's "Dead Man's Ballet", from Turisas, "Midnight Sunrise", and also "The Poet and the Pendulum", "Meadows of Heaven" and "Ghost Love Score" from Nightwish, of course.
    Also, I love "Solveig's song" by Edvard Grieg and "Tu vedrai che amore in terra" from Verdi's "Il trovatore".

    And "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Heal the world" are such wonderful tracks indeed. Ozzy Osbourne's "Dreamer" is too.

    Thanks for the question, it's really interesting to read about other people's music tastes and discuss your own! :)

  77. Favorite songs:
    Nemo, Ghost Love Score, Amaranth and Meadows of Heaven with Nightwish (Love all Nightwish songs :D)
    Path to Decay with Sirenia
    My Immortal and Sweet Sacrifice with Evanescence
    Stand My Ground, Pale and Memories with Within Temptation

  78. Mine's Ghost Love Score, by far! ^^

    And after that my favorites would be The Poet and the Pendulum and Creek Mary's Blood, Epica's Kingdom of Heaven and Fools of Damnation, Sonata Arctica's Deathaura and Don't Say A Word, Kamelot's The Black Halo, Dream Theater's Beyond this Life and In the Presence of Enemies, Metallica's Master of Puppets and After Forever's Beautiful Emptiness =)

    And I'm quite sure I'm forgetting some songs...

  79. Amaranth - Nightwish, of course!!!
    And I think that Smells like Teen Spirit - Nirvana is an amazing song.

    Did you see the EMAs in Berlin? Have a nice day!

  80. well, just wanna say that "Ghost Love Score" is my fav song EVER,, Im not joking! that song came from heaven!

    cheers babe

  81. There are so many good ones that have already been mentioned, so I wanted to name some good ones that had not already been listed here that I could see.

    Lorrena McKennitt - Dante's Prayer
    Across The Universe (Either the Beatles or the Rufus version)
    State of Grace by Tarot (My personal favorite)

  82. Många Nightwish-låtar går att lyssna på flera hundra gånger, utan att det blir för tröttsamt att lyssna på dem, t.ex. Bless the Child :)
    Annars är det väl...
    Fullmoon-Sonata Arctica (den blir aldrig dålig!!!)
    Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen (den försvann i ett skede, men jag re-found den för ganska exakt ett år sedan..
    Phantom of the Opera
    Och en massa Disney-låtar som jag lyssnade på som liten.. :)

  83. Hello Anette :)
    I have quite a lot of favourite songs, I can't even list them all but here are some of my favs :

    Hate Crew Deathroll by Children of Bodom,
    Live to tell the Tale by Nightwish (a bonus track from the Once album that should have been on the album..),
    Resign to Surender by Epica,
    Journey to Undying Lands by Battlelore,
    From Afar by Ensiferum,
    Juliet by Sonata Arctica and
    Krieger des Lichts by Silbermond

    But my most favourite song is "The Poet and the Pendulum". *-*

    Hugs from Germany

  84. Hello and welcome back home, Anette. :)

    It´s very difficult to choose favorite songs since there are sooo many great songs out there, but here´s a few:

    Born to touch your feelings - Scorpions
    Hell is living without you - Alice Cooper
    Our Solemn Hour - Within Temptation
    Lady in Black - Uriah Heep
    Wasted Years - Iron Maiden
    Misplaced - Sonata Arctica
    Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne
    For You - HIM
    Fantasmic - Nightwish (well actually I could name almost every Nightwish song but this came to my mind first)

    And just because Christmas is coming closer, I have to mention the song Varpunen jouluaamuna, sung by Marco Hietala. It has always been my favorite christmas song, but I love Marco´s version the most. Soon I can start to listen to it without the fear of getting weird looks from people. :D

  85. At the moment(besides Nw songs)... It's the new album Design your Universe of Epica^^
    ...I also like October and April =D, April rain of Delain, the rasmus songs, Pain, a lot of musics films and Calogero, a French singer! he is great!
    Perhaps you know him? >

    ...ho! I almost forgot Alyson Avenue!! Perfect Love, Tell Me You Love Me, When Dreams Fall Apart... You was a nice group. bye XD

  86. A bit too late, but I've been sick so I couldn't comment earlier..
    My favorite songs are these:
    By Nightwish: The poet and the pendulum, Escapist and Ghost love score
    By Helloween: Hey Lord
    By Kamelot: The Human Stein
    By Duran Duran: Come undone (it's a beautiful song, don't you think??)
    By Doro Pesch: Celebrate
    And a few from my favorite band of all times.. It's a band called Kid Abelha. It's a Brazilian band and they're incredible. The songs are in portuguese, but I think you would really like them. IT's a pop/rock band, with a female singer (great one by the way), a guitar player and a sax player. They are awsome and my favorite songs by them are "Lágrimas e Chuva", "Poligamia" and "Fixação".
    Check them out if you get curious.

    Bye bye now :*

  87. I absolutely love the song Beauty and the Beast (from the movie). And seriously- nightwish songs, sonata arctica ones... epica. Many many songs I love.

  88. My personal favourites are, in no particular order:
    Aerosmith- Amazing
    Led Zep- Stairway to heaven
    The Beatles- All My Loving
    Within Temptation- Angels
    Nightwish- Everdream, Ghost Love Score, Sahara
    Ayreon- Day Eleven: Love
    Sonata Arctica- Blinded no More, Tallulah
    Tarja Turunen- Calling Grace, sing for me
    Argg there´s so many, luv music

  89. My all time favorite song is Ghost Love Score by Nightwish.

  90. hej hej Anette!!
    well , it's hard to choose just one...
    But I could start with Metallica "eye of the beholder" and "broken, beat & scarred"
    arch enemy "we will rise" and "revolution begins" ...and that's it for now!!
    have a great weekend ;)

  91. För att vara helt ärlig så är nog Nightwishs Ghost Love Score en av mina all-time favoriter. Den är bara så mäktig och på samma gång så lugn och så virvlande att det känns som om hela min själ sätts i gungning av att höra den.
    Andra favoriter är Totos Africa, To oak woods bestowed av Elvenking, Beauty and the Beast från just den filmen, Concerning Hobbits av Howard Shore (och egentligen också resten av soundtracket till Sagan om Ringen-filmerna), psalmen Det Finns Djup, Jean Sibelius Finlandia-hymn, Länge Leve Livet (en sång som en av mina körer ibland sjunger) och...ja, jag kan hålla på länge, det finns så otroligt många fina sånger och melodier. Men en annan Nightwishsång som jag har väldigt starka band till är The Islander (som involverar en uppesittarnatt tillsammans med nya vänner, en gitarr, två nyfunna systersjälar och smältande av godis. Något av det bästa jag varit med om :)).

  92. My favourite all-time song is of course The Poet And The Pendulum, it is a wonderful song that sometimes I cry at the end !
    Kisses and have a good night, Anette <3

  93. Hi Anette and welcome back! :-)
    Oh god dear Nettan, you sang the song "the Heart Asks Pleasure" so beautyfully that i cried. :-) Beautiful.. You're amazing!

    But the songs.. Here we go! Hard to put just few songs but let's try.
    Many songs of Nw. Specially The Poet, Ever Dream and Meadows of Heaven
    Neil Young - Heart of Gold
    MJ - Earth Song and Dirty Diana, since i was a little ;-)
    The White Stripes - 7 nation army
    Howard Blake - Walking in the air

    And many many others! ;-)
    Have a good day Anette!
    With love,

  94. Hmmm.. it's a bit difficult to tell only a single song, so I'll tell 2 songs :
    Ocean Soul and Escapist(Nightwish), Eléanor (The Gathering and Bohemian Rhapsody too.

    Hugs, Miriam

  95. mine is this one

  96. oh, i dont'n know anybody who doesn't like The show must go on.) this song is just perfect.
    as for me... i'm crazy about music and i have a lot of favourite bands and, of course, a lot of favourite songs, i thick that The show must go on is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. and it's perfect, yeah.)
    and, maybe... Enya - May it be, this song makes me cry.
    and, of course, The Poet and the Pendulum. Tuomas is genius in writing music and you, Anette, are a perfect singer.) so go on like that! ;)

  97. well, there are many of them... so let's begin ;)))
    1. Elis - Seit Dem Anbeginn Der Zeit - just something heavenly tragical for me
    2. Erben Der Schopfung - Elis (yeah, it's the same vocalist as in Elis band ;) )
    3. Within Temptation - Say My Name
    4. Elane - Golden Lace
    5. Nightwish - For The Heart I Once Had ;)))
    6. The Gathering - Saturnine
    7. Agua de Annique - Lost And Found
    8. Poets Of The Fall - Where Do We Draw The Line
    9. and all the songs that can make me feel some very strong feeling ;))

  98. I have so many all-time favorite songs but here are some of them; Dark chest of wonders - Nightwish, When dreams fall apart - Alyson Avenue, Listen to your heart - Roxette and well, Fragile - Delta goodrem.

  99. Well, I love most of the songs from Nightwish =)
    But one Song is the best:Whoever brings the night
    And Streichholzmann from die Toten Hosen is really cool =)
    The sing about fire and I am by the fire brigade (I am 13 and the only girl by our fire brigade)

    All my respect, love, big hugs and many kisses from Austria,

  100. I have waaaay too many songs I like, but I'll try to narrow it down to ten...

    No Distance Left To Run - Blur
    Cosmic Love - Florence & The Machine
    Ever Dream - Nightwish
    Eternal Life - Jeff Buckley
    Play Dead - Bjork (I don't have accents on my keyboard)
    Nothing - PAIN
    Varpunen Jouluaamuna - I'm pretty sure it's a Finnish Christmas carol and Marco did a version which I love.
    Holy Mountains - System Of A Down
    Joutsenlaulu - For My Pain...
    The Heart Asks Pleasure First - Michael Nyman

  101. Hello Anette,

    I think I´m late but my favorite songs are:
    Rythm of Love-Scorpions
    Alien Nation-Scorpions
    The Fly- U2
    Stronger- Christina Aguilera
    Mega Therion,Son of the Staves of time-Therion
    Ice Queen-Within Temptation
    Vampire Heart-HIM
    The Path to Decay- Sirenia
    Ghost Score, Bye, bye Beautiful Nightwish
    Love Machine-Wasp
    I was made for loving you-Kiss
    Full Moon-Sonata Arctica
    I don´t care-Apocalyptica

    a kind of too much but recomendable, as in your country you have excellent musicians. I love Therion ;) hugs for you and your son and Happy Belated birthday for your BF :)

    Alma In Mexico City