Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Pilates and rain

Hi all;=)

Tomorrow I am going to see a personal trainer at a pilates/yoga studio here in the city. I feel that I want some new inspiration and development with my exercising and pilates and yoga are great forms both for shaping the body as getting the mind to relax. I will of course tell you everything after the meeting tomorrow;=)

Today its so grey outside again and I just wanna take a walk, but quite boring when its raining...I know that there´s no bad weather if you dress properly so I guess I just need to do it;=)

In the afternoon we are going to play bowling;=) Its a fun thing to do and even if I am no good at it, I think its fun.

Now, some rain celebration for us all;=) Enjoy!


  1. Vad synd att det regnar hos dig. Här snöar det ;)
    Pilates har jag faktiskt testat på en gång, men den formen jag prövade var inte riktigt något för mig. Hoppas att du hittar en form som passar dig!

  2. Good morning Anette!
    Thanks for this song, very nice and inspiring. I am so looking for my own vocal and songwriting path right now, so thanks for the inspiration =)
    Of course I love sunlight, but I love rain too, it's all about how you see it ;-) For me, I feel it can wash worries and bad thoughts away, as if it could turn them to water and let them flow away. I think it's better to try and resonate with whatever weather we wake up to, instead of complaining; if we learn to be closer to Mother Nature's events, then our body and mind will feel much better ;-)
    So you're right, "there's no bad weather", but be sure to wear some warm dresses when you take a walk so you don't catch a cold again ;-)
    Have a nice day!

  3. Hey Anette, how are you? I hope you are much better.

    I have a friend who does pilates and she loves it, she found is a bit difficult at first, but the more she did, the more she liked. I hope you like it too :)

    Great song. Thank you.
    There's a rain-song that I love to listen, which is also called Rain, from Breaking Benjamin:

    Have a wonderful day dear Anette.

  4. Hi dear Anette!

    here it's also grey and rainy and you can't do anything outside:(
    I think it's perfect that you have decided for going bowling today!

    You are right pilates and yoga are great for body and mind, so lots of fun and good luck tomorrow at the meeting!

    The rain pics are so cool and thanks for the song!

    Have a great day!


  5. hey :)

    How are you? is your cold getting better? i hope so :)
    pilates and yoga! that is a good idea :) i hope it will work fine for you^^

    The weather is grey here too -.-
    just dress up very very very warm, then it works fine (at least for me ;))

    yeah! bowling is a great funny thing to do :)
    even if im a horrible player ;) but its always funny.

    Great Song! Thank you very much^^ like this one :)

    here´s a song for you!
    nice folkish song, hope you like it ;)
    Amorphis - Enigma

    Now, have a wonderful day
    and a happy bowling time
    huuugs from munich
    Chris :)

  6. Hi,Anette
    Rain rain rain...It's a very beautiful natural phenomenal,isn't it?
    And very beautiful video you've posted,also)I'd like to advice you one more song. It's Josh Groban - Remember When it Rained. Lovely song-I like it very much!

  7. Hii Anette =)

    That yoga sounds like a great idea, I could really use some relaxing myself.
    Just had my Geography exam and it was awefully hard. I really hope I pass them...
    Crappy its raining over there, here it just stopped a minute ago ;p.
    Good luck with the pilates tomorrow and have fun with the bowling, try not to break anything ;p.

    Have a nice day =),
    Lots of love,(from a very nervous) Lisa <3

  8. Good morning, Anette!

    It's true that there is no bad weather if you dress properly. Is that a Swedish saying?

    Here in England everyone moans if it's raining (apart from me, as I find it quite soothing). Anyway, we need rain just as much as sunshine. But of course, it's not so nice if it's raining heavy and you want to go for a nice walk.

    Have a nice day!


  9. Här har det snöat hela dagen :)
    Det är ett alldeles vitt täcke på marken, vilket är otroligt fint, men snart regnar det väl bort igen :/

  10. Bowling is a good family fun. I hope you have fun a lot =)
    Have a good and funny day
    All the best for you
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  11. Hello dear Nettan! How are you?? Those pics are wonderful?? Can I ask you something?? Can I use that both pictures to make you a picture??

    Have a nice day



  12. Hi Anette,
    Your blog is so nice to read to start my day...Thank you so much!! Great song!
    I'm interested in how your yoga/pilates goes. I want to do yoga but find it boring...My cats love it because I'm on the floor with them. Maybe music would help?
    Rainy days can be nice and cozy...it's unusually warm here today. I hope to enjoy it while I visit the wolves at the sanctuary.
    Hope you are feeling better!
    Have a great day!!


  13. Hi Anette, it's raining here as well and i'm bored. I like to play at bowling but it's a long time that i didn't play it. I hope have a great day!

  14. Anette!? Our italian singer Andrea Bocelli sings "God Bless Us Everyone" in A Christmas Carol score!

  15. Hi
    In Moscow its often rainig too, wind is coooold and my mood is very depressive without any reasons. Never tried youga, but karate-do relaxes mind too. Have a nice time!

  16. God kväll!

    It would be very interesting to try yoga. Getting mind to relax would do very good to me.

    I was playing bowling two weeks ago (and it was so expensive even though we had just one track). I reallly am not good at it but I had so much fun :D I think that my friends had very good laughs of my bowling :D

    I was very tired today so I had a little nap earlier. I was supposed to sleep only for like 30 minutes but I slept 2,5 hours... And when I woke up my shoulders were aching... I guess my pillow was badly under my shoulders. So to make myself feeling better I'll take a walk soon on the beach.

  17. I used to be on a bowling league when I was younger, was pretty decent at it, for being 5 and ADHD, lol.

    I went girly-girl this morning. I picked out a shirt that is made to look like a french-maid outfit, but has a bunch of pink and black, along with silver. I quickly found out that pink eyeshadow(actually blush) and red-lipstick clash terribly, so am bare-lipped today, may throw on some lipbalm later, since the air has been so dry.

    I have one of my weekly voice-lessons today, and I'm looking forwards to it, planning on working out how to sing Amaranth my way... :)

    Hopefully the rain isnt bumming you out too bad, I wish i could send you sunshine, since i have loads of it peeking over my shoulder.

    Hugs, and love,

  18. Aaaaah! Tack för musiken! Håller på att förkovra mig inom den kvinnliga singer/songwriteravdelningen... igen! Har gjort ett alltför långt uppehåll från den genren.. Fy mig. Gillar du Heather Nova föressten? Har avgudat hennes röst i 10 år.. :-)

    Mulet och trist i Uppsala, men igår var det sol i ca en timme. Wow. Synd bara att man satt på kontoret då. :S

    Yoga har jag prövat på en gång; trodde jag skulle avlida. :O

    Ha det bra!

  19. Hi Anette!

    Well, rainy days have their own creativity. Today the weather matches to my mood. I fell in love VERY hopeless and unhappy. But well, life goes on...
    Pilates seems to be a great trainig program- and so is yoga. There are different styles. In some one just should try to become more balanced and in some one really has to make a knot into ones bones. But I am sure you could do it for you use to do so much sports ;)Let us know how you liked it :)
    Have a nice evening,

  20. Härligt! Jag jobbar för fullt med klimatting ett. Ska hämta en tjej ifrån USA som ska bo hos mig under hela helgen på torsdag. Jag ör inte lite nervös.

  21. I love winter and rainny days, though I really love summer and the heat too =P but I kinda miss rain and thunderstorms :DD
    Have fun!
    See you*

  22. Hey Anette ;=)
    I read your blog for a few weeks now and since today I'm finally a Follower of your blog ;=)
    Thank you so much that you post such great things everyday!! It's really cool, to be able to know how you feel and what you do...not many famous persons are in directly contact with their fans...
    Thanks for the song today, it's so nice!!
    Hugs & greetings from Germany ;=)
    Yours, Kim-Noêmia

  23. Hi! :)

    Very beautiful pics, especially the second one. Although I can´t really relate to it because it has been snowing all day here in Finland. And it still continues.

    I´m a bit afraid of what the landscape will look like when I wake up tomorrow morning if the snowing doesn´t stop during the night. On the other hand I´m planning on going to see the movie you mentioned ,"A Christmas Carol", with my friends tomorrow, so snowy environment would definitely fit to the atmosphere. ;)

    Hopefully you had fun at the bowling. I´m not very good at it either so I tend to stay away from the bowling halls.

  24. I love the rain! I love thunderstorms,
    all of that. I wouldn't mind
    living in a place where it rained a lot,
    like somewhere in the northern part
    of the US- it rains a lot there.
    Rain is just good fall weather to me,
    where it's kinda cloudy, windy, misty,
    and grey- I don't know why but I love it.
    Weird, that for you last week it
    was snowing and now it's raining!

    I hope you have a good time bowling!
    I love bowling, I'm no good either,
    but with all my friends we have too much fun
    to care about whether or not we're good!
    We mess around and joke too much!

    Hope you enjoy your day!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  25. Hi Anette,
    Have you ever tried Tai Chi? I haven't done it in a while but it is really good. Give it a try, let me know how it goes. Hope all is well... And I'm finding a direction again...

  26. Hey Anette!
    I'm glad you're going to try practicing Pilates! I've been seeing a instructor for less than a year, and my body is looking better than I have ever seen it.
    It's quite tiring, but I love it. I hope you like it as well!

  27. I don't really know anything about Pilates, but Yoga is indeed of great help, I think. The physical exercising part is of course pretty difficult if you really wanna do it correctly and not just at a beginner level, so I haven't really managed to get into it, but I have tried many mantras and chants, and also some 'image' exercises (for example, building a whole mental scenery, like a landscape or a corner of nature while just lying down and breathing slowly in a 4/4 tempo), and these really help you remove the muscular tension and get into a mellow, relaxed state of mind as well.

    I hope the trainer will be of great help and everything will go fine.
    Have a good night and sleep well!

  28. Hy!

    Rain.. I hate the rain... Wet and cold.. Weather-report: In Budapest is raining.. again... I hate this... :S
    Pilates.. It is good... I have a Pilates dvd....;) I tried it..:)Gooood!;)
    Hopefully you had fun at the bowling!

    Have a nice dream!


  29. Hey Anette !

    Hope you are living great moments this times. For me, well, the weather it quite boring, but I try to do funny things, watching movies, TV shows, going to meet my friends, etc. ...

    This song you posted is really beautiful. It makes me thing about two other songs that talks about "rain" in a metaphoric way. You probably know the first one, because it's WT's song, Utopia. It doesn't talk so much about rain, just a few in the chorus, but... Well, it's a good song, no ? What do you think about it ? I think it's good that it's not only Sharon that do other things (like the duet with Armin van Buuren), but the whole band now. This is a totally pop song, out of metal things, and I think it's a good idea to do this, it shows that they are open to other styles. And I think music is just a lot of open doors that are just telling you to come in. So, it's great. And it's good that it's just a "special" song and that they will follow the path they traced with the last albums, still changing and evolving, but being WT.
    The second song is a popular song too since it's James Morisson's one. Do you know him ? His quite know, yep... Early this year, he did a duet with Nelly Furtado, "Broken Strings". He is also know for other songs that he released three years ago or something... His song about rain is "Please don't stop the rain". I think it's a really, really, really beautiful pop song with such an atmosphere ! The song is very beautiful, the music, but also the lyrics. The metaphoric "rain" thing is more used and I think it gives a very poetic aspect to the song. It's beautiful, really. If you don't know, please try to hear it (on YouTube may be, or Deezer). I think you'll love it. It's very accessible and it's kind of songs that everybody likes, but it's also a very beautiful and poetic song. Once again, great lyrics.

    That was my... Well, my music lesson ! Haha !

    Enjoy the days and continue working on your songs, they HAVE to be great, we're watching you ! ;-)

    Karim (the french guy =P).